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Kava-Kava Piper methysticum

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Old 28-07-2007, 08:04
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Kava-kava and drug testing?


SWIM has a quick question, how (if at all) does kava affect a standard NIDA-5 drug screening test? Possible benzo false-positive? And if so, if they did the GC/MS to dig a bit deeper and figure out wtf set it off, if SWIM had other rather notorious chemicals swimming around in SWIM's body that may not have been initially picked up due to crafty planning and foresight, is there a risk of them realizing that it's kava that caused the false positive, but "oh look at this holy shit that's a lot of X substance in here better tell SWIM's employers..."?

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Old 01-08-2007, 22:54
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Re: Kava and drug testing?

I very much doubt kava would come up as anything. An interesting anecdote however, is the story of my long lost twin brother who has since been abducted by aliens. He was a once a week marijuana smoker, and had been 5 days sober when he smoked a joint on a friday. He then found out he had to take a drug test monday morning. He drank a considerable amount of kava over the weekend and the drug test came up clean. Maybe something about the kava as a diuretic. I am not reccommending this and your best bet if you get drug tested is to not use any drugs, but I don't think kava would come up, and it also could have some use as actually making you pass a drug test had you been using something that they do test for.

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