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Old 03-08-2007, 08:17
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Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

Let SWIM preface this by saying he has never IVed heroin or anything else so he can't speak for that, he's sure it's totally different. He has, however, had pretty extensive experience with popping, railing, and very occasionally smoking a lot of opiates, heroin included. SWIM was shocked when he tried railing heroin after years of snorting every stripe of synthetic opiate to find it didn't feel that different at all. He'd never bought into that "oxycontin is just pharmecutical heroin" shit until he tried h, but after experimenting with snorting a bag every week or two for a few months he didn't feel any real difference from his PK habit.

He felt less anger than on oxy, and had fewer side effects, but he didn't have any more trouble stopping abruptly than he did with PKs and never had any withdrawls. Over the summer he's in a different location where h is harder to get and painkillers are easier, but he declined to do either because PKS are too expensive to be worth it here and hasn't in several months.

SWIM will be returning to the city in the fall, a city which has very good and fairly cheap heroin and obscenely expensive (litterally probably 20 times more expensive, to give an idea without naming prices) that's good for snorting. He wants to continue snorting opiates occasionally, and given he gets less side effects like constipation and it's much less expensive he doesn't see why he shouldn't use h instead of painkillers. But he just read a bumped thread here about snorting h with 500 horror stories (not that he hadn't heard a million before, of course) and it gave him a little pause.

SWIM isn't looking for a line of current/former junkies to tell him heroin is really fucking addictive and nasty to get hooked on, he knows that. He doesn't need anyone to tell him snorting can lead to shooting, he knows that too. What he would look to hear is from of anyone who's had experience with only snorting heroin and/or someone who's transitioned from painkillers to heroin or vice versa. Anyone had success with occasional, insufflated only use? Anyone gotten seriously addicted without ever shooting? Anyone else compared railing heroin vs. painkillers who had similar feelings as SWIM, or a totally different ones?

SWIM thinks it would be interesting to have a heroin thread about slightly less hard core use than most of the stuff on this forum, which seems pretty devoted to junkie or at least regular injectors. Post any experiences or personal stories here.
Old 04-08-2007, 15:30
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

Swim has found that painkillers bring more euphoria then morphine and heroin, which give more of an orgasmic body feeling. However, many people can get addicted to painkillers, especially oxycontin, because the euphoria is just so good.
Old 04-08-2007, 17:34
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

Swim's octopus still prefers a good fat line of oxycodone to any other opiate he's tried, shooting H included. Oxy just feels better, and definately hooked him worse. The only reason swim would choose H over Oxy would be that H is usually considerably cheaper.
Old 07-08-2007, 14:14
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

Swim has never snorted Heroin. Hes only ever chased that dragon or injected in the old days.
Swim has tried every thing there is to try. Even Opium from the northern mountains of Thailand.
Swim is currently on Oxycontin for pain relief but was on Morphine Sulphate, Methadone, Subutex.....you name it.
Chewing 3 x 30mg Morphine pills and washing down with a double vodka & redbull when you have no tolerance to opiates is very euphoric.
Swim rates digging a snow-ball (speed-ball) as the ultimate but your messing with life doing that stuff.
Although swim has promised himself one last snowball before he leaves this earth.
Swim has a very high tollerance to opiates at the moment but would love to know what its like to stick 3 - 4 of his 40mg Oxy's in a pesil & morta, get rid of that horrid coating and snort the remaining powder. Swim would like to feel the out come with no tollerance?
Old 06-11-2007, 01:57
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

SWIM has snorted a lot of oxy, and recently a bit of H. Both are great, and subtly different.

Heroin seems to be a stronger body high, makes you feel warm and comfortable. It chills you out and makes you feel mad relaxed and OK.

Oxy makes your body feel good too, but not as much as H. It can make you itch though, for some people this can be annoying, for SWIM it wasn't bad. But oxy has a very euphoric high. Snorting oxy brings you out of whatever mood your in, and immediately makes you feel better. Swim would be feeling down, tired, bored, in pain, anxious, etc., and as soon as he snorts a line of oxy (20-40mgs usually) he just feels like everything is OK. Swim loves crushing them up and snorting them in the car on the way home from buying them, because he cant even wait to get home. He rails a line out of the dollar bill he crushed them in and starts feel awesome.. listening to the radio and laughing and joking about shit with his friends. SWIM and his friends have been blowing oxy in the car while driving on the highway at 110mph changing lanes, and in the city were swiw blow that shit behind tinted windows with cops driving right next to us, or at red lights with tons of peds walking right past us, not having a clue what is going on inside that car.

Swim likes nothing more than railing a fat line of oxy, because he likes the way it fucks him up in the head. Heroin is sweet too, but swim will probably always be a bigger fan of Oxy. (swim has a lot more reasons he'd take oxy over heroin than just the difference in high, btw)
Old 16-05-2014, 00:54
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

Also used everything post 2003 opiate wise known to man except palladone probably. But I never got off on slamming H like I did OC, plus an OC is exact dose every time, better yet, 40-80mg oc, 8mg dilaudid topped with coke... yes Speedballs blow every drug out of the water and have ruined every other drug for me... and I've taken everything possible as far as i can, ie just now getting over my last habit to start/finish which is with shards.

I"ll should .5g if i feel like it, the rush will floor me but then, well i guess i'm awake, which is coool. But a speedball, pharma or black and white, is just the fucking epitome of everything a DRUG is, should be, fixes, ruins etc. It ACTUALLY make you feel in my opinion far better than orgasmic, it is the only thing that makes every trouble/pain/problem disappear off the earth, it sstrong, dangerous, deadly, and will ruin a life faster than any drug that i've been hooked on, can't find anything else addicting to get addicted too now..

. I went from functional oxy smoker to semi to unconscious speedball freak after my first one. I was nodded out the majority of the day and night, didn't eat, was EXTREMELY ill ( got mono, pneumonia, AND bacterial menangitis simultaneously) so a speedball was the only thing that could get me from my loft downstairs andmoving, another to get to class, but soon no amount of speedballs could even get me out the house.

I was soo sick, 6'4 150lbs, and so dehydrated, this is not a joke, my dad a dr. of 40 yrs told me for the first time he was unable after 3 hrs to hook an iv to a patient (me) and also, that when he hit a vein, my blood wasn't actually running. I rememeber that instant and the look on his face. He just said, ok, this has never happened or seen happen in my 40 years, but you are lucky your alive you are on borrowed time. YOur blood isn't flowing, you have to go home stay up all night pounding gatorade to hydrate or you won't be alive for sunrise. "well thats fuckin great, any other options?" if your alive in the morning we would do a cutdown where we cut your ankle skinaround your ankle and peel it down and insert catheters into your veins and start pumping in fluids. "Damn a gatorade sounds good, lets go home".... try finding that somewhere online cause i haven't.i haven't found a case of blood unable to flow for an IV to hook up.

I'm NOT dicksizing just putting in perspective...i would shoot around a dozen oxy speedballs a day at college, plus smoke 40's (one hitters) and snort fentanyl patches. Later when i was home and decided to taper off oxy and quit, I was using 30 80's a day, not getting high or even able to sleep.so that said, i probably could've used 45 and gotten high.

If i was paying for that thats more than $$$$ a day on oxy, and equivalent to around 500 vicodin a day. Now this sounds silly, but I had such a supply i literally every night and day, sat at my desk and would see how many i could slam, so i basically tried to raise my tolerance as high as possible cause why not get higher if possible? and bodies can do amazing things, yes I've OD'd probably 50 times and died at least 4, can't remember several years.i would wake up at sunrise in my office chair iwth my head on the ground in a puddle of drool, and often times cut off circulation in a limb, one time my right arm was paralyzed entirely for 2 months from sleeping/nodding out on it weird. Wasn't sure it wias gonna come back.

I went instantly from school going to a zombie that would walk into fridge corners, put ice cream way in the medecine cabinet, just completely unware of anything. always woke up covered in something weather blood, piss, ice cream, or some food i had "made" etc. it was pathetic, i lost my education, friends, car, life, dignity, self confidence, you name it, 7 years later i'm still trying to gain back my personality and abilities i had in college.

But lord almighty, the SPeedball nomatter your opiate choice, is the holy grail of drugs, possibly life.I haven't been "fucked" up ever since yet i've used drugs and booze nonstop for the 7 years i've been off balls. been on subutex for 5, saved my life, no cravings makes saying no cake. BUT last night i did a XL shot of shards and after 11 2mg klonopin,9 doxylamine, 1 gram (yes gram) clonidine and a pint of vodka i felt not the slightest come down from being up. thats when i remembered,a speedball is the only thing that works, so in that setting i would allow myself one, but would have to stop subutex several days ahead etc, fent plus coke would rock! since fent breaks through subs on the opie receptors i could do a fentball on subs and probably live depending on how i prepared it. a 10mg patch gel i snort all in one so 10mg fent is a good amount but not od territory.mixing that gel with yayo and saline then boonm, wow that would be rad has anyone ever done this???

polydoc added 8 Minutes and 31 Seconds later...

btw, when i would get high it would be so iwas nodding or out entirely, so it didn't matter what it was really H, oxy, dilaudid, fent, [fuck]opana's pill makeup but oxymorphone would be the one thing i want more than anyother. Numorphan 10mg lil blues (drugstore cowboy?) at 30x mg for mg the potency of oxycodone I would say numorphan was smartly removed from the market lol, but missed out on by US! Anyone have experience w/ numorphan?speedball w/numorphan? can't imagine cause they SAY oxymorph is holy grail of pharma opies, so naturally.... even the opana IR's suck, a 10 slammed wasn't close to 300mg oxycodone...maybe 40? idk or care

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Please do use paragraphs, please do not use slang or abbreviations, this is very hard to read.

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Old 10-07-2014, 09:48
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

My doggie, Layla, loves snorting oxycodone 30s. She had been on them for over a decade. (My doggie is very old in doggie years) and Layla did not even know that dogs could snort for fun. However, Layla spent a night in jail once for getting caught buying some cocaine. My doggie has always loved cocaine and has been snorting and smoking it since she was 16 years old (in doggie years). While in the bullpen, Layla met another doggie, a poodle I believe. Anyway, this poodle went on to tell why she had been arrested; for buying and selling oxycodone. My doggie found this interesting since she has a legal prescription for oxycodone. The poodle said she crushes and snorts the pills and refers to it as hillbilly heroin. My doggie could not resist but try when she returned home. She has enjoyed it ever since and no longer craves cocaine.

My doggie has a disease and is in much pain. She uses approx 12-16 oxycodone 30s daily. Not too long ago my doggie ran in to an old bulldog she once knew who lives right in her neighborhood. The bulldog is addicted to heroin and offered my doggie some. Since my doggie loves putting things in her nose, she tried it. She could not believe how much it was like oxycodone. My doggie had always heard oxycodone was pharmaceutical heroin but didn't believe it. Now she does. Even the drip after snorting tastes like oxycodone, my doggie tells me. So now, if my doggie runs out of her rx early, she gets heroin from her friend. Once she gets her rx filled, my doggie does not crave the heroin in any way. My doggie has never desired to shoot heroin or oxycodone and will NEVER do this, she tells me.

Therefore, my doggie Layla concludes that oxycodone and heroin, when snorted feel exactly the same and relieve her pain from the disease equally. If my doggie did not have a legal rx for oxycodone she says she would definitely consider getting the bulldog to buy some for her.

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Old 10-07-2014, 10:57
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

Hi, bluegirl and welcome to the site.
You are free to discuss your drug use. Dogs do not and should not take drugs, sometimes this sort of method of avoiding self-incrimination can get very confusing, especially for anyone on the site who does not have good English.
Talking about a friend (or no one at all) is clearer.

I think you know yourself that you are on the slippery slope to a dangerous addiction.
You are already abusing your prescribed medications and starting to supplement it with heroin.
The big difference between using legally prescribed medications and street heroin is that you know what you are getting with the meds.
Heroin has been cut with some pretty dangerous things of late and there have been many deaths.
You also have no idea (before trying) just how potent once batch is to the next.

I think that you need to start to try and get things under control.
Instead of using heroin when you run out of your meds you should try to take extended breaks, tapering down from the meds if needed.
Try to get back into taking them as prescribed and put any idea of injecting out of your mind.

If you need anything to further persuade you of the dangers of the path you are on then have a read through the threads in the Opiate addiction forum.
Please be safe.
Old 10-07-2014, 11:16
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

I'd if you read my forum I posted a few days ago. But I went from norcos to h a few months ago. Because if you break it down the good brown stuff I get is worth a lot of "norcos" by the gram. BUT if you are on oxys it will give you the same effect. The dragging slow feeling. I've tried oxys a few times before switching and they were really similar to h. But if you switch to h you will be wasting a lot of money if it's really cut. In the end tho no matter what bag you would be getting it's SO easy to just lose your self control and just dump it all out on the plate and do it up in 1 day. Being on pills let's you know what your doses are and helps you control yourself a little better. All it takes is a few days of a weekend beinge temptation to raise your tolerance level up. I'm using twice the money with 3× more the addiction now all within 2 months

cml1993 added 7 Minutes and 49 Seconds later...

I forgot to add that I don't bang it. I snort it and still get the effect but it's not the same effect for someone already addicted to banging. But it does me. I guess it's not the instant RUSH But still does work. It seems a lot less messier like that

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Old 15-11-2015, 01:42
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

Wow, I cannot believe the first story there about being able to do 30x80s a day? That is an insane tollerence. Anyway, SWIM got hooked on Roxi's about a year ago. It got too expensive so luckily a local buddy has anything on the menu. SWIM finally bought $100 of H. SWIM only snort and never will do anything else. Regardless, the first time SWIM was soo freaked out it was the dreaded "H" SWIM thought was going to OD after every line. When SWIM finally got comfortable, SWIM realized H is way weaker than Roxi Oxi whatever. 30mg of Oxy is SWIM typical line.

SWIM say to get as high on H as SWIM do on Oxy, SWIM have to do about double the amount line for line. So take a 30, crush it up, double it up, and there you go. Luckily for SWIM, gets Mexican Black Tar that is hard as a rock. SWIM took a lady calous egg scraper to grind it up. Works really well as when you run the hard tar back and forth on the teeth/screen, it falls below but then after about 6 passes across, you flip it over, tap it on your surface, and get the rest. (the majority of the line really)

Snorting H only feels like Oxy after SWIM had a couple of coctails. Without Oxy and only H in the morning, even after snorting 4 big lines, it is more of a (SWIM a little high, not in WDs anymore, and wants more right away)

SWIM can't seem to get level on H. You know, like ready for work that Oxy does. Thus, SWIM does both now. Doing 9-12 30s a day, now SWIM only have to do about 6 so SWIM saves a lot of money. $100 worth of tar lasts 2 days by itself and 4 days with Oxys.

As soon as SWIM stopped worried about ODing, the H became "OK" but still not as good as OXY.

Everyone says you cannot measure your dosage with H but seriously, the West Coast, its the same shit every time. Looks the same, feels the same. Its coming from Mexican H factories and they standardize their product pretty well. Plus same dealer/source for SWIM. SWIM not worried specially since black tar is not as strong as Oxy. You'd have to snort $100 worth all at once to OD and on the surface, it would make a pile the size of 25 roxi's.

Thus, its pretty easy to figure out how much you are doing. Regardless, they are different drugs. OXY is more up and at m, H is more you are OK but not as functional.

Post Quality Reviews:
Could you please not use SWIM or abbreviations. See site rules for further information.
Old 01-03-2016, 05:06
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

This looks OLD but hell I'll post. SWIM got a deal yesterday. Thus he got about 6 or 7 ttimes normal for the same price. Thus a unique chance to insulfate as much black as SWIM wants. The only think SWIM can think of is, damn I want the blues. The black is a body high, does not kick your brain into wanting to work, create, and be inspired. At the same time, its not like Tramadol that just removes the pain of withdrawl either. Its a middle ground substitute. Black for SWIM doesn't do the good the blues do for the purposes of working hard. SWIM cannot work and focus as easily on black.

After a few coctails the black does feel more like the blues.....but there is the problem of wanting to take a nap every 20-30 minutes. WIth the blues no need to sleep. Its just time to rail another blue. Even with 15 grams stilll in the drawer, SWIM had to call his DR. for more blues. Black for SWIM makes the blues last longer and because its 25-50% the price, its good to have both around. However, with just black, it makes SWIM a little tired, sleepy, and depressed. No big Euphorea thing. Other posts mention how west coast black is all the same and for the first time, SWIM got black in its original packaging too. It looks like the bottom part of a fig wrapped in a plastic baggie. Its obvious it game in wet as the baggie and the black are the same.....the black has the indentation of the baggie all around it. Like it was made that size originally and shipped from probably mexico.

Regardless, its not very strong and SWIM needs 3x the black for a similar blue feeling. Thus, if you do the "MG" for "MG" test, my guess is that 90 mg's of black = 30 mg's of blue.

Last edited by Kitts; 06-03-2016 at 19:39. Reason: Price and weight removed
Old 01-03-2016, 18:11
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

I've been doing opiates since i was 15 and snorted/smoked them until 20. first let me say i had the same addiction snorting roxies as snorting heroin, i switched to heroin because of the price, as you know its way fucking cheaper. anyways i snorted/smoked heroin for about 3-4 years like i said it was the same addiction and depending on how much i was doing the w/d was the same. yes later down the road heroin would be a hell of a lot worse and about 2 years ago i switched to the needle because again it was just to damn expensive but as everyone who has been down this road knows it will only get worse. It went like this did pks switched to heroin because of cash, then switched to iv heroin because of cash, and to no surprise ended up spending more money than I ever had before and was left with a 25-30 bag a day heroin habit and needle marks up/down mark arms. I then was forced to switch to subutex because of cash. so yeah snorting it might be coast effective now but you should either stick to pks which u prbly won't do, or somehow limit your intake. If you find a way to limit your opiate use than please let me know, I haven't found one person who fucks with opiates be able todo that yet.
Old 02-03-2016, 02:40
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Re: Snorting heroin vs. snorting painkillers

Originally Posted by herioxone View Post
... If you find a way to limit your opiate use than please let me know, I haven't found one person who fucks with opiates be able todo that yet.
Second that motion, they'd be a really a nice time if they didn't pull you into the abyss (almost without exception, every time)

Fukin opiates don't play by the same rules as other drugs....they cheat

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