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Old 06-01-2008, 12:12
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Questions about the black light test

Swim has heard that the black light test is easy to do and works relatively well so decided to give it a shot. However, swim would hate to make any wrong assumptions. So just a couple questions.. What is the best color for the background surface? and How does ice look under the black light? In other words, how does one differentiate the good and the bad? Swim would also greatly appreciate any other info and whatnot.
Old 08-01-2008, 18:56
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Re: Questions about the black light test

Swim *thinks* you are looking for bright white colour as opposed to dull colour.
Old 26-02-2008, 13:13
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Re: Questions about the black light test

swim has tried to do this numerous times, and has never seen a blatant indication that identifies the cut from the good stuff. sure there may be very slight indications differentiating the good from the bad, but overall it isn't a very effective way to detect the presence of the unwanted!! honestly, swim can make better inspections by using a small, black tray with very shallow sides and a mini maglite; swim will then place the questionable contents onto the tray and shine the mini maglite horizontally across the tray from each side and from every angle and look for the pieces which have prettiest sparkles, the other stuff which only reflects the light being shined onto it w\o creating any twinkly sparkles is most likely going to be the unwanted. although swim has witnessed a couple exceptions to this method, so swim will also confirm his findings by taking a piece of the sparkle-y stuff and gently press it up against a tooth to verify that it easily crumbles w\o using much force or pressure, while at the same time listening to hear the "sparkley crunch" when it breaks; these few characteristics along w\ the bitterly horrid taste that only the real stuff has, verifies to swim the tell tale signs that it's dope. when swim finds those 4 things he is reassured that he has found what it is he's looking for. As for the unwanted or msn, it generally has very little if any flavor to it at all; altho it will feel somewhat "cold" upon the taste test which also will take a bit more pressure to break a piece from a larger chunk and generally does not "crumble" and fails to have that "sparkle-y crunch" sound upon breaking!! most generall you'll find it's apperance when shining light on it while sitting in the tray is mostly uneventful, thus pretty sparkles are not generally seen; however weird bent pieces which maybe flat on one side and have small little bubbles within them can usually be found upon closer inspection thus meaning it's cut aka msn. however infrequently these pieces will have a shiny lustre, but will still have the other unwanted features such as being bent, flat sides, and small bubbles within the pieces so beware. now if the stuff is powdery, the cut will generally stick or cling onto the sides of the baggie and has very little of a bitter taste. in closing; i hope the observations i've shared will help you in determining the good stuff from the bad stuff, cuz nobody should be stuck w\ getting the bad stuff. best wishes!

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