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Connecticut Connecticut addiction treatment centers

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Stonington Institute, North Stonington
Stonington Institute, North Stonington
Published by grandbaby
Stonington Institute, North Stonington

Stonington Institute

75 Swantown Hill Road
North Stonington, CT 06359

Phone: (800) 832-1022
By borntofly on 22-10-2009, 20:31
Re: Stonington Institute, North Stonington

SWIM went here in the end of July 09. It's the only detox she has ever been to, but figured she would share her experiece with SWIY. SWIM lives on Long Island in New York, and traveled out of state to go here. She has to say, it was one of the best experiences of her life. There were three rooms. One had 4 beds for 4 women, and the other two rooms had beds to fit 9 males. They treat you for all different substances. While SWIM was there being treated for opiate use, there were also others who were there being treated for alcohol, benzos, cocaine, etc. SWIM says everyone that works there are beyond helpful and understanding. When SWIM was there, everyone was allowed to go outside and smoke cigarettes whenever they wanted. In SWIM's opinion - the food was terrible, especially for coming off opiate use and not having an appetite to begin with, but all of the other factors make up for this. SWIM's detox was 6 days total, because the first day she went in there high and the nurse said she had to wait 24 hours to take her first dose of suboxone otherwise she would have been sent into instant withdrawals. SWIM was the youngest one there, 19, while everyone else detoxing was at least 35. She believes this was part of the reason the experience was so enjoyable - because everyone took her under their wing and treated her like they were her daughter. The doctors there were very helpful, and also helped treat SWIM for her anxiety & depression, which had been a big factor of why she was using in the first place. SWIM highly reccomends this place if you want to get clean. Unlike many other detoxes, you have to wake up every day by a certain time to go to group meetings, whether they have someone from NA to come in or they just have you sit there and talk about your personal problems with addiction. You get to learn and listen to everyone's stories - which helps you get on the right path. Again, if you are close to this area - or have the means to travel, I would definitely reccomend trying this place out if you are looking to get clean. SWIM says they also have halfway houses that you can go to after the detox is done. SWIM has met a few of the females that were living at the houses and has nothing bad to say about the people or the houses themself. SWIM doesn't have personal experience living in one of those houses, but has heard nothing but good about them. SWIM can only vouch for the detox program from personal experience, but from what she has seen and been through, their program actually works if you want it to. As for any detox or rehab, NO ONE CAN FORCE YOU TO GET CLEAN UNLESS YOU WANT IT FOR YOURSELF! And if that's the case - again, SWIM would definitely recommend trying out Stongington, it can only help you move on with your life.
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