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Concerta & Ritalin About Methylphenidate.

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Old 09-06-2008, 05:13
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PMS-Metylphenidate not snortable?

SWIM had a prescription for real Ritalin, but recently his script was for generic methylphenidate so when he went to the drug store to pick up his prescription he was given PMS-Methylphenidate.
SWIM gets home, crushes 2 - 10mg tablets and tries snorting them the usual way. However when SWIM snorts them it's like if they are really "light" and SWIM gets the powder all in his lungs.
What's the cause of this?
How come the powder doesn't stick to his air passages?
Anyone has any tips to solve the problem?
Old 17-06-2008, 23:56
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Re: PMS-Metylphenidate not snortable?

not sure what you mean by PMS, but assuming that it is a brand. Getting powder in your lungs is not good, especially with methylphenidate as it often contains silicon dioxide. Any pill using silicon is not real healthy to be insufflating. Not sure what specific ingredient would cause this, and even then it might not be silicon. Just be a little more cautious of the manner in which you allow your marmoset to ingest it if silicon is listed as an inactive ingredient.

So, we are comparing brand-name ritalin (methylphenidate) to a generic brand correct? What does PMS stand for?

For the sake of harm reduction... SWIM always advises his little marmosets not to insufflate pills which contain harmful binders (silicon in particular as it was the cause of a long and very, very painful death of an elder marmoset). The elder marmoset was not insufflating pills, but rather exposed to a work environment for years and years on end where tiny amounts of silica in the air eventually destroyed the lungs.
Perhaps if a marmoset were to draw out thin narrow lines and not insufflate with great force, the particles would be more likely to be filtered out before reaching the lungs. Haha, exhaling a cloud of smoke isn't good, especially when one isn't even smoking. Anyways, check the ingredients in the generic and compare them with the brand name you had before. If one has silicon and the other doesn't, perhaps a marmost could suggest that something in the new preparation is interfering with the effectiveness of the medication in some manner...
Old 18-06-2008, 22:44
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Re: PMS-Metylphenidate not snortable?

Ive red that if swim holds the very top of there nose n kinda block the passage and gets it mostly stuck in their nose then hold the nose shut n just slowly release n and breath in. It'll be stuck 2 the inside and close ot where it should be. Thats all it says tho, hopefully this helps swim

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