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Old 29-06-2008, 08:54
yumfatbig1 yumfatbig1 is offline
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Is this the best way to smoke crack?

A friend of mine knows someone who said that this method I'm going to describe is the best way to smoke crack, what do you reckon? I hope I've remembered it correctly.

Apparently you should get a desertspoon, a heavy one is best as it will hold more heat to give you some extra time. Best to heat it red hot on a gas stove, electric is no good, it does not get hot enough with electric and you will just end up melting it on the spoon and subsequent attempts to relight it will probably end up with it catching on fire and burning so I suppose that means that if there is no gas stove that a butane torch or something should be used to heat the spoon so it's red hot, it's better to be too hot than not hot enough.

I have linked to a photo I found on the web that sounds really similar to what was described to me. The blue cup is just to suspend the spoon bowl so it's not touching anything. When it has cooled to black hot (as soon as it stops being red), I'm told one can drop a rock in and it will immediately melt into a wobbly bead, (like some water dropped onto a hot plate) and wobble for a few seconds then spontaneously burst with a puff of concentrated smoke. The trick is to wait and watch for that first few seconds so you don't suck up too early, so you don't run out of breath, you want to pace yourself to get all the smoke in one go. the smoke/vapour tends to stay together and behave like a viscous liquid so it's easy to draw up.

I suppose one is to hold the wide part of the paper cone over the spoon when you drop the rock in. If you look into the cone you will see a spiral of paper. I'm told that after a while the smoke/vapour that doesn't make it out the tube, condenses onto the paper and can be scrapped off for the same quality crack that was used to produce it.

This avoids losing any crack at all. The whole bit you put in should be used, good for small or large ammounts. Use heavy stainless steel and there will be no brillo/ aluminium fumes to worry about. Say goodbye to watching your crack melt and run out the bottom of the wire, or melt into the ash as you try to suck up a burnt cloud of smoke.

I don't know about you but it sounds pretty good to me. I wonder if it works.

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Neat Idea
Old 01-07-2008, 02:34
yumfatbig1 yumfatbig1 is offline
Join Date: 28-06-2008
Posts: 82
yumfatbig1 needs to post very carefully to avoid a ban by negative reputation.
Re: Is this the best way to smoke crack?

SWIM, can assure you that he has never seen any bits of stuff popping off the spoon. Nice gear will melt, wobble and then emit a dense viscous cloud, crap gear will sort of bubble and smoke, either way it it won't burst out of the spoon.

The spoon *must* be hot enough to melt and bead the gear. Swim has found that red hot is best then let it cool a bit. I can assure you that there is nothing that beats this method. It wastes nothing.

You will find that a fairly constant yet gentle inhalation is sufficient to capture all the smoke/vapour, which tends to stay together like the smoke from an incense in a still room (but heavier). After a while you can get real good at when the wobbling blob will burst into a puff. My mate reckons that if you start sucking just before you suspect the blob is going to go 'poof', and you suck hard enough to get it all but gently enough to not run out of breath, then you will be able to inhale an entire rock. For thrill seekers only, so I'm told.

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Old 02-07-2008, 11:34
yumfatbig1 yumfatbig1 is offline
Join Date: 28-06-2008
Posts: 82
yumfatbig1 needs to post very carefully to avoid a ban by negative reputation.
Re: Is this the best way to smoke crack?

Swim had a closer look at the forum rules and while this is a back to back post, I think it's encumbant upon me to say that Swim, says that using the above method, it really is possible to ingest a lot of smoke, so much in fact that it may very well be as dangerous as injecting.
Old 02-09-2011, 04:06
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Re: Is this the best way to smoke crack?

What he doesn't understand is if you don't have exact timing when the "puff of smoke" releases you have essentially just wasted the rock..right?? He doesn't feel sure of this experience enough to even try it. Isn't the standard straight pyrex shooter the best way?
Old 22-03-2012, 06:08
WhiteDreams WhiteDreams is offline
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Re: Is this the best way to smoke crack?

^ True , I advise any smurf trying the OP method to have 1) Lot of product 2) lot of money . One thing people inhale way too hard , timing will be all off , other air will get in and some smurfs mess up and swallow the smoke ! Every other method besides the pyrex or the rose or those 1980's OG pipes like in New Jack City will never give you a bellringer.

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