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Downers and sleeping pills Anxiety Meds, Sleeping Pills and Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

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Old 30-06-2008, 13:27
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Anyone ever use orphenadrine (US brand name Norflex)?

I strain my trap muscle frequently so lately I've been working with my doctor to find a muscle relaxant that I can take as needed to be effective on my stiff neck. I find orphenadrine to do the job, with less drowsiness than typical relaxants, but less euphoria. Any muscle relaxant I take pretty much will loosen my trap up enough to move my neck comfortably when I strain it, but I've been trying a number of different kinds because I'd like to find one that I can take during class and not be zoned out. Orphenadrine has become a pretty good all-around relaxant for me because it isn't too strong but it gets the job done.

SWIM on the other hand is looking for one that is euphoric. He hears carisoprodol (Soma) is the most euphoric, but he doesn't want to take it if it'll make him very drowsy. At least not regularly. He's also never tried "recreational" doses of orphenadrine and was wondering what they would be. He's taken 300mg before in a single dose, nothing more, because he is completely clueless as to what is an accepted safe dose. So, SWIM wants to know how drowsy carisoprodol makes others, and what a safe, recreational dose of orphenadrine would be.

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