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Old 02-08-2008, 01:50
chronman chronman is offline
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29 y/o Male from United States
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chronman needs to UTFSE some more before posting.
sudafed and focalin

swim takes 15 mgs of focalin xr for ADD and was wondering how dangerous it would be to experiment taking a couple sudafed with just 1 focalin.

also, could someone recommend the best kind of sudafed to use. swim knows the good stuff is behind the counter but theres still like 5 different boxes, what should swim ask for? and roughly how many mgs will it take to get a buzz for a 200lb man.

chronman added 12 Minutes and 49 Seconds later...

swim understands that the side effects are increased when combining drugs and this obviously has an increased effect on his liver, but swim just wants some feedback from someone who's combined the drugs b4.

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