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Drug combinations About mixing drugs.

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Old 15-10-2008, 19:15
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Lorazepam(Atavin), Oxycodone(Oxycontin), and marijuana.

Swim just ingested 3 mg of of lorazepam, and snorted about a 40-50 mg line of oxycodone. He's going to smoke a couple joints of "hydro" with his buds, and will report back in a bit with the effects report.

swim felt this was a cool way of doing a new experience report, as it will allow people to give their thoughts on this combination before the full report is given, therefore we can see what contradicting perceptions certain swimmers have about various drug combos.

if swiy have any info, or any past experiences with lorazepam and oxy, oxy and pot, lorazapam and pot, please post!
Old 15-10-2008, 20:53
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Re: Lorazepam(Atavin), Oxycodone(Oxycontin), and marijuana.

Swim tried a similar combo with xanax, oxycodone and weed. He took a xanax 1mg + 10mg of oxy, an hour later he smoked about 5 bowls with 2 other friends, and he popped 2 more xanax 1mg. He then drew a blank for about 40 minutes(I guess he went to sonic burger with a friend, but didn't want to walk up and order since the drive through was closed....lol), he then remember getting back to his friends house and snorting another 10mg and he rolled a blunt(very shittly rolled blunt he might add, should of had another friend roll it). He remembers going for a walk and smoking the blunt, and then he forgot what happened the rest of the night.

His friend informed swim that he ate a shittone of beef jerky, played hella video games, had swims friends' mom come in his room and yell at them cause they were being noisy, and then we listened to music in the computer room, and went to bed.

Swim didn't remember past the blunt...
Old 16-10-2008, 17:13
ThusSpokeZarathustra ThusSpokeZarathustra is offline
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Join Date: 26-07-2008
29 y/o Male from United States
Posts: 116
ThusSpokeZarathustra is learning how to become a psychonaut.
Re: Lorazepam(Atavin), Oxycodone(Oxycontin), and marijuana.

Here's swim's full experience report.

No longer than 5 minutes after swim stepped out of the door (walking to his friend's to match down), he felt the oxy rush. Nothing mind blowing, but to someone who knows what it feel like to have opiates flowing through your veins, this was definitely the oxy coming up. This just put swim in a better mood for the time being, and for the walk over there. swim decided to listen to the birds for a minute and take in the beauty of the fall afternoon, but soon found himself side tracked. He put his iPod on, and continued to listen to some Chopin (swim loves classical music and opioids... a blissful combination), and floated on over to his friend's.

Upon arriving (30 minutes later), he began to feel very slight disorrientation, happier mood (even more so than with just the oxy), just a general sense of talkativeness and well being, with a tinge of not knowing what the fuck was going on.. but loving it. Much euphoria. Swim's friend sparked up a blunt (we examined the weed before hand under a light, and to say the least it was some fireeee. he got it from a relative who get's the shit in jars from dispensiaries, and the label on the jar said whitewidow/ogkush hybrid, or something like it).

Swim felt the weed INITIALLY after he exhaled. It tastes amazingggg, and swim never wanted to smoke the dirt he normally gets around here EVER AGAIN. He began to feel high, and a euphoric synergy right away. It was almost as if swim could feel the thc fusing together with the oxy and lorazepam, and then completely differentiate the 3. After the blunt, swim was completeley RIPPED. Swim doesn't smoke as much as his friends do, and used to only use it before/during sex. He was really giggly, and loving of everything. Swim is normally a rather bitter person to people who deserve it, and he is also rather cynical, and VERY sarcastic. Not now . . . he was very loving towards everyone there, very talkative, and very peaceful. They smoked the last joint of the good weed, and swim took in the buzz.

They decided not to smoke the shwag yet, as to avoid mixing the amazing high with the shitty weed high, and they went inside and watched some television. Swim and am attractive girl he met for the first time there proceeded to go to the kitchen and make some sort of baked good. swim offered her a line of oxy, and her vacuum of a nose finished up the 80 swim had =[. we ended up making brownies, and laying on the couch in the living room.

(2:00 hours into swim's whole experience) Swim's PEAK. He is on the nodddddddd. He is loving every blissful second of his life, and is loving just touching this beautiful girl, who for all swim knows has the clap. They nod, and rub together, and talk of their love for opiods, and receive some playful criticism from their friends in the same room, who swim has seemed to have neglected. from this moment on swim didn't really have any cares in the world, him and his new friend were under the warm opiate blanket, and weren't getting up for a good while.

about 45 minutes later, swim and his friend realized almost everyone had left (went outside to smoke) and quickly joined them. Swim's new friend says she's feeling very nauseous, and feels like she's going to puke. I suggested her and swim should smoke what swim brought over, she agreed. They smoked 2 bowls from the bong, and laid back down. Swim questions how much he let this girl have... he has no idea how opioid tolerant she is . . . but she seems to be doing fine. swim nods...

swim breaks the nod about 20 minutes later, and decides to walk home. his new friend is passed out on the couch (got her digits =]). he speaks with his other friends and gives his goodbyes.

about 4 - 4 and a half hours after the oxy/ativan dose, swim's walking home. he's very disorriented, sleepy, semi nauseous, and just plain out of it. he decides to light up his last smoke, and nicotine was like the antidote. he feels amazing, as he feels the nicotine buzz rising. swim arrives home, and lays on the couch to read, and enjoy the rest of his buzz.

This was one of the happiest, and seemingly most intense opioid combination experiences swim's ever had. The amazing weed combined SOOO fucking greatly with the pharms, and a fine looking girl just helped the situation.

very very successful experience, and no hangover effects.
Though his new friend reports that she threw up upon awaking . . . swim believes she may just have been a bit to opioid naive for 30 mg of oxycodone.

Post Quality Reviews:
thanks for your report

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