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Old 25-11-2008, 21:53
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Process for Injecting Oxycodone ER (Generic Oxycontin)

swim has yellowish boxed M 595 40mg oxycodone ER (generic oxycontin)

what is the process of injecting these. any recommendations

how long do the effects of iv oc last?

what are dosages for no tolerance
Old 22-12-2008, 05:24
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Re: generic oc

someone has told me the generic oc turn to gel when they come in contact with liquids. you have to be careful to get all the gel away after cooking it if swiy wants to inject it

otherwise the method is the same as name brand oc

dasfonzie added 1 Minutes and 50 Seconds later...

someone has told me the generic oc turn to gel when they come in contact with liquids. swiy would have to be careful to get all the gel away after cooking it if swiy wants to inject it

otherwise the method is the same as name brand oc

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Old 01-01-2009, 13:29
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Re: Process for Injecting Oxycodone ER (Generic Oxycontin)

SWIM did a search on the pill imprints to help you out with no results. They might be like the big football shaped ones made by Teva, they are big and have ALOT of was and fillers so they cant be misused. SWIM sucked off the time release once and the pill started to get all crumbly and if sucked on for a little longer the pill would have been gel and not activated. The same would be for liquifying, the Gel binds with the oxycodone and the pill is so big. A purdue OC 80 is about ~30% pure Oxycodone, the Teva ones are less than 4% pure oxycodone. Even if SWIY found out how to cook it up the gel in infused in the Oxycodone so SWIY would have the gross gel in SWIY's veins and wouldnt be good. And it would take probably 3 shots FULL just to get it in. If you have read the other threads asking this question. DONT INJECT UNLESS ITS PURDUE BRAND (it says OC and how many mg on the other side) it will be impossible.if Taking them dosent work, the only other way those TEVAS will work is if SWIY pickd off the time release with a knife or fingernails and crushed up the pill and snorted it. It is about as big as a hydrocodone pill and isnt pleasent to snort, if SWIY can get the purdues, even if they cost more, get them its worth it.

If SWIY has tried ALL the other methods do a search in injection, read all about it, know what SWIY is doing and THEN do it. Even the Purdue 80's and 40's are roughly 30% pure, meaning 70% of it is still fillers, not counting the time release. Injecting OC involves many filtration processes, unless SWIY wants wax in your veins and a possible abcess (yes those have wax too, just dont TURN into wax when tampered). SWIY's final yeild should be less than 30% probly 20% due to not using the technique "100% perfect" there fore wasting some. But anymore than 30% means there WILL 100% garuantee be SOME wax, might not be alot but might be some. at 20% of an 80mg (you lost some due to errors) SWIY will have ~ 72mg Oxycodone, there is no way to tell if there is any of that wax is still in it.

There are ALOT of threads saying 1 filteration process is enough but when SWIM thinks about it if the pill is only 30% active ingrediant SWIM should filter untill the yeild is 30% of what it was originally to prevent any of that nasty was in your body. With all that tedious work when IVing the Right Perdue Brand very pure OC, think of how hard it would be trying to IV the other brands, even if there is a way to stop the powder from turning into wax when wet. Think twice about it and there is nothing wrong with just taking the pill, thats how your body is meant to absorb them, its not like taking them compared to IV is 100X better, and definently 100x the work. Just like to add SWIMs buddy had 2 OC 80's decided to shoot 1 with no filtration at all and felt nothing. Then SWIM showed him online how to filter it using professional grade filters and the yeild was about 25% he was like "dude I wasted my OC I hope this works" It was so small but it was contrated pure Oxycodone. He IVed it and told SWIM it was better than the best shot of H he has ever done. So it must be done right for it to even work.

Hope that helped, this is all SWIM's opinions and advice SWIY can choose to ignore my advice and do what ever he wants. Just please make sure to read up on EVERYTHING before SWIY actually goes through with it.

Last edited by laws0n; 01-01-2009 at 13:46.

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