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Old 27-01-2009, 05:36
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Sinus headache after doing Meth...

I have seen similar posts about this subject but none exactly like this one.

A few hours or so after smoking meth, SWIM starts brewing what feels like a sinus headache and if nothing is done to ease it then it will just get worse. The headache is a dull, annoying pain behind the neck and also in the eyes.
SWIM has a long history of allergies and sinus problems and over the years and the only thing that works for her is a prescription med called MAXALT which is a vasoconstrictor for migraine headaches. Its generic name is Rizatriptan Benzoate. Im telling you this because I read somewhere on this forum that Meth is a vasoconstrictor, so that seems confusing to me.
SWIM has considered the fact that maybe there is a dehydration problem. So she downed over 6 pints of water yesterday, but that did not work either. She also ate food several times.
I want to mention that SWIM is a very moderate meth user (a light weight in fact) and is in pretty good health and was enjoying a BREAK from sinus headaches until now.
Does anyone have any idea what could be going on here? MAXALT (5mg.) gets rid of the headache but SWIM does not have medical insurance and a 10mg pill over here in the States is $25! Needless to say, she cannot continue partying with this drug if she has to take a Maxalt everytime...bummer!
Old 29-01-2009, 02:35
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Re: Sinus headache after doing Meth...

My cousins friends pimp seems to have a similar problem as well. and he does have allergies too. mainly nasal allergies. he has began to suspect that he just may be allergic to the smoke or something along those lines. he is now attempting to record when those problems occur and if he took any antihistamines that day... very random but interesting prognosis.
Old 12-02-2009, 16:28
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Re: Sinus headache after doing Meth...

Back when swim was in elementary school, one of his best friends frequently got migraine headaches and was instantly excused from the rest of the day of school. Swim, somewhat envious and very naive, made a wish that he too would have migraine headaches so he could have a fail proof way of being excused from school (swim hadn't always disliked school, in fact he rather enjoyed it until the school district changed the boundaries that determined which of the three grade schools a student would attend). It wasn't until swim was a middle school student that the long forgotten wish would come true. It began as a headache from the shitty bus ride home, turned into one of the most intense, unrelenting head throbbing, unbearable & disabling experiences which generally lasted quite a few hours but not subsiding until after the violent projectile puking occurs .

Lovely story huh? What does it have to do w\ the thread topic? Mostly just establishing that swim can relate to the hell that is migraine. Swim never had allergies until he was 24, making the whole migraine thing more frequent. Getting to the point swim also started using meth very frequently at the same age. Often when swim was getting a sinus headache, to his surprise; he learned that if he smoked some meth the headache would usually dissipate (re:meth vasoconstrictor). And if he ever got a headache when he had already been smoking, that taking a small handfull of ibuprofen & pseudo ephedrine (roughly 6 each) generally curbed the headache. However as time went on and the quality of meth really began to go downhill, Swim began noticing that sometimes it was the shit that was giving him the headache. Long>short, it was the meth cut w\ msm that would instigate these headaches, this same 'shit' would (after having smoked it quite frequently) create this sticky white mucus (like elmers school glue but not runny) , anyhow it creates the sensation like having a slimy boogie way up in your nose! but very difficult to remove it (double eek)(sorry so gross)(yes swim knows he's not right, but swim is cool w\ it). So to finish up, swim thinks you might be getting meth that has been rerocked or cut w\ msm to some degree.

[This is only swims experience and reminds everyone that their own experience is unique to them & may be completely different, swim also doesn't offer or suggest that anyone follow or try any of the remedies stated above unless you're very familiar w\ physical\medical limits & tolerances.]

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Old 13-05-2010, 01:08
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Re: Sinus headache after doing Meth...

SWIM has been smoking MA off and on for a while. Lately SWIM has been getting some really cut up shit and has been getting the same problems with severe migraine headaches after smoking. SWIM also has past history of allergies and migraines. Has tried every over the counter remedy. This has kept SWIM from even wanting to smoke. SWIM also know that migraine pills are 25 a pill and has no insurance so can understand where SWIY is coming from. Asked a friend what it may be getting cut with and got the same answer of msm. SWIM would like to know more about this msm and if it may be directly related to these horrid headaches. They are keeping SWIM from enjoying the smoke and the headaches sometimes last for two days as well as having severe pain in the back of the head down the neck.
Old 13-05-2010, 07:03
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Re: Sinus headache after doing Meth...

swim had gotten a nice fat gram about 4 days ago...... everything looked great( it was one big rock!!!)... but swim noticed that it was burning in the pipe........ then about 3 days ago swim got the sniffles and thoose same ooey gooey boggies, not to mention the headaches and the body sores(almost like the flu)... ne ways swim wants to know what is this msm that swiy talk about? what is it used for? what does it do...(besides make y feel like shit)
Old 30-08-2010, 19:23
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Re: Sinus headache after doing Meth...

The thread is a little old but hopefully swim can add something useful

Smoking methamphetamine (MA) has previously caused swim quite severe sinus headache around the eyes as well as more general headaches. At that point he was unaware of the adulterants, and smoked whatever was in the bag.

After discovering that there was likely to be some dimethyl sulfone (MSM) adulterant, he vaporized off a portion of the puddle as other swimmer do, but being too scared to loose valuable MA, erred on the side of caution and consequently still smoked a fair amount of it. This meant that he still got headaches, but they just took longer to eventuate.

Eventually Swim washed the product with acetone (MSM soluble, MA insoluble), trying to determine the purity and discovered that the problem of headaches disappeared completely. Not conclusive proof, but since then swim has consumed enough MA without headaches to be fairly sure that MSM was the culprit.

MSM is a common cut, its similar in appearance, readily available, non-toxic, melts and vaporises in a similar fashion (though its melting point is 109 degC vs 172 degC for d-methamphetamine hydrochloride) Fortunately it's fairly easy to recognise and remove:

- MSM feels cold on the tongue, but pure MA will be sharp, bitter and burn a little. When smoked it also adds a sweet taste, vaporises more quickly with less smoke than MA. Since its an industrially produced supplement, the crystal structure, size (~average size 1mm) and clarity are likely to be much more regular than MA (where swim lives the MA is all small scale amateur product). MSM is soluble (15g/100ml) in acetone, while MA isn't so washing 0.1 gram with 1.0ml of acetone will dissolve any MSM (and other tone soluble impurities). more on this below.

- MSM can be vaporized from a puddle, but its not that easy or accurate. Since it melts and presumably vaporizes at a lower temperature then it will be the bulk of the vapor that first appears. MA will still exert some partial pressure so loss of some valuable product is unavoidable. Once the puddle predominantly MA, the white vapor is more distinct more dense while the evaporation rate is reduced

- The best way to remove MSM is to wash with anhydrous acetone as mentioned above. Swim uses a shot glass to mix in then another with a tiny conical wire filter supporting a filter paper cut from a regular coffee filter to recover the MA crystals. There are plenty of teks about this. Purchased acetone will almost certainly contain some water and it readily absorbs water from the air. MA is very soluble in water so its important to ensure any water is removed before washing. See LeJunk's coke cleaning thread for how to make acetone anhydrous. The filtered MSM/acetone solution can easily be evaporated to recover MSM. Swim makes sure there isn't too much of the good stuff getting through by testing the solute with Simons reagent, its very sensitive so works well for this purpose.

Hope this helps, Happy cleaning

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Very thorough and informative post on MSM mixed with meth

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