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Cocaine & Crack Cocaine & Crack Cocaine

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Old 25-02-2009, 07:49
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Vinegar or no?

SWIM is in a smallproblem. SWIM has no lemon juice but has vinager. I red some post that said its ok to use vinager and some say its not. SWIM knows I.V. is dangerous just by its self but he never I.V.ed coke or crack and all he can get his hands on is crack and would really like to I.V. it so is it ok to use vinager or not? How much vinager would SWIM have to use and would he have to heat it any? SWIM I.V.'s all kinds of stuff so he not to worried about small chances of getting sick from it. He just don't wanna die. If any one could help me SWIM out he would be VERY THNKFUL
Old 25-02-2009, 18:48
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Re: Vinager or no? HELP PLZ

Vinegar does help to break down the cocaine, but the it could possible cause open sores and scabs and a different sensation than lemon juice, I think. I'm 100% positive it won't kill SWIU though so that's the good news.
Old 27-02-2009, 03:22
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Re: Vinager or no? HELP PLZ

Although there are many people on here who seem to get off by replying to every last thread with the word vinegar used somewhere and telling people how stupid they are for using vinegar and they are going to have abcesses and collapsed veins etc... SWIM has spoken to 3 doctors (addiction specialists by the way not just any regular M.D.) and a few workers on the needle exchange trucks in Baltimore and haven't found ANY evidence that vinegar is any worse than the cocaine itself.SWIM uses vinegar or lemon juice whichever is available at the time. per .2g of crack SWIM uses approx. 60 on the hype of either vinegar or lemon. Enjoy my friend but SWIM suggests once on the vein, take off the turniquet and pump the hype 20units at a time. push in 20, wait a few secs. then pull back 4, in w/20 back with 4, just to be safe from an OD. Just a thought!?
Old 03-03-2009, 01:22
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Re: Vinegar or no?

Any acid is bad for veins, that’s why solutions should contain as little as possible and dissolved in a fair amount of water; if USP-grade acids are not available, like citric acid which can be obtained at needle exchanges or by direct purchase from chemical supply companies, distilled white vinegar (usually a mix of acetic acid and water) is the second best option and after that brown table vinegar, however it might be highly impure (depending on brand and processing) and it can cause health problems mainly if extravasated (missed the vein).

It’s a really bad idea to use fruit juices with all the possible harmful bacteria and fungi they contain and they should be avoided.

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