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Old 24-03-2009, 13:59
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Best way to inject Dilaudid? (awesome story)

So swim just got out of the hospital for a crohn's falir up, and has a appointment with a pain clinic on tues. So the doc wrote swim a script for 3 25mcg fentanyl patches and 15 2mg dilauded. So the 1 must have looked like a 7 cause the pharmacist gave swim 75!! 2mg dilaudids and my 3 patches to last till tues lol. So this weekend will be fun. While in the hospital swim swiped a few insulin needles and a few other things.

The insulin needle is so small its hard to get two crushed up pills in it and clean water. What is the best way to crush dilaudids with minimum waste? the 4mg rush is ok but I'm guessing swim is loosing some in hte process. Usually put the pills wrapped up in a plastic baggy and mash on em. Sometimes it tears up the bag and residue gets stuck in rough spots.

Is there a method or tutorial some where online? a good write up maybe?

Also swim is wondering how much 2mg d's go for out in the open?

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Old 24-03-2009, 23:47
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Re: Best way to inject Dilaudid? (awesome story)

thats awesome man i can't believe you got that many extra
just plain awesome

swim just went ahead and crushed his pills in his cooker and went from there heat until you see the white smoke
white smoke = burnt dope
suck it up thru some cotton and bam there you go
back before swim got on methadone he had to do up to 32 mgs at a time so thats alot of shit for a tiny insulin syringe so he had to make two trips before even though it kinda wastes the rush a bit
next time get better rigs you can buy them at a grocery store pharmacy

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