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Cocaine & Crack Cocaine & Crack Cocaine

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Old 05-04-2009, 04:55
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A tip to create Anhydrous Acetone

This is just a thought/insight on the process as outlined in LeJunk's sticky to create Anhydrous Acetone.

After SWIM read LeJunk's thread, she went about creating the Anhydrous Acetone mix.
1. SWIM first put the epsom salts in a food processor, prior to the oven, which worked like a charm.
2. SWIM then filled quart mason jars 3/4 full of generic acetone, and then added the oven baked epsom salt, and then agitated for 2-3 minutes.
3. After 24 hours SWIM siphoned off ( {1} With a 'turkey baster' style siphon from the kitchen store; as it was stainless in construction, with a rubber diaphragm. {2} See end of post) most of the new Anhydrous Acetone, and placed in a sealed metal container.
4. SWIM found it AWESOME to use mason jars, as you could clearly see the clean Anhydrous Acetone, and the goop left in the bottom of the jar after the process, so she knew she was getting fresh Anhydrous Acetone to wash with and stopped siphoning when the clean Anhydrous Acetone was 2.54CM above the goop.

-For the crafty folks-
{2} SWIM made a canister to draw the clean Anhydrous Acetone from the mason jars by first drilling two .635CM holes in a mason jar lid, and then inserting a 2.54CM (long X .635CM DIA) piece of stainless tubing in each hole. She then placed epoxy around the lid/tubing surface. She then used a vacuum pump with one line from the lid to the Anhydrous Acetone mason jar, and the other to the vacuum pump. She then drew a vacuum, and filled the mason jar 3/4 full with clean Anhydrous Acetone and emptied it into the sealed metal container using a Pyrex measuring cup.
SWIM just thought she would mention the thought of using mason jars for the process of creating Anhydrous Acetone, as she thought that was a GREAT thing to easily see the clean Anhydrous Acetone and the goop at the bottom of the jar.

SWIM appreciates the knowledge shared here and wanted to pass along her 1st hand experience as a tip.
Old 06-04-2009, 18:14
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Re: A tip to create Anhydrous Acetone

I would recomend that you seal the top of whatever you store your anhydrous acetone in with either parafilm or just saran wrap if you can't find parafilm. Water has a nasty habit of quickly sneaking into anhydrous jars unless its completely sealed.

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