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Old 29-06-2009, 00:23
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Subutex IV

Swim says:

I have been coming to this forum since '06, but had some troubles with the law in which I just came out of last month, so it is good to be back (and to be free). Anyway, for my question... In four years of heroin use, swim has never injected a pill before. He tried an MS one time but it gelled up on him. He has always just stuck with heroin. A buddy of swim's stopped by earlier with his script for Subutex. I have never seen Subutex given out like this, rather than Suboxone, but he had a script of 90 - 8mg. Straight buprenorphine. No naloxene. So swim was rather curious to come across UNTAINTED buprenorphine like this (without naloxene in it). I have read reports on people IVing Subutex, and SWIM took half of one (4mg) and crushed it up, threw it in a spoon with some water, put a little heat to it just to break it down faster and he injected it. Much against his friend's judgment (but his friend is a paranoid creep anyways). It turned out to work ok. It gave swim a slight buzz, although swim was once on suboxone and took 32mg a day to no effect at all. Something about the whole thing just seemed like a bad idea to me though. But swim started a small H habit back up right out of prison, and a month later is going through slight withdrawals. Swim has gone through some horrible, horrible withdrawals before, and these are nothing but slightly noticeable. But the shot took them right away and left swim feeling buzzed up until the time of this post, which he still feels pretty good. So are there any other experiences with this or any advice on the matter? Swim still have 2 1/2 subutex that he plans on doing "something" with.

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Old 13-01-2010, 16:39
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Re: Subutex IV

Swims started his subie script literly today and just shot up 4mg but he hasnt really felt anything, he had to dilute the mixture with lots of water as it went real thick n goopy in the pan like, not clucking though so alls well that ends well like!

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