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Old 28-08-2009, 07:44
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Got a bunch of Opana (oxymorphone) ER 20mg tabs what should I do with them?

Many are saying that oxymorphone is the bomb and so decided to get some but they cannot be IV'd like the diddy's or OC's because of this wax matrix time release bs they have devised.
So what else can I do with them except eating a bunch at a time. Anyone with any type of tolerance will not get off without an instant release
They do make an IR but I have these so gotta work with what I have now.

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Old 02-09-2009, 21:54
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Re: Got a bunch of Opana ER 20mg tabs what should I do with them?

What stops you from removing the time release like that of oxys and such?
Old 03-09-2009, 03:17
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Join Date: 21-09-2008
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Gappa is captain of the psychonauts.Gappa is captain of the psychonauts.
Points: 526, Level: 3 Points: 526, Level: 3 Points: 526, Level: 3
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Re: Got a bunch of Opana ER 20mg tabs what should I do with them?

hmm obviously a noob. Oxy's are time release due to their composition they are called an erosion time release and can be easily crushed and defeated. A lot of newer pills are using a gel matrix time release

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Old 17-05-2010, 10:36
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Re: Got a bunch of Opana (oxymorphone) ER 20mg tabs what should I do with them?

Hello my friends. SWIM has a great method for extracting Oxymorphone from Opana ER but also has a few questions about this great process. SWIY will need the following which can be purchased off of eBay mega cheap or you can go with the poor man’s route. For scientific purposes SWIM will only going over the best possible way to do this extraction. Keep in mind some of the pictures SWIM is posting are not the proper way and are actually unsafe. SWIM will go over the proper safe method. The pictures are only meant as a guide.

*Keep in mind Opana is the only pill on the market currently the contains Oxymorphone, there are no generics. This product was taken off the market in the past and has just been rereleased in the form of Opana and only Opana.

What SWIY will need?
Buchner Funnel Glass Frit
Side-Arm Erlenmeyer Flask/Filter Flask
Python Faucet Pump
Pyrex Dish and Pot or Pan that the dish can sit in with good amount of room to pick it up and to work. The more surface area the better to an extent. Helps evaporate the Alcohol faster but the it is harder to clean the Oxymorphone off of.
EverClear or 99% IsoPropyl Alcohol nothing less! Get EverClear where sold OTC, it is healthier.
Wax Candle Warmer
Eye Dropper 1-3ml suggested
Shot Glasses

Over View:

What we will be doing is breaking down the polysaccharide matrix inside of the Opana ER which contains our drug. We will do this with our HIGH proof Alcohol. Once the matrix is broken down we will the filter the Alcohol with our Buchner Glass Frit Filter. Once the Alcohol is separated from the waste/matrix we will evaporate the Alcohol off leaving us our pure Oxymorphone.

Step by Step Process:

1. Gather supplies. This can all be done from online shopping. I have provided links above which explain the objects that you are using.

2. Get Opana ER. In my hood a 15mg Opana goes anywhere from $20-50. 1 will get 3 5mg doses (aprox take some loss into consideration) 1 5mg dose is equal to 75mg Oxycodone when taken IV. Hence the extraction. So as you can see this process is vitally important...do the math, get rich or get faded!

3. COMPLETLY removes the coating off of the pills.

4. Crush the pills completely.

5. Submerge the crushed pills in your Alcohol. For every 400mg use aprox 120ml/4oz Alcohol to break down the matrix. Place on the Candle Warmer and stir every 15min for at least 1 hr.

6. Turn off candle warmer (You can move to step 7. if you want to but will get better yield if wait) Next wait aprox 12-18 hrs and then turn the candle warmer back on. Stir once every 15min for 1 hr. Turn off candle warmer. Wait 4 hrs and DO NOT MOVE THE SOLUTION. LET THE PARTICLES SETTLE OVER THE COURSE OF 4hrs.


7. You will now take the eye dropper and very carefully without disturbing the settled matrix, suck up the Alcohol and place into shot glasses.

8. Setup up Python Faucet Suction to your Filter Flask. Place Buchner Funnel Glass Frit on rubber piece on Filter Flask. Test to make sure everything is air tight.

9. Prep your filter with 1ml Alcohol. To do this simply place 1ml of plain alcohol into your filter before you turn it on. This will get the filter wet and help the particles get trapped.

10. As you slowly turn the faucet to turn the water on and create suction pour the Oxymorphone Alcohol solution from the shot glasses through the Buchner Glass Filter. To obtain best results don't turn the suction up too much, just enough to get a stream of liquid to come from the filter into the flask. I personally get a fast drip going, just before a stream would happen. Once all Alcohol is through filter put another 1-2ml of Alcohol through the filter to get any remaining Oxymorphone out.

11. Fill up metal pan with just enough water to cover the bottom. Place Pyrex Glass Dish into water. Pour your now filtered Oxymorphone Alcohol Solution onto the glass tray. Turn the stove on just enough to get the water to come to a steam. This will be enough to evaporate your Alcohol out to leave the remaining pure Oxymorphone.

12. Add water, if any matrix happened to make it through it will gel up when water is added. This should not happen is all the directions were followed properly. If you substitute the Buchner Glass Filter Frit for something homemade this will most likely happen. Tisk Tisk, armature. Remove the gel from the solution and wash with water, now take this water and add to the other water. You are now ready to place into a needle.

13. Do the math while adding the water so you know how much Oxymorphone there is in each ml of water. I suggest a 5mg shot. This will place someone w/ no tolerance into a whirlwind of puking! If you’re a hardcore user try 15mg. (I define a hardcore user as someone who can do 100mg of Oxycodone in one shot or more.)

14. Repeat to get more out. When we do 400mg we get about another 30mg on the 2nd wash.

Post Quality Reviews:
Nice guide with pictures, but please upload them to the server instead of using Photobucket!

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