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Acorus calamus

The root of Acorus Calamus (beewort, bitter pepper root, calamus root, flag root, gladdon, myrtle flag, myrtle grass, myrtle root, myrtle sedge, pine root, rat root, sea sedge, sweet cane, sweet cinnamon, sweet grass, sweet myrtle, sweet root, sweet rush, and sweet sedge)a perennial wetland monocot of the Acoraceae, have traditionally been used to make medicine and fragrances, and the root has been used culinarily as a substitute for nutmeg, among others. Chewing the root of this plant can cause hallcinations, due to the presence of alpha-asarone. In ayurvedic medicine it is used to counter side effects of all hallucinogens, and in more modern traditional medicine it is used for its sedative, laxative, diuretic and carminative properties.[1]


[top]Introduction to Calamus

[top]Using Calamus

[top]Ways of administration:

[top]Effects of Calamus

Calamus is used as an aphrodisiac and a stimulant.

[top]Combinations with Calamus

[top]Different Uses for Calamus

[top]The dangers of Calamus

Please check relating studies for information. Reviewing the available studies on the topic is essential. Please see medline & the file archive. If you do not have access to medline, please request the articles you need, from a member who does have access. See the file request thread here:
Help from people with Medline Access: Thread number 5

[top]Growing Calamus

[top]Forms of Calamus

[top]Legal status of Calamus

[top]United Nations

Describe the legal situation according to the UN treaties.


Describe the legal situation in the USA.


[top]Other Countries

Describe the legal situation in other countries.

[top]History of Calamus

[top]Popularity of Calamus over time

[top]More Calamus Sections

Calamus Experiences Post & read experiences with Calamus.

Ethnobotanicals File Archive Upload and read research & articles on Calamus.

Ethnobotanicals Forum Post and read about Calamus.

Calamus Image Gallery Post and view pictures of Calamus.

[top]The latest Ethnobotanicals threads

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