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Atropa Belladonna

Atropa belladonna, commonly known as deadly nightshade, is a perennial plant in the Solanaceae family whose leaves and berries are extremely toxic, containing tropane alkaloids such as atropine and scopolamine. These toxins cause hallucinations and delerium, which is why it has long been used as a poison, however belladonna has been used medicinally since ancient times as a muscle relaxant and is also used to regulate the heart.


[top]Introduction to Belladonna

[top]Using Belladonna

[top]Ways of administration:

[top]Effects of Belladonna

[top]Combinations with Belladonna

[top]Different Uses for Belladonna

[top]The dangers of Belladonna

[top]Growing Belladonna

[top]Forms of Belladonna

[top]Legal status of Belladonna

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[top]History of Belladonna

[top]More Nightshades Sections

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Belladonna image:
http://irrationalgeographic.files.wo.../koeh-0181.jpg retrieved 23/05/2010

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