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Depressants are a class of drugs that have sedative, anxiolytic or hypnotic action, either as a primary effect (sleeping pills such as Z-drugs, Barbiturates or Chloral Hydrate), or as a side effect/secondary action (some of the skeletal muscle relaxants). In addition to sedation, this class of drugs may also cause respiratory depression, especially combined with alcohol, and they can become dependence forming and result in withdrawal phenomenon if use is stopped abruptly.


[top]Introduction to Depressants

Depressants are a group of drugs, usually sedative and hypnotic type drugs that have a sedative effect, as the name "downer" suggests.

[top]Using Depressants

[top]Ways of administration

[top]Effects of Depressants

[top]Combinations with Depressants

[top]Different Uses for Depressants

[top]The dangers of Depressants

[top]Forms of Depressants

[top]Legal status of Depressants

[top]United Nations



[top]History of Depressants

[top]More Depressants Sections

[top]The latest Depressants threads

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