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Phenethylamines are a broad range of compounds that share a common phenylethan-2-amine structure. Some are naturally occurring neurotransmitters (Dopamine, Epinephrine) while some are psychoactive stimulants (Amphetamine), entactogens (MDMA), or hallucinogens (2C-E). Several psychedelic phenethylamines have been studied by Alexander Shulgin in his book PiHKAL, published in 1991. Many molecules can be classified as phenethylamines despite not being psychoactive. This article is centered on psychoactive phenethylamines.


[top]Introduction to Phenethylamines

Phenethylamines are a wide class of compounds derived from phenethylamine. It is the substitutions made to this Phenethylamine molecule that result in the new molecules that propagate the category collectively known as The Phenethylamines, sometimes referred to as Substituted Phenethylamines.

Phenethylamines are the biggest class of psychoactive compounds, and can exhibit a wide spectrum of effects. Phenethylamines can be psychedelic (mescaline, 2C-B, TMA), entactogen (MDMA), stimulant (amphetamine, methamphetamine). Although some phenethylamines have only one type of effect (for example amphetamine is only stimulant), many have effects which are a mix of different "main" effects, justifying the term "spectrum" for the effects of phenethylamines.

Two notable subcategories of phenethylamines are amphetamines and methamphetamines.

[top]Chemical description of Phenethylamines

Phenethylamines are based on the parent compound phenethylamine, which in turn is analoguous to the aminoacid phenylalanine.

[top]Uses of Phenethylamines

Most phenethylamines are used recreatively, and are thus controlled if not illegal to possess, produce or sell.

[top]Effects of Phenethylamines

[top]General pharmacology of Phenethylamines

[top]Dangers of Phenethylamines

[top]Sources of Phenethylamines

[top]Natural sources


[top]Legal Status of Phenethylamines

[top]History of Phenethylamines

[top]Insights for Phenethylamines

[top]More Phenethylamines Sections and Information

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[top]The Latest Phenethylamines Threads

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