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Plugging is a route of administration for drugs in which the user puts the drugs in their rectum which results in faster absorption through the mucous membrane of the rectum and lower intestine. First, pass metabolism is also partially bypassed which may allow for lower dosage administration than taking by mouth.

Plugging is an especially effective method of consuming drugs with low oral and/or intra-nasal bio-availability; however, the dose must be lowered accordingly compared to the dose needed for those routes. Generally about half the dose needed for oral is a good benchmark for plugging a new substance. Individual reactions may vary.

A very common way of doing this is done by mixing your drug in some water and placing it in a well-lubricated oral syringe, then shooting the water up the rectum and laying on your left side until the desired effects kick in.

Plugging reportedly can assist in the drug being absorbed faster by your body and lasting for a longer duration, though this is not always the case. Though this method is not particularly common, it is a viable and effective route of administration for many drugs. It is much safer than intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, subcutaneous injection and may be used as an alternative.

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