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Turnera diffusa

Turnera diffusa is a natural herbal supplement used since Mayan times which is believed to have antidepressant, mood enhancing, and euphoric properties.It is also traditionally used in mexico as an aphrodisiac and for menstrual issues. While many of its effects are stimulating, when taken as a tea the effects are relaxing and not unlike the effects of a low dose of cannabis, however the exact mechanism of how this plant works medicinally is currently unknown.[1]


[top]Introduction to Damiana

Order: Malpighiales
Family: Passifloraceae
Genus: Turnera
Species: Turnera diffusa

Damiana is a shrub native to Central America which blooms in early to late summer with small yellow flowers. Due to its aromatic essential oils and mildly sedating effects, it has been used as a calming tea, which has been said to be not too dissimilar to chamomile.
More recently, a resinous extract is made from the herb and used as a substrate with which synthetic cannabinoids are mixed.

needs references

[top]Using Damiana

[top]Ways of administration

[top]Effects of Damiana

[top]Combinations with Damiana

[top]Different Uses for Damiana

[top]The dangers of Damiana

[top]Growing Damiana

[top]Forms of Damiana

[top]Legal status of Damiana

[top]United Nations


Legislature of Louisiana
House Bill No. 173 ACT 159: Effective 8 August 2005. Any combination of any of the parts, leaves, stems, stalks, seeds, materials, compounds, salts, derivatives, mixtures, preparations, or any resin extracted from any part of the plant is illegal to possess or distribute for human consumption in the state of Louisiana.1


[top]Other Countries

[top]History of Damiana

[top]Popularity of Damiana over time

[top]More Damiana Sections

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