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Registering for the forum will allow a user to provide feedback on any topics discussed in the forum, allow a user to view more sub-forums than they could unregistered, and also give a user access to many other functions of Drugs-Forum including the file archive.

[top]How to register

To register at Drugs-Forum, first click on the link on the home page circled below:

First thing which you will be asked to do is read over the forum rules. Please make sure you read them carefully, as they are very strictly enforced here. Once you are done, check the "I have read, and agree to abide by the Drugs Forum rules" box, and hit the Register button.

After that, you will be taken to this screen:

Choose the user name you wish to use on the forum. Please use something fairly recognizable (i.e. not stuff along the lines of 48hgiu2jgir2tjr) and not too offensive. Any user name decided to be unacceptable will lead to denial of registration.

If the user name you are requesting is already in use, you will see this:

If the user name you have chosen is available, you will see this:

Next, choose and confirm your desired password. Please do not lose it:

Enter your valid email address:

Choose your sex:

Choose your country of residence. If you do not wish to disclose this, there is an "Earth" option.

Please fill in the following information (favourite sections of the site, most intrigued about these substances, introduction and interests). These fields are required for registration, and will be reviewed before your submission is processed. You will be able to modify these fields at any time after registering, if desired. Note that we will deny your registration if this information is not filled out appropriately.

Enter your date of birth, and the visibility settings for your birthdate and age. Please note that you will not be able to change your birthdate after you have registered, so make sure it is correct. You will be able to change the visibility settings.

If a friend or someone else referred you, enter their user name here. They will receive contribution spectrum points for this. As you type in the nickname, a gray box with nicknames that begin with the letters you have already entered, will drop down, so you can check whether you have typed in their nickname correctly. If you were not referred by anyone, just leave this field blank.

Please choose your time zone, so time and date stamps on posts and around the forum are correct for your location. Also, you can choose whether or not you want the clock to automatically compensate for daylight savings time:

You can choose to receive email from the forum itself (newsletters, etc) or other members:

After submitting your registration by clicking the "Complete Registration" button, you will be taken to a screen like this, with your nickname and the e-mail address you entered instead of the blank in the screenshot:

At this point, check your e-mail address for an e-mail sent by Drugs-Forum. If you can't see it in your inbox, make sure to check your spam folder. The e-mail might look similar to this:

Dear NNasrem,

Thank you for registering at the Drugs Forum. Before we can activate your account one last step must be taken to complete your registration.

Please note - you must complete this last step to become a registered member. You will only need to visit this URL once to activate your account.

To complete your registration, please visit this URL:
https://drugs-forum.com/forum/register.php?a=act&u=147075&i=f6e74668f6f20027947f af2e4fac637ce4a303e5

<a href="https://drugs-forum.com/forum/register.php?a=act&u=147075&i=f6e74668f6f20027947f af2e4fac637ce4a303e5">America Online Users Please Visit Here to be Activated</a>

**** Does The Above URL Not Work? ****
If the above URL does not work, please use your Web browser to go to:

Please be sure not to add extra spaces. You will need to type in your username and activation number on the page that appears when you visit the URL.

Your Username is: NNasrem
Your Activation ID is: f6e74668f6f20027947faf2e4fac637ce4a303e5

If you are still having problems signing up please contact a member of our support staff at subscriptions@drugs-forum.com

All the best,
Drugs Forum
In order to activate your account, click the first link in the e-mail. If that doesn't work, you can go to https://drugs-forum.com/forum/register.php?a=ver and enter your username and copy the Activation ID as given in the e-mail.

Once you have done this, you will be sent to the following screen:

Now you will have to wait until your account is approved. Typically accounts will be reviewed twice a day. While your registration is pending, you will be able to view and read the forums, but you will not be able to post.

If you have filled in all profile fields properly, if your account name does not include anything problematic and if your email address is a valid, then generally your account will be approved. After your registration has been reviewed, you will receive an email of either approval or denial. Again, please make sure to check your spam folder.

If your account is not approved, then you will receive a notification by email, with instructions how to resolve it.
Generally the instructions ask you to fill in your profile fields, and make sure your email address and username are not problematic. (read the rules)
You can edit your profile fields, edit your username and email address by going to your usercp. Once you have edited your details, your account will go back into the moderation queue, for a super-moderator to review it.

If your account is approved you will receive an email such as this one:
Dear Look Up,

We have now activated your account at the Drugs Forum. The forums can be found here:


Your login details are as follows:
Username: Look Up
Password: as you entered it when you registered

Don't forget that your password is case sensitive.

To edit your profile, please visit this page:

All the best,
Drugs Forum
And that's it!

[top]Registration moderation

At this time new registrations are moderated. After you activate your account, it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be fully active, though it is usually much faster. During this time you will be unable to post, though you may browse the forum.

[top]Agreeing to the Rules

After registering but before you are able to do anything on the forum, you will be prompted once again to read through the rules. This is because we know that when most people sign up for something on the internet, they don't read the rules and simply click whatever is necessary to sign up. This is a lazy practice that inevitably gets people banned for self-incrimination, or other breaches of the rules. In order to remedy this there are a few safeguards put in place.

[top]The Process of Agreeing to the Rules

  1. After registering, your screen will look like this. Every forum will have a lock over it and all functions will be blocked.

  2. This may be confusing at first but if you click on any of the forum icons things will become clearer. Instead of bringing up that specific forum, the following screen will appear. The screen will appear no matter what, it is not the result of you doing anything wrong, it's just how things work around here.

  3. After the redirect screen disappears, a screen will appear showing the rules.

  4. There is a mandatory counter set at the average time it takes users to read through the rules completely. This is made to counter the lazyness issue brought up in the beginning. It forces people to read through the rules.

  5. After the timer wears off, you will be able to click submit.

    By clicking the box where it says you agree to follow and abide by the rules, you are now accountable for your actions on drugs forum and have no excuses. You will be warned then punished for breaking them. Generally people will be kind toward first-time offenders and people won't be so harsh. Users will kindly refer you back to these same rules so that you can see where you went wrong. If the rule-breaking does not cease, then further punishments such as banning, reduction of forum functions, and negative rep and can be issued.

[top]"I'm having a problem with accepting the rules."

The counter is not compatible with anonymous proxy browsing services which block the script. If you are on a proxy or if you have set your browser security so high that it does not accept javascript, then this will not work. You will have to approach this page without proxy with javascript on. This must be done in order to access Drugs-Forum. Check & enable your JavaScript here.
Another common problem is browser addons and overzealous anti-virus that block the counter from running. Check your antivirus settings and turn web protection etc off for a moment to check if that is the issue. (mind to refresh the page)
If problems still continue open a support ticket.

[top]Email Validation

Email validation is used to show that a registered user is tied to a real life person: not a spambot, previously banned user, or an otherwise unwanted entity. The last step of registering will prompt the following message to show up:

"Thank you for registering, [your username]. An email has been dispatched to [your email address] with details on how to activate your account. Click here to return to where you were previously.

You will receive an email in your inbox. You MUST follow the link in that email before you can post on these forums. Until you do that, you will be told that you do not have permission to post." This is the only time email validation will need to be used for an account as long as the email address entered for the username is an active email account. Here is an example of a validation email:

[top]Changing your email account to reactivate an account.

If an email from Drugs-Forum sent to the email address gets sent back, due to the email account being inactive, then email validation will have to occur again in order for the username to become active again. Until that occurs the username with the inactive email account will be deactivated. The username can be reactivated if a new active email account can be provided. Often times what will happen is an email will be sent to the last known email address of a user, urging them to update their username. Here is what it looks like when this occurs for an account.
  1. At the top of every page this banner will be displayed, warning you that your account needs to be validated.

  2. It's also very likely that you received a direct message similar to the one below.

  3. After reading the direct message you will realize you need to click the link displayed in the direct message so that you can update your email account. It will bring up the following screen in which you can enter your current email address.

  4. After entering in your password and current email address, click the save changes button. It will bring up the following screen alerting you that a validation email has been sent to the email address you just entered.

  5. You will have to access this email and click the enclosed link for the account to become active and able to login. Here is an example of the validation email accessed via a free hotmail account.

  6. Now you may once again take advantage of all that being a Drugs-Forum member has to offer. The following screen will alert you that everything is back to normal.

[top]Account activation troubleshooting

To activate your account you need to enter the activation code on this page. https://drugs-forum.com/forum/register.php?a=ver

To request another activation email you need to visit this link


Once you've received the activation email, you need to follow the links to activate your account.

When your account has successfully been activated you will be met with this screen. It is advised that you immediately fill out your profile and read the rules before posting on the forums.

If you are still having trouble activating your account, submit a support ticket here.

[top]Your email account

You must keep an active / valid email account to be active on this board. You can edit and change your email address in your user Control Panel(userCP).

When we receive a bounced email that has come back to us, this means your email account is not active or valid and your forum account will be restricted until the email problem is corrected by you.

To correct this go to your usepCP and change your email address to a valid one. Then request an activation email. This will be sent to your email address. It will contain both a link and an activation code to activate your account.

Please note that many free email accounts require you to log in at least every X amount of days. So to avoid problems please log into your email once in awhile if you do not normally do so.

Many email providers have overzealous spam filters. If you do not receive your confirmation email make sure you check your spam folder or your spam/filter settings as it may be caught in there.

Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts.
Marking email from drugs-forum as 'not spam' will avoid problems.

[top]Gmail email problems

If you have problems with receiving the activation codes or if your account has been deactivated awaiting email activation, then it is most likely that email from drugs-forum has landed in your spam box. Please check your spam folder. If you find a message from drugs-forum there, then please mark it as 'not spam' with the 'not spam' button there. This will prevent further emails bouncing back from your Gmail account to the drugs-forum server.
Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts.

[top]Hotmail email problems

Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts. Make sure that email from the forum is not marked as spam. Please check your spam box.

[top]Yahoo email problems

Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts.

In your Yahoo! account go to options -> Block addresses -> remove block.
Please check if there is any drugs-forum related email address on your block list and remove it.

Go to options -> Spam protection -> Spam Filter.
If SpamGuard is on, then:
- select to save messages SpamGuard identifies as Spam for some time, so that you have the chance to check if normal messages get deleted.

Go to options -> Spam protection -> Mark Spam + Not Spam -> When I mark a message in the Bulk folder as Not Spam:
- Select: Move the message to my Inbox

Check your bulk folder and your trash for messages from drugs-forum. If you find any, then make sure to mark them as 'not spam'.

[top]AOL email problems

Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts. Make sure that email from the forum is not marked as spam. Please check your spam box.

[top]Hushmail email problems

Most of the email problems members have, come from Hushmail, because Hushmail requires you to log in every 3 weeks. If a member does not check his / her hushmail account, then the email account is lost. When the forum then sends an email to the account, it is bounced. Resulting in the deactivation of the forum account.

Please read this thread about Hushmail security concerns.

[top]Losing your password

If for some reason you have forgotten your password you may request a new one to be emailed to you here.
This link will also appear when you enter the wrong password. You have five tries to enter the correct password before you will be blocked from logging in for fifteen minutes.

On the password recovery page, you should enter your email address. (The same email address that you have entered in your forum account)
Then click 'Request username/ password now'.
Check your email inbox in 5 minutes, for the password reset mail.
If you do not receive this email, then check your spam folder, and add subscriptions AT drugs-forum.com to your contacts.

[top]Changing a username

Only donating members can change their user name. For non-donating member we generally we do not allow you to change your user name except under extremely urgent circumstances.
To request a username change, please open a support ticket, and explain that you are a donating member or if there is an extreme urgency, then explain this.

[top]Deleting accounts

We do not delete accounts here, this tends to mess up the board and makes it confusing when trying to read threads and posts. If you wish to discontinue participating at Drugs-Forum simply stop posting.

If you want to delete your profile, then simply remove all information from it. Remove your memberships from groups. Delete your blogs. Delete all your subscriptions.

Please do not remove content from posts

If you have an urgent situation, then contact an admin for advice.


A warning has 0 infraction points and does not have any other weight than a heads up in order to alert you to the rule.


Each breach has different infraction points. Here is a overview of the different infraction levels:

Multiple Accounts5 points Expires in 3 Months
Indescriptive thread title10 points Expires in 1 Month
Posting in the wrong forum10 points Expires in 1 Month
Unreadable Posts10 points Expires in 1 Month
Double / Cross Posting10 points Expires in 3 Months
Posting other forum10 points Expires in 3 Months
Price Discussion15 points Expires in 3 Months
Self-Incrimination15 points Expires in 3 Months
Posting link to commercial Website20 points Expires in 3 Months
Sources discussion20 points Expires in 3 Months
Dangerous Advice30 points Expires in 3 Months
Flaming30 points Expires in 3 Months
DM sources discussion30 points Expires in 3 Months
Reputation Abuse30 points Expires in 6 Months
Trolling40 points Expires in 6 Months
Soliciting for Watched Chemicals60 points Expires in 9 Months
Spamming90 points Expires in 6 Months
Soliciting for Controlled Substances100 points Expires Never
We will surely tweak this in the future, but this will give you an idea. The staff are able to deviate from these settings in case the breach is more serious than normal.

[top]The effects of infraction points

Infraction points do not expire in the listed time frame if the rules are broken again.
50 infraction points result in a one month ban.
100 points is a permanent ban.
3 infractions means a 2 weeks ban.
5 infractions means a permanent ban as well.

After a ban has expired, infraction points may easily lead to a new ban if a member breaks another rule.


This section explains referrals and the process through which users can send an email referral to a contact.[/quote]Referrals are a way of bringing in members that current users feel would benefit from or contribute greatly to Drugs-Forum. There are two ways referrals can work. One involves sending a personalized email through the forum's software. The other simply lets a newly registered user type the username of the person that referred them to join this site as a part of the registration process.

[top]How to send a personalized email referral.

  1. Click and open the user control panel.

  2. Click on the Invite your friends button on the left.

  3. Read the notification at the top of the page. This addresses the fact that unsolicited emails are not permitted to be sent using the forum's software and by sending an email to the entered address, you are agreeing that you indeed know the recipient of the email.
  4. Fill out the prompt with your friend's email address. There is an optional box in which you may type a personal message to your friend which will appear in the email.
  5. There is an anti-spam device requiring the user to enter in a code seen in an image (captcha). Since the whole process involves sending an email to someone else using the forum's software, there needs to be a measure to ensure that a spam account isn't sending unsolicited emails to people, in the event a spam account gets created.
  6. Click send. Now your contact has the option of joining Drugs-Forum. If the person uses a referral email to join, the user who sent the referral will gain contribution spectrum points for bringing a new user to Drugs-Forum.

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