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» Id rather....
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» Storing Etizolam Long Term?
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» Which drug better intensifies an orgasm? (if there's such thing)
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» What has LSD taught you?
» 250mg and quite new to opiates
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» Crew Running Fake Ambulances Carrying Upwards of 1.6 Billion in Drugs Get Jail Terms
» Enlighten me please - why shouldn't I smoke weed?
» DEA's Pot Eradication Budget Should be Cut in Half, Congress Suggests
» Cannabis E Juice
» Queen of the Fence - My Ongoing Struggle with Heroin Adictiom
» Long-term effects of Diphenhydramine abuse.
» Nitrazepam to Alprazolam advice needed (situational usage)
» Friend of mine is concerned
» How do i approach asking my husband?
» adderal vs dexedrine?
» Dapoxetine - an ultra short acting SSRI for erectile dysfunction
» Bad experience with ecstacy, heavy arm, pins and needles in brain
» my personal opinion on why suboxone is a terrible drug, and not in fact, a miracle...
» How to tell if it's good weed?
» No idea what to do. Advice?
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» Washing the vial
» The 80/20 Rule for Using MJ safely and Avoiding Addiction
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» meth sides (ghost hat syndrome)
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» (My Opinion) Liquid dosing benzos is less psychologically addictive than tablets
» Should this disturbing secretion be ignored?
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» anxiety and panic, drug-induced depersonalization now truly sinking
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» I like to get tweeked out and share wifey
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» Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal)
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