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» In two months SWIM did maybe 60 IM to left and right deltoid muscles. Long term pain.
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» meth sore? chemical burn? idk, help me out please.
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» heroin and propylhexedrine(benzedrex) other stims and great combonations with heroin
» Former USC football player suing school; claims toradol shots gave him heart issues
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» Timeframe (in days) between 2 subsequent benzo intakes & calculating (adjusting) TFs
» Drug-Induced MEDICAL EMERGENCY: Vital Signs - Safe/Dangerous/Emergency Readings
» Depression & Anxiety - What Causes Them / Short-Term & Long-Term Fixes / Cures
» Please help! Is it possible to test for difluoroethane in urine? URGENT!!!!
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» DEA Agent Charged With Acting as a Paid Mole for Silk Road
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» Post-Cannabis Boredom (6 Yr.'s Clean)
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» ISIS Confiscates Cigarettes From Fellow Iraqis
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» FlubromazoLAM (not PAM) Drug Info
» GNC Attempting Improvements on Its Products That Go Beyond FDA Standards
» Morphine + Oxycodone.
» How can I be switched from Ritalin 20MG SR to ADDERAL? ( just started ritalin )
» ICE Still Highly Available in Australia, Regardless of Repeated Busts
» Dragon hallucination - have you had?
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» What is this pill? ">" shape on one side, L 20 on other side.
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» DXM, Delerium and Death [Overdose from drug combo)
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» Explaining to potential employer why you were fired from last job (failed drug test)
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» Fellow Tweakers. What is it that makes you get stuck for hours?
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» What's your pleasure?
» Does nutmeg essential oil work?
» Prisoner Swallowing Substance in Custody Brings Warning From Edinburgh Commissioner
» Worried about my use of cocaine
» 2mg xanax
» Do we "trick" ourselves into thinking it stopped working? Or is this literal?
» coke iv
» Anyone up and ripping lines?
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» ETG Urine Alcohol Testing
» psychadelic amphetamines detection period
» The meth´s addiction is lighter than the heroin´s but heavier than crack´s?
» Inmates and Associates Busted Bringing Drugs Into Pas Correctional Centre
» Curious, very very curious (ADD/ADHD)
» storing a speedball in syringe
» Which generic Adderall XR is best? Difference between generic and brand name?
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» Best drug to have sex on?
» Phenibut experience I thought I would share, for information.
» Morphin als Substitutionsmittel ab April 15 zugelassen