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» Production for Personal Use.
» Oxy pills possibly mixed with Fentanyl, any test to determine content?
» Suboxone taper with two 8 mg strips? How should I do it?
» Blood test negative, observed UA highly positive - Need advice asap
» poppy seed tea for the first time
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» "It will never happen to me" ....
» 22 just out of rehab
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» Thinking of trying cocaine.
» What's the Romance of Chasing the Nod About?
» Most effective way to dose to get the most metabolized O-Desmethyltramadol
» Yes, it will probably make you horny.
» Where is the meth & other amphetamines moderator?
» Knowing what you want, getting what you need. The mechanics of discipline Parts 1-4
» Cutting up 80mg OPs to lower dose for a beginner?
» Can tolerance to cannabis be reset by periodic usage of other drugs such as meth?
» Recidive...
» Whats the point?
» Unmanageable Cross Addiction. I need help.
» MXE or MDAI in a club/acoustic setting
» Diphenidine AMnesia- any solution?
» Methadone - liquid or pills?
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» Ecstasy and General Health concern
» LeJunk's Cocaine Purification Technique / Acetone Wash
» Heart problems during withdrawal?
» Music to help swiy get through opiate withdrawal/cold turkey?
» Marijuana and Adderall
» Drugs Test At Work - Urine - How Long Is Safe?
» Cocaethylene ( Cocaine and Alcohol Toxicity)
» Taking in too much Meth - gagging
» If you could tell the person who turned you on...?
» Advice About Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine/Gravol)?
» Cocaine lifestyle - The secret addiction is what is most addicting
» 100% out of your system for 5 panel urine test
» Is heroin worth trying? (and if so, how?)
» Meth By Needle—Fine Points
» Will taking Benadryl with Oxycodone help w/being Itchy?
» Is cocaine supposed burn/hurt when snorted? or...
» Drug test tommorow please help
» What can you find in your box?
» Helping my Son
» Imagine you had your own RX PAD!
» Do poisoned poppy seeds or pods have to state that they are?
» Xanax's Paradoxical Effects indirectly inducing psychosis.
» Pre-diluting adderall for plugging
» Plastic bottle pipe
» Beta-alanine as a cheap and OTC alternative to the diazepam
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» The Addiction Disease Model - Do you agree, and does it really matter?
» When is enough - Enough?
» Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous. Information on 12 step fellowships.
» what to add to d-meth to recreate the old dl-meth experience?
» Zubsolve
» Feel like I'm killing myself using coke
» Stuck
» What is the best way to take Kratom powder?
» Didn't miss but felt no rush
» Gold Reserve Legendary extract, and two different ultra enhanced indo
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» Codene help please
» Headaches after suddenly stopping baclofen after years of use??
» A Warning for People With SSRI's who Want to use LSA Seeds.
» Headaches after stopping Rhodiola and other nootropics??
» The Four Key Aspects of Getting Weed Fully Legitimate
» The effect of suboxone and alcohol compared to other opiates and why??
» Is taking about 250-300mg of Tramadol daily safe? And is this okay for anxiety?
» Attention Floridians
» Drug Courts Lobbied Against Key Addiction Treatment, HHS Letter Reveals
» Senior Citizen Drug Couriers Becoming the Norm in the Past Few Years
» DMAE tolerance
» Instant cure for cotton fever
» I have sunk so low that I stole opiates from close friends. Have you?
» Your Favorite Horror Films
» Haldol Experiences
» What does methadone liquid weigh. What does your full/empty dose bottle weigh?