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» Colorado Sheriff Obeys the Feds on Drugs, Defies Them on Guns
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» Cop Shoots Suspect in Face While Serving Him With a Drug Warrant
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» Best sleeping pill?
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» Branded extracts - more powerful/useful than I could have ever expected.
» Dimenhydrinate vs Benadryl which is better?
» Ref's for studies regarding frequency/sustained MDMA use and neurotoxicity?
» higher doses
» using drugs to write music
» Fireball Whiskey
» Why the hell is it so easy to find heroin everywhere in America?
» 70 hours awake on adderall...
» OBJECTIVE Poppy Tea Experiment Regarding Wash Time and Water Temp
» Seeking for help, badly cut A paste
» Potentiating Amphetamine
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» When Is It Time To Call It Quits?
» Does this mean my friend should never do it again?
» Resetting a Kratom tolerance
» Is Flubromazolam Too Dangerous?
» If you were giving legal blank scripts for any 2 Meds..
» Will Meth heads go to heaven?
» Mushrooms/Salvia and Pregabalin ~ It is safe? (lyrica prescribed due chronic pain)
» at my witts end
» Coke and allergies
» What to do in case of a Bad Trip
» Legalizing Heroin?
» Ionic Detox Foot baths. Weening off Zoloft. Does this help with withdrawals?
» The government wants you to smoke crack
» Snorting Hydromorphone
» 3,4-dichloromethylphenidate Drug Info (3,4-CTMP)
» 3rd plateau - i think am i gonna die
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» pre-trial services for some BS
» Does suboxone make you pop positive as a false positive for other drugs?
» Is The Pipe The Most Dangerous Way To Use Meth?
» Suboxone and Drug testing
» link in child development, meth, hallucinations, and causation of mental illness
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» "Rebuild" your brain?
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» having the most difficult relapse of my life
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» Permanent change of personality after antipsychotics?
» Dosing in capsules
» Misread physical exam date. It is in 5 hours!
» Drugs-Forum Staff Interview with MrG
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» People who worked out before using
» Do you ever wonder if people you know are reading these forums?
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» The "Vaped-Weed" Technique
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» Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata)
» Helping my son through withdrawal from synthetic cannabinoids
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» balkans
» LSD causing drugs other than LSD to gain tolerance quicker when used midst trip?
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