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» UK's Government ‘Altered’ Drug Report to Eliminate Their Chance of Legalisation
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» Phentermine for weight loss
» Modafinil (Provigil)
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» Abcess drainage at home HELP
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» im addicted to reading about drugs
» Withdrawal help from months long opiate/opioid use needed.
» Short Guide To Minimize Comedown Effects!!
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» Chevelle
» Opium allergy test & cetirizine hydrochloride
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» prescribed drugs in toxicology report
» Best or worst places in the world that you have had meth?
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» Panic attacks w/ psychosis. Possible lsd flashback from cannabis
» Convulex use
» Pins and needle awesome!
» 9 months sober, the worst type of alcoholic; from Hell and back - Memoir
» Psychological Combined With Addiction
» Going From Suboxone Treatment To Methadone Treatment.. Experiences Needed
» was it cut with meth?
» Immune to addiction?
» I'm A First timer for Suboxone Home induction in 5 days .. Comments Please
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» Paxil not working some days
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» Delsym Dose? (DXM POLI)
» I wish it made me feel okay, no panic, no worries, no pain, no frantic thoughts.
» Why am I not feeling any effects?
» Benzos clearing up my sinuses?
» My Phenibut tolerance has reached the point where I have to take 17g
» Impact of daily dopamine receptor antagonist on the agonist effect of d-amp?
» Voacanga Africana
» new to shooting-what a mess
» I need something that eliminates social anxiety?
» Getting back to the K-Hole...any advice?
» Filling 2 legit Tussionex (hydro) 8 oz RXs in short period flag you somehow?
» How to IM inject Ketamine
» What should I do?
» How Does Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Score on Proposed US Drug Policy?
» Xanax taper. Is my Doctor right ?
» Illinois Decriminalizes Marijuana
» GW Pharmaceuticals's Cannabis-Based Drug Epidiolex Granted Orphan Status
» Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors
» Gabapentin (Neurontin)
» Brain Scans Link Physical Changes To Cognitive Risks of Widely Used Class of Drugs
» Stem & vein - what exactly does it do?
» How stop using for milder WD two little or one big dose ?
» What Are You Smoking Right Now?
» Hate the taste
» Pacing Your Shots
» So excited to take Vyvanse every morning that if I wake early I cant fall back asleep
» had a coffee with four sugar spoons of coffee now feeling light headed 💡
» Caffeine
» Achtung Potentes H in Ba-Wü