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» "3, 4-Methylenedioxy" and its role in the high.
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» Okay to Murder Country's Drug Dealers, Duterte Tells Philippines' Police, Citizens
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» Synthetic Cannabis Suspect in 18 Los Angeles-Skidrow Overdoses
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» Got out of rehab yesterday..
» lining of inside nose feels gone. No nosebleeds but very raw & painful
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» Life expectency of a one year heavy Ice user
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» Taking Tramadol 2x a week
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» CB's Guide to Gauging Meth Quality Through Visual Observation
» Alcohol Industry's "Moderate Drinking is Safe" Stance Under Fire from Health Sources
» Meth kitty seduced by idea of sleepin pilll but pure desapointment, Meth over sleep 😫
» Best Meds for Social Anxiety Disorder
» Propylhexedrine is actually better then I thought
» propylhexedine is actually better then I thought!
» Pathfinder Inc, Huntsville
» Here I go again...
» First time dosing of Pearly Gates morning glory seeds?
» Molly triggered bad anxiety
» Cooked Flake Opium
» Serotonergic effects of Kratom and it's alkaloids
» Whats your favourite comedown food??? Come share ideas one and all.
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» The joy and curse of strong meth
» Drinking alcohol + taking pharmaceuticals
» Depressed from years of fapping and a recent Meth overdose/panic attack
» Starting at methadone clinic in 2 days. Will they take me with no opiates in my urine
» Binge drinking equals panic attacks and numbs hands + arms?
» Beginning to think I like kratom more than opiates
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» 4-CEC Experiences
» 4-CPRC Experiences
» Ghetto_Chem's Propylhexedrine Extraction
» 4-CPRC Drug Info
» The ultimate test lol, please read/help
» PTSD : I currently hate every aspect of my existence
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» BK-EBDP drug info
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» Question on withdrawawls
» Concerta and Risperdal can they bw together???
» Venezuelan General denies US Claim he Received Cocaine Trafficking Monies, Drugs
» The Legal Hydroponics and Illegal Marijuana Industrys' Complex Connection
» Capitalism is great, but selling death isn't
» Propylhexedrine (Benzedrex Inhalers)
» Your most euphoric combination
» LSA Morning Glory seeds
» MY DISCOVERY!: The Solution is Syndopa (Levodopa & Carbidopa)
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» Same FDA that Turned Down Rescheduling of Weed, Puts Ketamine on Study Fast-Track
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» Is "real" copper brillo accessible in your area? It's not here anymore!
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