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» I have severe depression and I feel like only DXM works
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» River of Smoke"
» New to the site
» Penthouse Pet Facing Over Six Years for Methamphetamine Smuggling
» Finally sorting myself out
» Discretely Smoking/UsingMeth: Reasons, tips, and advice thread.
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» Help needed. Almost at Rock bottom. Want to be clean but terrified.
» Is anyone interested in building a pharmacogenomics app?
» Number of US Citizens Failing Drug Tests Hits Ten-Year High
» Burgemeester Tilburg staat thuis wiet kweken voor medicinaal gebruik toe
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» I almost died today... And for what... 15 units.
» Incredible psychological desire help
» What are the best botanicals for people who don't smoke ?
» Nutmeg not working and also dosage and preparation advice
» Amanita Muscaria / Fly Agaric Mushroom Smoked Experience Report
» Numbers of cannabis charges plummet as calls for law reform fire up
» Why do people think Mexican meth quality is so good? ???
» Would like to know how you respond to this question
» Guaifenesin dosage
» DEA is now saying kratom might be useful as a medicine?
» Ak2ut's departure from opiates
» The north.
» New UK Cocaine Cutting Agent a Deadly Choice
» 11 Police Officers Fall Sick during Heroin and Fentanyl Bust in Connecticut
» Cocaine Addiction Possible.
» Saskatchewan doctors urge police officers to carry fentanyl antidote
» Which Drug Defines The Decade?
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» Cork Cocaine Caper, 'The Young Offenders,' Strikes Comedy Gold
» Mekong Nations Facing Increase in Heroin, Methamphetamine Production
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» New Anti-Heroin Effort Launched by the DOJ
» Deadhead imprisoned for selling LSD has life sentence reduced by Obama
» Naturally high tolerance?
» Have a Specific Question About Tapering
» Does Your Dealer Know What They're Selling? (In Terms Of Quality)
» "Shady Lady" if meth were a woman what would she look like and how would she act?
» Need Advice
» Can you please help with a Urinary Analysis question?
» Should I tell my doctor(s) i've tried ecstasy (and other drugs)?
» Cannabis Drug Test
» Tools for recovering from (meth)amphetamine addiction
» A 2 day binged on meth or ice. I had to take 10mg of Ambien.
» On my mind: "addicted at first hit"
» Confused and hurt that I don't know what to expect anymore!
» Just For My Own Peace Of Mind And Anyone Elses..
» How do I enjoy life without marijuana?
» Have you ever been caught or your stash been found?
» Qualitest Brand Norco
» The 5 Deadly Sins of Big Pharma
» Boca?
» 1200mg Lyrica, 450gm tramadol
» Using DXM as a strategy to flush system
» Got out of rehab yesterday..
» Kava-Kava For Kratom Withdrawals?
» Help injecting oxycodone.
» Plugging Adderall in solution?
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» Help! Think I just injecting into artery!
» 300mg Valium w/ or without Alcohol
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» Dealing with amphetamine withdrawals
» What Are You Smoking Right Now?
» I do not have withdrawals with opiates. Does anyone know anything about that?
» Drugs, Guns and Money--all Missing from Police Evidence Room
» Don't smoke unfiltered!
» Smoking Opium in the Islamic Republic of Iran
» Dog Ingests Heroin at Doggie-Daycare
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» Hydromorph ER
» Pill Identification Help
» Legal herbs/supplements to help change to creative mindset?
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» how much to get a opiate naive person high ?
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» CBD and THC for bipolar disorder