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Work to improve the Amphetamines forums
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Jan 10, 2009
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This group is for members with high interest and knowledge of Amphetamines, Meth & Ritalin and who want to actively partake in the improvement of the Amphetamines forums.
Joining this group means work and responsibility.

Here is the list of main forum crew responsibilities:
  • review all new posts in the amphetamine forums and report the problematic ones.
  • correct members in the amphetamine forums, make them aware of the rules in a kind manner. (quote the appropriate rule)
  • make sure overly positive threads are balanced with the risks of amphetamines.
  • review old posts and make a list of all posts that should be deleted.
  • rate & review all threads so that its clear which threads do not contribute anything valuable. Report threads that need to be deleted.
  • Distil frequently asked questions out of a forum and post them in a Q&A thread. This should reduce redundant questions.
  • Rate all posts in the meth forums with the reputation function.
  • Add appropriate tags to threads

Discussions here are only visible to group members.
If you are a knowledgeable member which is highly active in these forums and have at least 50 posts in them, then you can apply for membership by contacting Alfa.


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