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Lonely Late Night Tweakers
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Feb 6, 2015
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The name says it all. Up all night and no one left awake to talk to? Chat function down and all the forums and groups seem to have gone quiet for a while. No one in your personal social group you can share your experiences with?

Lets consider ourselves smoke buddies and use this place for chit chat, ramblings, "why can't I stop typing?" post rediculousness and so on. Be yourself, we're in it together.

Please send me a private personal message if you have a post showing as "moderated" or not showing at all after 12 hours and let me know the thread it's in (or if it's a new thread) and the approx time/date you posted to help me find and approve it. These things are tricky to find and keep on top of, but I try to check at LEAST twice a day.


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