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Jan 10, 2009
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This group is for members with high interest and knowledge of Opium, Opiates & Opioids and who want to actively partake in the improvement of the Opium, Opiates & Opioids forums.
Joining this group means work and responsibility.

The goals of this group are:

* Correcting misinformed members
* Adding valuable information
* Stimulating existing discussions
* Seeking recognition of valuable contributing members, by rewarding these members and their posts with reputation.
* Reporting posts that violate the rules
* Keeping threads on topic
* Giving intelligent, well informed and caring answers to new members and members who have not had their questions or concerns fully addressed.
* Advising the staff of how to improve the Opium, Opiates & Opioids forums

Discussions here are only visible to group members.
If you are a knowledgeable member which is highly active in these forums, have at least titanium status and have at least 50 posts in them, then you can apply for membership by contacting the group owner.


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