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Breaking News: California Weed Poised to Make Big Alcohol a Great Deal Richer    There's a New Star on Display at the State Fair--and It's Not a Prize Cow!    The Science of the Colors of Cannabis    Coping with the Media's DeHumanizing Portrayal of Needle Use and Addiction    Maine Governor Blames his State's Opioid Drug Crisis on People of Color    Patent No. 6,630,507: What's Behind the US Government's Pot Patent Technology    Some Facts Behind the NFL's Carefully Cloaked, Personal War on Drugs History    Why the War on Drugs is--and Always Will Be--Futile and Against Human Nature    This much I know: Doctor and science writer Ben Goldacre    The Boy who was the Inspiration for "Jack's Law" for Medical Cannabis has Died    Over 300 UK Retailers remove Legal Highs from Shops Since Legal High Ban    Rehab Patient-Poaching, Just Part of the Deal, in Staten Island    Alcohol Industry's "Moderate Drinking is Safe" Stance Under Fire from Health Sources    The Legal Hydroponics and Illegal Marijuana Industrys' Complex Connection    Capitalism is great, but selling death isn't    Official: Pills found at Prince’s estate contained fentanyl    Despite Windy Weather, Hampshire Cannabis Community Festival a Success    Do Recent Events Signal a Drawing Down on the US War on Drugs?    With vape pen in hand, UFC 202's Nate Diaz explains the benefits of cannabidiol oil    Mushrooms & Magic: Are Video Games taking Drug Use Too Seriously?   International - International Cocaine Trafficking (Prior to Bust), Cosmopolitan Style   UK - Caretaker of Historic Tunnels found Guilty of Cannabis Grow on Site Grounds's   USA - FDA Announces Kratom to Undergo Emergency Reclassification by this Fall   USA - Man Who Purchased Car from Drug Dealer Winds Up in Legal Hot Water   New Zealand - Black market for cigarettes fuels robberies in Canterbury   New Zealand - 'Drugs, desperation and the thrill': Inside our burglary problem   USA - School Teacher Busted Attempting to Drop Heroin and Phone off at LA Death-Row Prison   Finland - €1.1 Million Dark Web Drug-Connection to Finland Exposed   Australia - $23 Million Cocaine Heist Spells Drug Charges for Three Canadians   USA - Californians Brace for Lesser Quality Weed, with Legalization Around the Corner   USA - State of Washington Takes on Cannabis Research, With or Without Uncle Sam's Approval   Iran - After Death of Over 1,000 Drug-Prisoners in 2015, Iran's Drug Production Stays Static   New Zealand - North Shore meth bust: Arrests, 100s of 'client' details   New Zealand - Outgoing Police Association boss explores the effects of cannabis decriminalisation   USA - States Rights Lead the Way in Marijuana Legislation   USA - How US Banks Could Break the Current Cash-Only Impasse   USA - Drug-Abuse Epidemic Summit Held in Ohio   New Zealand - Drugged-drivers face Govt crackdown   New Zealand - Police seize large amount of methamphetamine in Auckland   UK - Ex-Top Undercover Drugs Cop Forfeits Anonymity To Fight AGAINST The War On Drugs   USA - Neither US Political Party are in a Position to Solve the Country's Drug Concerns   Asia - Despite Near 2,000 State-Sponsored Drug-Deaths, the Philippine People Back Duarte   New Zealand - 'Drug dealers are terrorists': Rotorua mayoral candidate   New Zealand - Tobacco plain packaging law takes another step towards reality   USA - Behind the DEA's Recent, Mystifying Misclassification of Marijuana   USA - Californians Favor Marijuana Legalization--Regardless of the What the DEA Claim   New Zealand - Majority in NZ backs cannabis law change - survey   New Zealand - Labour would consider a referendum on decriminalising cannabis   Canada - Rob Ford crack video released after charge withdrawn against Sandro Lisi   USA - California Recreational Pot Backers Agree: Prop 64 Is Worth It   USA - Nine US States Slotted for Marijuana Legalization Vote this November   USA - Kennedy Group Invests $2 Million in Anti-Pot Legalization Movement   New Zealand - Govt urged to allow legal P use for drug rehabilitation   USA - Marijuana Industry and DNC Relationship Moves Forward   New Zealand - Don't get high on meth hype, top cop and drug war critic says   USA - Barney Frank just made the best argument for legalizing all drugs   USA - Heroin Addicts, along with Democrats , will be in Philadelphia for the Convention   USA - RAMP Cannabis Activist Fights GOP Platform's Disappointing Medical Cannabis Stand   USA - Press Release: LEAP Declares Support for Maine Marijuana Legalization Initiative   UK - Doctor of Sick Infant admits He was Wrong to Accuse the Baby's Mum of Drug Use   USA - The Critical Role Doctors will Play in the US's Recovery from its Opioid Epidemic   USA - MIT Professor on Latest Elysium Pill: It will Extend Lives or Tarnish My Career   USA - MIT Professor on Latest Elysium Pill: It will Extend Lives or Tarnish My Career   USA - Self-injury is a 'major killer' in US   USA - "Batman" Heroin Cause of 49 Recent Overdoses in Camden County, New Jersey   International - What You Should Know about Drinking Alcohol when You Suffer From Hepatitis   USA - 28 More Sickened, Needing Medical Help for K2/Spice Overdose in the Austin Area   USA - 174 Heroin Overdoses in Six Days in Cincinnati   International - Study reveals why some people need more coffee than others   USA - Seattle Considering the Reality of Implementing an Area Safe Injection Site   New Zealand - Prince's death drug prescribed to New Zealand's elderly   Canada - Rats on THC Show Less Cognitive Effort, are Lazy, More Apathetic   USA - Synthetic Cannabis Suspect in 18 Los Angeles-Skidrow Overdoses   New Zealand - Diners hospitalised after Nelson restaurant allegedly serves drug-laced birthday cake   Canada - Vancouver supervised injection site to open 24 hours a day   International - Paracetamol use while pregnant linked to ADHD in kids   USA - Same FDA that Turned Down Rescheduling of Weed, Puts Ketamine on Study Fast-Track   International - A Doctor Who Treats Cannabis Disorder Shares His Thoughts on the Condition   International - Medicinal Use of Cannabis for Pain Affects Men and Women Differently, New Study Finds   New Zealand - Kyle MacDonald: How cannabis affects people   Australia - who is wrong ? the drug haters ? or users ?.... is anybody right ?   International - For the Stifling of Sexual Urges, some Orthodox Jews Turn to Psychiatric Drugs   International - Pondering a Tree that has Seen a lot of History   New Zealand - Heath Ledger's father to talk drug misuse in NZ   Other - Jamaican Politician Weighs the Positives of the Island's Ganja-Growing Future   International - Cannabis Dealing part of Human Civilization for Centuries, Study says   USA - A Blast from the Past with these 1976-1981 Cocaine Paraphernalia Ads   USA - Major misnomer: Synthetic marijuana's dangerous highs   USA - "Goodbye, Norma Jean, though I Never Knew You at All..."   USA - Celebrating the NY Radio Man who the Famous (and Infamous) Confess to   International - An Interview with Amanda Feilding, the ‘Hidden Hand’ in Psychedelic Science   International - The Darkly Artistic Side of Addiction   USA - Could LA's Homeless Problem Complicate the State's Push for Legal Weed?   International - Nitrous Oxide Takes Its Rightful Place in Early Psychedelic Literature   USA - Immigrants to the US are No Strangers of Drug Addiction   Denmark - Copenhagen's Historic Christiania Neighborhood of Drugs, Bikers, Hipness & Violence    Founders of Western civilisation were prehistoric dope dealers   International - Heroin Dealer in Chief: Afghanistan, Source of 90% of The World’s Heroin   USA - The crazy life of former fugitive and cybersecurity legend John McAfee   India - Just Who's Getting High in Mumbai?   USA - Albuquerque, NM mother and boyfriend charged with murdering 10 year old daughter.   New Zealand - Baseball bat-wielding octogenarian caught selling home brew from council flat   UK - British Police Want You, If This Happens to be Your Marijuana Plant...   USA - Ohio man arrested for trying to have sex with a van   New Zealand - NZ's most creative drug smugglers   USA - Weeny Alligator Guarding Connecticut Drug Stash Captured   USA - Drugs Found in Children's Drawings at New Jersey Jail   New Zealand - New bat + beer pong product ThirstBat labelled as 'juvenile' and 'silly'   USA - Florida Man Charged With Picking Magic Mushrooms While Carrying An Alligator   USA - Man Strip-Searched Over Krispy Creme Donut Glaze Cops Mistook for Methamphetamine   Brazil - Olympic Logo and Child Warning Labels Appear on Cocaine being Sold in Brazil   New Zealand - Drunk woman drove to police station to hand herself in   USA - Colorado town warns of THC in the water   USA - Burglary suspect allegedly smokes weed using human brain   USA - Soap Mistaken for Cocaine will Cost Pennsylvania Police $195,000 in Settlement Monies   International - A Cram-Course in IV-Heroin Use--while in Prison--from an Expert   Colombia - Drug lord Pablo Escobar's pet hippos roam Colombian village   Australia - 'Enraged' son dobs dad in for 'torching cannabis plants'   USA - Man Steals Star War Legos--in Bulk--to Pay for his Cocaine Habit , Police say   International - An Instance of Heiligenschein: Science's "Holy Light"   

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Drugs-forum is an information hub of high-standards and a platform where people can freely discuss recreational drugs in a mature, intelligent manner. Drugs-Forum offers a wealth of quality information and discussion of drug-related politics, in addition to assistance for members struggling with addiction. In this capacity, Drugs-forum has proved to save lives. Our members include researchers, drug users, harm-reduction specialists, concerned parents, officials, NGOs, lawyers, doctors, journalists and addiction specialists.

With thousands of people online at any time, questions are quickly answered and there is a constant stream of interactive content. Our members share knowledge, experiences, objective facts & studies, current news, book reviews.
Drugs-Forum provides easily accessible, free, unbiased and confidential information, advice and support. Drugs-Forum is person centered, supporting users actively using and at all stages of recovery. It attracts members from all walks of life and gives people a safe space to get accurate and up to date information on a variety of substances. Donating at Drugs-Forum, offers further benefits of course.

Moderation is strict and as a result, there is very little spam, flaming or abuse.

Drugs-Forum is a website of the S.I.N. foundation. A registered non-profit. Drugs-Forum was founded in February 2002. We have over 230,000 members and over 4 million monthly readers.

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Drugs are a class of substances with a psychoactive effect, which ranges from coffee to heroin. Psychoactive drugs have been used since the beginning of mankind and will most likely be used until the end of mankind. As an integral part of human culture, there is a need for unbiased information about drugs- a place to find and share knowledge on drugs. Drugs-Forum provides comprehensive and accurate information as an alternative to the scaremongering, political propaganda and uninformed journalism often found in the media. With the ever increasing popularity of internet informatics, we believe that this is the best medium to bring balance. This is our mission.

Drugs-forum is neither anti- nor pro-drugs. Every drug has qualities and dangers. Like everything, drugs may be used or abused. Information is provided at face-value. Drugs-forum.com does not advocate the use of drugs for recreational purposes.

We will keep on growing and expanding until we are a full grown media phenomenon, with substantial impact on society. While we reach millions now, we strive to reach tens of millions or more. Media pressure dictates politics and causes drug bans through sensationalistic and unfounded clams. It is time for media with a more realistic message about drugs.
  • Our Wiki serves as a central place to gather information about specific drugs. Wiki articles are referenced and reviewed.
  • The Forum is the place to discuss, ask questions, vote in polls, write or read book reviews.
  • In Blog you can write up your personal thoughts, journal, poetry and writings.
  • Social Groups allow you to connect with members with the same interest or who work on the same projects. By joining a group it is easy to find other political activists, concerned family members or friends, addiction support groups, fellow plant cultivators, pharmacologists, chemical researchers and much more.
  • In our Documents section you can upload or find thousands of drug studies and referenced material.
  • Pictures and Images of drugs can be found in our image gallery.
  • Our vast Video archive provides many hours of documentaries, instructions and other videos.
  • Chat allows you to interact in real time, which is great for the browsing experience and lets you get to know the community.
  • The News section gives a pretty comprehensive view of what’s going on in the world. Members are often in the know about current news.

All sections are structured with categories for a wide array of drugs.

The FAQ further explains this functionality.

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