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Breaking News: Iran Claims to be a Player Once More on the Global War on Drugs    Five held in Paris over 'devils breath' zombie drug in second sting in weeks    NHL Facing Recreational Cocaine Use Problems With Its Players    Crappy Weed Fans Defend Their Devotion to Shake    Three Remaining Kettle Falls Five Members Given Prison Sentences    Drug used to treat cancer appears to sharpen memory    Ice use has doubled in ten years: report    Italian Parliament Discusses Proposed Recreational Cannabis Bill    Oregon Joins Other U.S. States Tioouting Legalized, Recreational Marijuana    Our brain's secrets to success?    Stem cell research hints at evolution of human brain    FL woman has molestor from youth move next door; has hidden memories return to her    I Walked Around a Music Festival Asking to Test People's Drugs    Newly Risen From Yeast: THC    Will Marijuana Follow in Footsteps of Big Tobacco?    Anti-Marijuana Crusaders To Talk "Science" Of Cannabis In Phoenix    We Have No Idea What Kind Of Cannabis We're Buying    Alcohol sales get higher after weed legalization contrary to industry fears    While Traditional Stocks Slip, the Marijuana Market Stands and Grows Stronger    Drug Deaths Reaching Epidemic Levels, Scottish Report   USA - Ninth Circuit Strikes A Blow Against Civil Forfeiture Abuse   USA - Federal US Agents Cracking Down on Illegal Colorado Weed Sites   USA - 6,000 Prisoners to be Released in US to Help Cut Over-Crowding   USA - Benzodiazepine Use Tied to Increased Dementia Development, Study Suggests   USA - Moms Accused of Shooting Up 14-Year-Old Daughter and Her Boyfriend With Heroin   USA - How drunk? Estimates questioned in drunken-driving cases   Germany - German Mayor's Push to Legalize Cannabis Meets With Failiure   Germany - German Mayor's Effort to Legalize Cannabis Use Shot Down   USA - $5.4 Million in Heroin, Cocaine Picked Up by Puerto Rican Authorities   USA - How a Tennessee Black Youth's Plea Deal Turned Into Life in Prison for Him   Colombia - Colombian Warlord Victor "Megateo" Navarro Killed by Government Military   Netherlands - Three Amsterdam Men Claim Themselves Innocent in Ambulance Drug-Trafficking Incident   USA - Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2015 - Massive List of Compounds May Become Schedule I   USA - Massachusetts Supreme Court Bans Marijuana-Only Traffic Stops   USA - Second Ohio Infant in a Month to Allegedly Die Ingesting Parent's Heroin, Fentanyl   USA - Say Hello To Rave SWAT Teams   USA - New York drug lord transported heroin in Apple Jacks boxes, DA says   USA - Appeals Court Says Topix Can't Be Held Responsible For Overdose Death Of Forum Member   USA - 7-year-old son tells on Alabama mom after police pull her over for suspected DUI   USA - Oregon woman charged in boyfriend’s murder wanted to kill someone with her bare hands   USA - Governor Brown Signs Medical Marijuana Into California Law   USA - McAfee Presidential Campaign Interview   Canada - Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says Canabis infinitely worse than Tobacco   USA - The GOP Presidential Debate Weighs in on Marijuana, Leading to This Blunt Conclusion   USA - Lawmakers Take Aim at Synthetic Drugs   USA - Oregon’s Legal Sale of Marijuana Comes With Reprieve   USA - Who would pay taxes on legal marijuana in Ohio?   USA - How America's Legal Weed Is Changing the Black Market and Influencing Mexican Cartels   USA - California Marijuana Legalization 2015: New Marijuana Law Rankles Top Cannabis   USA - Marijuana Legalization 2015: Ohio’s Push To Legalize Pot Creates Rifts Within Pro-Pot   USA - What the Marijuana Lobby Could Offer Hillary Clinton   USA - Bring back the war on drugs   USA - Hillary Clinton proposes $10 billion plan to combat drug and alcohol addiction   USA - Why The War On Drugs Is Poised To End   USA - Colorado raises $150 million from marijuana. Will more states legalize?   Israel - Israel Could Grow Into A Global Cannabis Startup Superpower   USA - Obama's Attempt to Help With the U.S. Heroin Epidemic Doesn't Go Far Enough   USA - Salem City Council allows early recreational pot sales   International - these info are correct? concerning ketobemidone and dextromoramide?   USA - Eight of 2016's Presidential Hopefuls Admit to Trying Weed; Six Say They Never Have   USA - Natural American Spirit tobacco is not natural; contains dangerous chemical additives   USA - Doctors pioneer pot as an opioid substitute   USA - Why Being Continually Online is Like Having a Bad Acid Trip   International - Drunken Antarctica Scientists 'Fighting And Exposing Themselves'   USA - "Straight Populace" (Finally) Realizing That Many Use E-Cigs to Smoke Weed With   International - Turns Out Today's Depression Treatment May Be Lacking. Big Time   UK - Truth About British Cocaine Related Skin-Rotting Rashes   USA - Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Risk Known by Now-Deceased User, Mom Says   USA - 74 Chciago OD's Taken Place in a Three-Day Period Blamed on Fentanyl-Laced Heroin   USA - Medications to treat opioid use disorders: New guideline released   USA - Study's message to recovering alcoholics: Quit smoking to stay sober   UK - UK Biobank genetic study reveals new links between lung disease and smoking behavior   USA - When Are You Going to Get Your Prescription MDMA?   Sweden - Diabetes medication could be used to treat alcohol dependence   USA - Scientists identify key morphine regulator that may reduce risk of pain-killer abuse   USA - Study with 'never-smokers' sheds light on the earliest stages of nicotine dependence   USA - Psychedelics Could Trigger A 'Paradigm Shift' In Mental Health Care   USA - Hedge Fund Manager Buys Rights To Critical Drug, Hikes Price By 5000%   UK - Substance abuse recovery odds increase in a community setting   USA - Chief medical officer advises pregnant women cut out alcohol   USA - The Mind-Bending History Of Buddhism And Psychedelics   USA - Pothead Neighbors, Share Your Stash   International - Legal drinking age of 18 tied to high school dropout rate   Portugal - How former junkie capital of Europe Portugal halved addicts by ending prosecution   International - Coming to a City Near You: The First 9/20 Psilocybin Mushroom Day   USA - The Twisted History of the CIA and LSD   USA - Wyoming couple charged in death of boy ‘taught lesson’ about alcohol    Boxer Diaz Suspended for Five Years After Testing Positive for Weed Three Times   USA - Burning Man Ends, and an Event for Law Enforcement Begins   Germany - A fresh light on the Nazis' wartime drug addiction   USA - 5 Drug Scares vs. Reality: The disconnect between drug use and public alarm about it   USA - Parents Whose Teen Overdosed on Heroin Add OD information to Daughter's Obituary   UK - Psychedelic Society Revisited   USA - Survey Data Highlight The Tenuous Relationship Between Drug Panics And Reality   USA - Study pinpoints months students are most likely to try drugs for the first time   USA - Oliver Sacks Dies at 82: Psychedelic drugs ‘taught me what the mind is capable of’   UK - Actor Jack Nicholson Offered Princess Margaret Cocaine, New Novel Claims   USA - Ayahuasca Provided Deep Insight into My Most Compelling Questions About Existence   Australia - The Sad, False Hope of Prohibition   USA - Drugs Have Taken a Huge Toll on Appalachian People's Lives   USA - Man calls 911 to report GF "would not give him any ass."   USA - Man Calls Police to say He's Way Too High on Weed...   USA - Marijuana Bundle Drops From Sky on Family Carport   Mexico - Cocaine-Filled Car Airbags Contributes to Drug Traffickers' Deaths   USA - Oregon police sergeant's 'kleptokitty' steals neighborhood trash, including marijuana   USA - Oklahoma inmate who breached surplus evidence room hid 'K2' in bleeding rectum   International - How Space Alters Whiskey   USA - Methamphetamine 'ICE' Psychosis Leads Alabama Man to Trash a Local Gas Station   USA - A Rose by Any Other Name Will Smell...Like Drugs?   Canada - Courtside Pot Smoke Makes Tennis Star Novak Djokovic "Dizzy" During Montreal Match   USA - Man Says Cops Stole His 91 Weed Plants, Gets Arrested for Growing 91 Weed Plants   Other - Saudi fatwa permits the use of hallucinogenic drugs during sex with ugly wives   Other - Costa Rican Drug-Delivery Pigeon Nabbed by Prison Guards   Other - Weed Inspires Romanian Artist   Japan - Internet commenters wonder what this kid was on when he drew this anti drug poster   USA - Drone Drops Drugs into Ohio Prison Yard   USA - Are fish getting high on cocaine?   USA - Intoxicated air traffic controller found shirtless, unconscious on floor of control t   Asia - Kazakhstan's Weird Sleeping Sickness May Finally Have a Scientific Explanation   USA - Marijuana Grow Contest Scheduled for DC State Fair   

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Drugs-forum is an information hub of high-standards and a platform where people can freely discuss recreational drugs in a mature, intelligent manner. Drugs-Forum offers a wealth of quality information and discussion of drug-related politics, in addition to assistance for members struggling with addiction. In this capacity, Drugs-forum has proved to save lives. Our members include researchers, drug users, harm-reduction specialists, concerned parents, officials, NGOs, lawyers, doctors, journalists and addiction specialists.

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Drugs-Forum provides easily accessible, free, unbiased and confidential information, advice and support. Drugs-Forum is person centered, supporting users actively using and at all stages of recovery. It attracts members from all walks of life and gives people a safe space to get accurate and up to date information on a variety of substances. Donating at Drugs-Forum, offers further benefits of course.

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Drugs are a class of substances with a psychoactive effect, which ranges from coffee to heroin. Psychoactive drugs have been used since the beginning of mankind and will most likely be used until the end of mankind. As an integral part of human culture, there is a need for unbiased information about drugs- a place to find and share knowledge on drugs. Drugs-Forum provides comprehensive and accurate information as an alternative to the scaremongering, political propaganda and uninformed journalism often found in the media. With the ever increasing popularity of internet informatics, we believe that this is the best medium to bring balance. This is our mission.

Drugs-forum is neither anti- nor pro-drugs. Every drug has qualities and dangers. Like everything, drugs may be used or abused. Information is provided at face-value. Drugs-forum.com does not advocate the use of drugs for recreational purposes.

We will keep on growing and expanding until we are a full grown media phenomenon, with substantial impact on society. While we reach millions now, we strive to reach tens of millions or more. Media pressure dictates politics and causes drug bans through sensationalistic and unfounded clams. It is time for media with a more realistic message about drugs.
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An Amazing Documentary, Placebo: Cracking the Code
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Trauma & Addiction: Crash Course Psychology #31
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