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Breaking News: Welsh woman slit children’s throats after seeing ‘hidden message’ in 'CSI' episode    Though Australia's Not Cannabis Legal, Seems a Small Island Right at Its Side May Be    Scientists: Home heroin-making technology could exist within a 'couple of years'    Mushroom Recipes: Magic Shrooms Deserve to Be Elevated Into Quiches    Venezuela Parliamentary Head Under Suspicion of Cocaine Trafficking, Money Laundering    Cocaine-Eating Moths May Have a Future in Colombia, That Government Says    Scientists Concerned, as Researchers Get Closer to Engineering Yeast for Morphine    Human Billboard Hostgator M. Dotcom's Struggles to Get His Face Back    Sheffield United's Midfielder Baxter Comes Up Positive for Cocaine    Scientists reconcile three unrelated theories of schizophrenia    Imaging Mass Spectrometry Helps Show Drugs Present on Human Fingertip    "Freeway" Rick Ross's Untold Story of Tennis and Cocaine    U.S. Federal Government Considering a 50% Tax Rate on Marijuana    Tripping Hard on Motherhood    Will Today's Adderall Kids Grow to Become Tomorrow's Performance-Obsessed Workers?    Texas woman finds cocaine packet in General Mills granola bar    Cherries, Marijuana and a Suicide in Brooklyn: A Reporter's Notebook    New York's Subway Vigilante Bernie Goetz Still the Subject of Interest on Many Levels    Surprised That the Recovery Industry Has More Interest in Profit Than Recovery?    Norway Pushes to Establish LSD as a Human Right   USA - Silk Road's Physician On Call Say's He Never Heard of an Overdose Related to the Site   USA - Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett's Son Redmond Being Sought by Police Once Again   UK - Inside the secret court that helps victims of drug abuse keep their families together   USA - How a drug dealer’s IP was found out by package tracking   Netherlands - Young Dems To Sell “Ecstasy” In Amsterdam; Call For Legalization   Israel - Time to Reconsider Cannabis Legislation, Israeli Police Chief Says   Germany - Police find Narcotics plantations   Canada - Rob Ford's Prior Party Pal Aquitted of All Drug Charges   USA - Mom of Alleged Cop Killers Says Son Was on Drugs   USA - Sentencing of Drug Conspirator Stalled Over Jurisdiction Question   USA - Heroin Addict Charged With Murdering Man He Met for Sex, Robbery on Craigslist   Canada - Quebec Launches Medical Cannabis Registry   France - French Protestors Push for Cannabis Legalization   Australia - Australian man Peter Gardner faces Chinese court over alleged ice trafficking   USA - In Some Places, the War on Drugs is Over. It's All in the Attitude   USA - Five Colorado Middle-Schoolers Taken Into Custody For Ingesting Weed   Afghanistan - Afghanistan Opium Production Surges, Due in Part to Drought Friendly Super Seeds   USA - A "B Average" Comes With Marijuana and Cocaine Privileges, Florida Parents Tell Teens   USA - Massachusetts Town Reaches Out to Help--Not Chastise--Opioid Addicted Residents   International - UN Hears Voice of 100 Organizations: Humanize, Reform Our Approach to Drugs   USA - Senator Gets a Laugh Out of a Wisconsin Sherrifs's Lack of Real Drug Knowledge   USA - Marijuana Bills Killed by Texas Legislature   USA - Rep. wants docs to narc on pregnant women they think are using drugs; no proof needed   Germany - Germany's Green Party, Christian Democratic Union Pushing for Cannabis Legalization   Germany - GermanyGreen Party Merkel's Christian Democratic Union Pushing to Make Cannabis Legal   USA - What's the forecast? Cutting off the supply of psychoactive substances   Germany - Black-green cannabis initiative: Toking for taxes   Russia - Methadone Quichote - The Battle for Harm Reduction in Russia   UK - How Will Thursday's Election in Britain Affect the War on Drugs?   USA - Marijuana Enhances Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Republicans Claiming   USA - Republican senator’s aide admits to sex-for-drugs scheme   Ireland - Decriminalising of Cannabis in Ireland Being Considered   USA - Where the 2016 presidential candidates stand on marijuana   USA - Reasoning Behind Chris Christie's Vow to Suppress Marijuana's Legalization   USA - Seattle's New Approach to Drug Offenders is Making Noticable Strides   USA - Chris Christie Says He'll Crack Down on Marijuana, If Elected President   Other - Ecuador Breaks the Ice on Drug Legalization in Landmark Bill   USA - A New Study Claims Marijuana Legalization May Be in Trouble   UK - Legalize Medical Cannabis, Ecstasy, Dr. David Nutt Tells Scots   USA - To the Bitter End: The 9 States Where Marijuana Will Be Legalized Last   UK - Synthetic cannabinoids leave Lancaster University students in hospital   Russia - Fighting HIV where no-one admits it's a problem   USA - Government warns about new class of type 2 diabetes drugs   International - A Peek Inside Having a Suicidal Best Friend   USA - New York State Moves to Make Naloxone Available to Average People   International - Jagged Little Pill - Examining The Contents of 27,000 Ecstasy Pills   Africa - How Psychedelics You've Never Heard of Could Help Treat Mental Illness   USA - National Forensic Laboratory Information System (2014 Midyear Report)   USA - Drug perks up old muscles and aging brains   USA - Ex-Cigarette Smokers are Often "Hard-Wired for Success"    There are 1 Billion Smokers, 240 Million People With Alcohol Use Disorder Worldwide    How Amphetamines, Cocaine Affect Dopamine Transmitters Better Understood by Science   Sweden - New Drug-Infusing, Pain-Fighting, Spinal Implant Directly Targets Nerves   International - Which Drugs Belong on the Suicide List?    1 In 14 Alaskan Women Smoke Pot During Their Pregnancies Nowadays   UK - Father-of-three died after taking acetyl fentanyl   International - Not Feeling Swell? You Just Might be THC Deficit    Drug-Fueled HIV Epidemic Outbreak in Indiana's Rural Community    Cocaine Addicts Brains Show Functional Communication Differences From Non-Addicts   Canada - Canada's Mentally Ill Often Failed by the Courts System   Australia - Artist thinks kids should use ‘educational’ marijuana to help with creativity   UK - Scottish pupils risking lives in ‘Paracetamol Challenge’   USA - Home-Brewed Heroin? Scientists Create Yeast that can Make Sugar into Opiates   International - Whiskey vagina: The reason why you’re not getting wet, ladies   Africa - Pro-pot activist runs completely out of f*cks to give and smokes a joint on live TV   International - John Oliver mocks Bud Light’s ad campaign   Australia - Cannabis Revelers Couldn't Leave Festival Due to Flood   China - Modern China--From Opium Wars to Life After Mao   Japan - Japanese Collagen-Infused Beer Claims to Make You Prettier   USA - ‘Remove no from your vocabulary': Bud Light backtracks after uproar over slogan   USA - A Ton of Marijuana and a Destroyed Pro Basketball Player's Career Collide   International - Cabbage’s Murderous, Booze-Soaked Past   International - Bees may get hooked on nicotine-linked pesticides    Marijuana and Iron Bars    Maps and Charts Reflect Overview of Marijuana's Use, Popularity   UK - 420 Day Celebration Held in Hyde Park    On Bicycle Day's 73rd Anniversary, What Do We Really Know About LSD?    Chicago Maps Show Poor Neighborhood-Centered War on Drugs   USA - "God" allegedly gets high on "flakka", has sex with tree while naked; attacks cop    "Cool Muslim" Pretends to Drink to Keep Friends, Associates Happy   Australia - Man High on Methamphetamine Rips Out Own Eyes and Eats Them   USA - Elvis's Prescription Pill Bottles On Sale at Auction    Stoned Utah Bunnies Has DEA Authorities in a Tither   UK - Potty heads! London drug dealers attempt to flush pot down toilet, make epic mess   USA - So, Rihnna, That's Not Coke, You're Snorting. It    Wasabi, the Next Great Pain Killer?   USA - Wedding ruined after powdered alchol mix up   Brazil - Obidient Dog Busted, Right Alongside Owner, In Santa Catarina   USA - Easter Bunny Packed With Crystal Meth Doesn't Get to Hop, Hop, Hop On Down the Trail    Bourbon-Aged Marshmellows? It's a thing.   USA - Naked Man Breaks Into Apartment, Chokes Mom, Snatches Infant, All on "Bad Weed"   USA - Church of Cannabis Established in Indiana   USA - Drunk Florida woman arrested for asking if she could carry marijuana in police car   USA - Florida officials investigating viral video starring endangered owl    Woman Sexually Exchanges Her 11-Year-Old Daughter for Heroin Fixes   USA - Cry Babies Making Noise and News With Their Woes   USA - Dad smuggles baby in plastic bag out of hospital   USA - NJ Basement Drug Bust: Marijuana--Check, Ecstasy--Check...and One Crocodile?   USA - Porn Star--Whose Driver's License Shows Her Wearing Strainer on Head--Arrested DUI   USA - Burglars mistake cremated remains for drugs   

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Drugs are a class of substances with a psychoactive effect, which ranges from coffee to heroin. Psychoactive drugs have been used since the beginning of mankind and will most likely be used until the end of mankind. As an integral part of human culture, there is a need for unbiased information about drugs- a place to find and share knowledge on drugs. Drugs-Forum provides comprehensive and accurate information as an alternative to the scaremongering, political propaganda and uninformed journalism often found in the media. With the ever increasing popularity of internet informatics, we believe that this is the best medium to bring balance. This is our mission.

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We will keep on growing and expanding until we are a full grown media phenomenon, with substantial impact on society. While we reach millions now, we strive to reach tens of millions or more. Media pressure dictates politics and causes drug bans through sensationalistic and unfounded clams. It is time for media with a more realistic message about drugs.
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Ecstasy (MDMA, MDEA, MDA) videos, Toronto Police starts new campaign against party drug scene
Toronto Police starts new campaign against party drug scene
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disturbing salvia freakout video
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Law and order videos, BBC Reporter Unknowingly Gets Stoned on Mid-East Police's Drug Burn
BBC Reporter Unknowingly Gets Stoned on Mid-East Police's Drug Burn
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Trauma & Addiction: Crash Course Psychology #31
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Drug Policy Abuse - A teenager's plea about drugs
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Oh, No! Our Grandmas are Smoking Pot--Online For All to See!
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