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Breaking News: Update US Kratom--Two Days Till the Alleged Ban    Alaskan TV Reporter who Quit Job for Cannabis Legalization Facing Serious Prison-Time    Kyle MacDonald: How to avoid drunk-posting on social media    Drug addiction trapping victims in violent relationships    Want to Make Ethical Purchases? Stop Buying Illegal Drugs    Has the US been Funding Israeli Cannabis Research--for 50 Years?    8 Things NOT To Do When Smoking Weed With Your Friends    "Bold" Crusade to Make Oxycontin a Blockbuster Revealed    Marijuana Entrepreneur Jim McAlpine Knows it's all About How You Play the Game    How Drug Prohibition Leads to Terrorism    Hollywood's Take on Drugs in Film Often Inadequate    Irish Firm, Universities start Joint Cannabis Oil, as Medicine, Research    Is the Drug Trade Really Bank-Rolling Terrorism?    In Behalf of Good Journalism--and Standing Up for the Underdog    A Single Dose of Hipster Hallucinogen for a Self-Proclaimed "Great" American Writer    Remembering the Long, Unethical History of Bayer Pharmaceuticals    Swamps, Marijuana & Moonshine Highlight Escapees' 3-Weeks on the Lamb    Number of US Citizens Failing Drug Tests Hits Ten-Year High    DEA is now saying kratom might be useful as a medicine?    Cork Cocaine Caper, 'The Young Offenders,' Strikes Comedy Gold   USA - Oregon Scrambles to set New Cannabis Rules to Avoid Industry Chaos   UK - Imagine: Snorting Lines and Public Masturbating in a UK Pub get You Arrested   USA - NY Drug Lab Explosion Kills Second-Generation FDNY Chief   New Zealand - Man convicted for cannabis says he was just preparing for when cannabis was legalised   USA - Man found Dead on Highway Guardrail had One-Half $Million of Heroin in his System   USA - Former Football Star Denies Cocaine found by Police is His   New Zealand - West Coast cop facing second investigation after IPCA findings on illegal detention   USA - California Anti-Pot Campaign's Funding being Investigated for Corruption by State   Netherlands - Netherlands' Parliament Considers Popular Bill that would Legalize Cannabis   USA - US Blacks Given a Back Seat in the Country's Drug Addiction Recovery Effort   New Zealand - Seasoned South Otago policeman urges rural communities to speak up about meth   New Zealand - Auckland celebrity cocaine sting: Hairdresser tells of 'rumours'   Canada - President of Crime Stoppers Busted with $3.5 Million in Illegal Weed Grow   New Zealand - Police seize $435m worth of assets since 2009   USA - Vacate 24,000 Drug Cases Based on Tainted Lab Evidence, Urges ACLU   USA - Havard Releases its Latest Research on Cannabis and Impaired Driving   USA - 45 Congressmen Ask DEA Not To Ban Kratom Next Week   Asia - New drug policy in the works in Myanmar   USA - States Join Effort to Fight Suboxone Maker on Inflated Pricing   Canada - Cocaine laced with fentanyl a growing concern   Bolivia - Bolivia ended its drug war by kicking out the DEA and legalizing coca   Africa - National Democratic Congress Accused of Promoting Cocaine Trade in Ghana   USA - Which Presidential Candidates are Ready to Legalize Marijuana?   USA - For the US Heroin Epidemic, Clinton says It'll Take $10 Billion; Trump Offers Slogans   USA - Citizens Step Up to the Challenge of getting Marijuana on "Red State" Ballots in 2016   USA - White House Releases 2017 Illegal Drug Transit, Production Report   USA - Little Weed Taken On by Big Beer--the Financial Battle goes Forward   USA - Kratom Supporters Rally At White House   USA - Self-Appointed Conservative Florida Watch-Dog Shares his Anti-Pot Views   USA - Upcoming US 2016 Election Marijuana Ballot Proposals to Keep in Mind   USA - GOP on Pending US Drug Law Reform--Say No: 'Drug Trafficking is a Violent Crime'   USA - Marijuana, Kind of, Paid for Colorado's Schools but Will It do the Same for Maine?   New Zealand - Smoking packages become standardised   USA - Oklahoma Attorney General Challenges Medical Cannabis Ballot Question Rewrite   USA - Thousands of Drug Criminals Pin their Last Hope for Clemency on a Departing President   USA - Neither US Political Party are in a Position to Solve the Country's Drug Concerns   Asia - Despite Near 2,000 State-Sponsored Drug-Deaths, the Philippine People Back Duarte   New Zealand - 'Drug dealers are terrorists': Rotorua mayoral candidate   New Zealand - Tobacco plain packaging law takes another step towards reality   USA - Behind the DEA's Recent, Mystifying Misclassification of Marijuana   USA - The Potency Difference Between Heroin and Fentanyl Shown in a Single Photo   USA - NY Desperately Needs Safe Injection Sites   International - Four Personality Traits that Put Kids at Risk for Addiction   USA - Kratom Drug Ban May Cripple Promising Painkiller Research   USA - Mom Overdoses as Two-Year-Old Looks On--a US Reality more Common than You'd Think   International - Epidiolex, GW Pharma's New Cannabis Drug for Rare Seizures, Set for Marketing Phase   Other - Ants discover inner junkie   New Zealand - Nurofen maker charged over 'misleading' pain pills   USA - Is it miracle worker? *must read guys*   USA - In the US, Some Heroin Rescue Efforts Face Backlash   UK - First Ever Human Trial Finds Magic Mushrooms Beat Severe Depression   USA - In Cleveland, Seven Dead from Overdose on Heroin, Possibly Cut with Fentanyl   USA - Study of fatal car accidents suggests medical marijuana may be helping curb opioid us   USA - Can nicotine protect the aging brain?   USA - Colorado Moves to add PTSD to its Medical Cannabis Program   USA - Smoking Permanently Damages Your DNA, Study Finds   USA - Depression in Men is Different Than in Women   USA - Survey Of 6,000 Kratom Users Shows No Evidence Of Epidemic Or Abuse   USA - Chemical-Free Pot Coming to Washington State, Thanks to Journalists   International - Do Patients Have the Right to Know Their Organ Donor was an Addict?   USA - Down-Market Denver Realtors being Drawn to the State's Legal Weed Business   Germany - How the Methamphetamine Addiction in the Third Reich Changed History   USA - Native American Leaders and DOJ Discuss Tribal Drug Concerns   USA - With a Foot-Up, Native Americans Step Up their Cannabis Grow Effort   USA - Jay Z Calls The War On Drugs An ‘Epic Fail’ That Targets Black Americans   Australia - W-18 and Fentanyl - Seperating Facts from Fiction   UK - Before Sentencing Rapist, Judge Comments on London's Sex, Drugs and Drink Culture   UK - London's Fabric Nightclub Loses License, Closes under Allegations of Illegal Drug Use   USA - Luxury Camp At Burning Man Festival Targeted By 'Hooligans'   USA - Lipstick-Stained Cigarette Butts and Used Crack Cocaine Bottles make for Good Art   USA - When Religious Fervor Becomes Addiction   International - For the Stifling of Sexual Urges, some Orthodox Jews Turn to Psychiatric Drugs   International - Pondering a Tree that has Seen a lot of History   New Zealand - Heath Ledger's father to talk drug misuse in NZ   Other - Jamaican Politician Weighs the Positives of the Island's Ganja-Growing Future   USA - A Blast from the Past with these 1976-1981 Cocaine Paraphernalia Ads   USA - Major misnomer: Synthetic marijuana's dangerous highs   USA - "Goodbye, Norma Jean, though I Never Knew You at All..."   USA - Celebrating the NY Radio Man who the Famous (and Infamous) Confess to   International - An Interview with Amanda Feilding, the ‘Hidden Hand’ in Psychedelic Science   USA - "Sounds like He's Fighting a Cold with Cocaine" --Colbert on Trump's Debate Snorts   USA - Don't Call Me, Cops   USA - =   USA - Kentuckian Butt-Dialers Beware: Police are After You   USA - Police Offer to "Test Your Meth" for Zika, for Citizen's Health's Sake   New Zealand - Northcote Primary School served fake cocaine at annual fundraising ball   USA - Man on Nitrous Oxide Shoots Himself Accidentally during a Dental Visit   USA - "I'm No Drug Dealer," Black Maine Citizens tell Racist Governor   USA - Albuquerque, NM mother and boyfriend charged with murdering 10 year old daughter.   New Zealand - Baseball bat-wielding octogenarian caught selling home brew from council flat   UK - British Police Want You, If This Happens to be Your Marijuana Plant...   USA - Ohio man arrested for trying to have sex with a van   New Zealand - NZ's most creative drug smugglers   USA - Weeny Alligator Guarding Connecticut Drug Stash Captured   USA - Drugs Found in Children's Drawings at New Jersey Jail   New Zealand - New bat + beer pong product ThirstBat labelled as 'juvenile' and 'silly'   USA - Florida Man Charged With Picking Magic Mushrooms While Carrying An Alligator   USA - Man Strip-Searched Over Krispy Creme Donut Glaze Cops Mistook for Methamphetamine   Brazil - Olympic Logo and Child Warning Labels Appear on Cocaine being Sold in Brazil   New Zealand - Drunk woman drove to police station to hand herself in   

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Drugs-forum is an information hub of high-standards and a platform where people can freely discuss recreational drugs in a mature, intelligent manner. Drugs-Forum offers a wealth of quality information and discussion of drug-related politics, in addition to assistance for members struggling with addiction. In this capacity, Drugs-forum has proved to save lives. Our members include researchers, drug users, harm-reduction specialists, concerned parents, officials, NGOs, lawyers, doctors, journalists and addiction specialists.

With thousands of people online at any time, questions are quickly answered and there is a constant stream of interactive content. Our members share knowledge, experiences, objective facts & studies, current news, book reviews.
Drugs-Forum provides easily accessible, free, unbiased and confidential information, advice and support. Drugs-Forum is person centered, supporting users actively using and at all stages of recovery. It attracts members from all walks of life and gives people a safe space to get accurate and up to date information on a variety of substances. Donating at Drugs-Forum, offers further benefits of course.

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Drugs are a class of substances with a psychoactive effect, which ranges from coffee to heroin. Psychoactive drugs have been used since the beginning of mankind and will most likely be used until the end of mankind. As an integral part of human culture, there is a need for unbiased information about drugs- a place to find and share knowledge on drugs. Drugs-Forum provides comprehensive and accurate information as an alternative to the scaremongering, political propaganda and uninformed journalism often found in the media. With the ever increasing popularity of internet informatics, we believe that this is the best medium to bring balance. This is our mission.

Drugs-forum is neither anti- nor pro-drugs. Every drug has qualities and dangers. Like everything, drugs may be used or abused. Information is provided at face-value. Drugs-forum.com does not advocate the use of drugs for recreational purposes.

We will keep on growing and expanding until we are a full grown media phenomenon, with substantial impact on society. While we reach millions now, we strive to reach tens of millions or more. Media pressure dictates politics and causes drug bans through sensationalistic and unfounded clams. It is time for media with a more realistic message about drugs.
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