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Breaking News: Agora, The Dark Web’s Biggest Drug Market, Is Going Offline    NYC to Consider Ban on Synthetic Marijuana Products    In the Ashes of Silk Road, New Online Drug and Weapon Sites Gain a Foothold    Making a mistake can be rewarding, study finds    Chemists wage war on designer drugs    Drug Deaths Reaching Epidemic Levels, Scottish Report    As State Pot Laws Loosen, Festival Marijuana Restrictions Tighten    Bolivian President Evo Morales's Drug War Delivers Him a Shallow Victory    Canadian College's Cannabis Industry Course Has Academia a Buzz    The Biggest Dark Web Markets Rake In Up To $500,000 A Day, Study Says    Is Student Drug Testing Un-American?    "Dirty Kids" Documentary Sheds Light on Plight of Homeless, Drifting Teen Clan    History and Mystery: the Allure of Absinthe    Washington Kettle Falls Five's MMJ Advocate Larry Harvey Dies    Colorado's High-Tech Marijuana Study Bears Fruit    New Flakka (Alpha PVP) Video Has Police--Once Again--Referring to Users as "Zombies"    Morgan Freeman's Granddaughter Dead After Stabbing    Lady Bunny Shares Her Take on Wigstock, Meth and the Gay, Conservative Agenda    Dream Job Reality: Marijuana Critic Needed at the Oregonian Newspaper    Costa Rican Drug-Delivery Pigeon Nabbed by Prison Guards   Brazil - Innocent, 62-Year-Old Male Sodomized, Robbed by Brazilian Police During Drug Sting   Germany - Big Cocaine Bust in German Wholesale Market in Essen   USA - Illinois Governor Vetoes Heroin Bill Over Medicare Treatment Funding   Asia - $7 Million Marijuana Drug Bust Made in Cambodia   UK - UK Has No Plans on Legalising Cannabis, Despite Recent Petition, Government Says   USA - "Spice" Network Sends Drug Kingpin to U.S. Prison   Germany - Germany's Shiny Flakes' Alleged Drug-Site Founder Maximilian S. Goes on Trial   USA - Judge Who Handed Down 55-Year Sentence to Pot Seller Has Regrets   USA - PTSD Vets Sue Colorado Over Right to Medical Marijuana Use   Russia - Russians Ban Wikipedia Over Drug-Related Articles   USA - Is 2016--Finally--The Year California Will Legalize Recreational Marijuana?   Canada - U.S. Cocaine Smuggler, Bestiality Farm Owner, Wrongfully Released by Ontario Police   South America - Chile Considers Cannabis Decriminalization   USA - Wonderful: You're Finally Allowed to Get Drunk at the Firing Range   USA - Video of Cops Acting Badly During MMJ Raid Ruled Usable Against Them in Court Case   Canada - Cop Who Stole Cocaine From a Police Locker Gets 14 Months in Jail   USA - Colorado Pot Conviction Overturned by State Appeals Court   USA - Cocaine Smugglers' Product Taken From Them by Arizona Militia Members   USA - Redmond father guilty of injecting 4-year-old son with drugs   USA - Six arrested, 237 pounds of marijuana seized in Volusia County   International - these info are correct? concerning ketobemidone and dextromoramide?   USA - Eight of 2016's Presidential Hopefuls Admit to Trying Weed; Six Say They Never Have   USA - Americans: We're All Junkie Heroin Dope Fiend Smackheads Now, Thanks to Obama   USA - Presidential Hopeful Jeb Bush's Wife Columba is Waging Her Own Drug War   USA - Sanders's Marijuana Legalization Platform Hinted at During Anti-Private Prison Speach   USA - Obama targets U.S.-Mexico border in heroin war, drugs a 'serious threat'   Bolivia - Bolivia cuts coca crop by 11%, chides US war on drugs   USA - What happens if both marijuana legalization and anti-monopoly amendments pass?   USA - New Strategy For Addressing U.S. Heroin Epidemic Launched by White House   Germany - Berlin's Hanfparade: For Pot, Against Harsh Drug Laws   Venezuela - Has Venezuela Become a Narcostate?   USA - First in Heroin, First in the Nation to Vote   USA - Congress and Obama Are Too Timid on Marijuana Reform   UK - Conservatives Believe They Can Be the Party to Provide Better Mental Health Care   UK - How dangerous is Laughing Gas   UK - Lord Sewel quits as Lords deputy speaker after drug claims   USA - Alaska Struggling With Marijuana Regulating   Italy - Italian Parliament to Consider Recreational Marijuana Legislation   USA - President Obama Commutes the Sentences of 46 U.S. Federal Drug-Offense Prisoners   USA - U.S. Presidential Hopeful Walker Wants All Who Apply for Food Stamps Drug-Tested   International - The Unseen Face of a Meth User   UK - Men Diagnosed With Cannabis Psychosis Four Times as Often as Women   USA - Why A Bag of Heroin Often Costs Less Than a Pack of Cigarettes in U.S.   USA - How Tobacco Seems To Block Memory Loss For Pot Smokers   USA - White House Is Pressed to Help Widen Access to Hepatitis C Drugs via Medicaid   USA - Marijuana Producers Gobble Up Warehouse Space in Denver Area   USA - 'The Real History of Drugs' Educates Millions   USA - Marijuana tourism is a budding industry   USA - Novant to offer electronic prescriptions for controlled drugs   USA - New numbers reveal marijuana increasing as a factor in deadly crashes in Washington   USA - Nicotine changes marijuana's effect on the brain   USA - New compounds could reduce alcoholics' impulse to drink   USA - One in 5 over-65s who drink alcohol do so at unsafe levels   USA - Giving pharmacists the power to combat opioid overdoses   Canada - Why we're smarter than chickens   USA - Is Ketamine The Best Hope For Curing Major Depression?   USA - Pervasive Adult Developmental Disorder Explained by an Industry Expert   International - Warning: Believing Everything You Read on the Internet maybe Hazardous to your Health   Canada - "Doctor, Is 56 Xanax a Month Too Much?"   India - India's Culture of Smoke Makes it Difficult for Some to Abstain   Spain - 'The Arsehole of the World" Is a Dreamy Spanish Eco-Village Where Ex-Pat Hippies Live   USA - Nevada Sheriff’s Department Promises To Turn ‘Burning Man’ Festival Into Police State   Canada - Documentary on The Implosion of Canada's Beloved Bad Boy, Chris Farley, Set to Debut   USA - Are Non-Violent Drug Criminals Better Than People Who Committed Other Crimes?   UK - Drug-Addicted Male Escorts Get Pressured to Take Mephedrone, GHB at Chemsex Parties   UK - Why are Certain UK Drug Scenes More Violent Than Others   Japan - Subway "Drunk" Cameras Now a Staple in Japan   UK - The evolution of beer   UK - Report: Drug Gangs' Reach Extending Past That of the Traditional City Limits   International - Is the Internet as Addictive as Drugs? And Do Addict-ees Need Rehab for It?   USA - 8 Most Hilariously Dumb Ways America Has Tried to Keep Teens From Getting High   Other - Was William Shakespeare high when he penned his plays?   USA - CVS/Caremark dropping coverage for dozens of prescriptions – including Viagra   USA - Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead at 22   UK - A Brief History of LSD in the Twenty-First Century    World's 1st Recreational Marijuana TV Ad Put On Hold   USA - Egyptians Turning to Tramadol to Help Cut the Pain of Their Sluggish Economy    Marijuana Gains Popularity With the Millenium Generation   USA - All 'Smiles': the history of the 2C designer drug class   USA - Arizona “Extreme DUI” rules subjects former NFL QB Dovovan McNabb to longer sentence   USA - A Rose by Any Other Name Will Smell...Like Drugs?   Canada - Courtside Pot Smoke Makes Tennis Star Novak Djokovic "Dizzy" During Montreal Match   USA - Man Says Cops Stole His 91 Weed Plants, Gets Arrested for Growing 91 Weed Plants   Other - Saudi fatwa permits the use of hallucinogenic drugs during sex with ugly wives   Other - Costa Rican Drug-Delivery Pigeon Nabbed by Prison Guards   Other - Weed Inspires Romanian Artist   Japan - Internet commenters wonder what this kid was on when he drew this anti drug poster   USA - Drone Drops Drugs into Ohio Prison Yard   USA - Are fish getting high on cocaine?   USA - Intoxicated air traffic controller found shirtless, unconscious on floor of control t   Asia - Kazakhstan's Weird Sleeping Sickness May Finally Have a Scientific Explanation   USA - Marijuana Grow Contest Scheduled for DC State Fair   USA - Teens Surveyed Claim to Smoke Less Weed Nowadays, But Researchers Don't Believe Them   USA - Odd Objects, Contraband Show Up In Prisoners' Bodies   USA - Driver hurt in Ohio train crash: "Don't bother me, I'm drunk"   International - That Binge-Drinking You Did as a Youth May Have Ruined Your Brain   China - Yet Another Chemistry Teacher Tries His Hand at Being Breaking Bad's Walter White   USA - Drunk Maine man tries to launch 4th of July fireworks off top of head, dies instantly   International - Happy Birthday, America, From Your Annoyed and Envious World Neighbors   USA - Google's Psychedelic Art: This Is Your Computer Brain on Drugs   

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Drugs are a class of substances with a psychoactive effect, which ranges from coffee to heroin. Psychoactive drugs have been used since the beginning of mankind and will most likely be used until the end of mankind. As an integral part of human culture, there is a need for unbiased information about drugs- a place to find and share knowledge on drugs. Drugs-Forum provides comprehensive and accurate information as an alternative to the scaremongering, political propaganda and uninformed journalism often found in the media. With the ever increasing popularity of internet informatics, we believe that this is the best medium to bring balance. This is our mission.

Drugs-forum is neither anti- nor pro-drugs. Every drug has qualities and dangers. Like everything, drugs may be used or abused. Information is provided at face-value. Drugs-forum.com does not advocate the use of drugs for recreational purposes.

We will keep on growing and expanding until we are a full grown media phenomenon, with substantial impact on society. While we reach millions now, we strive to reach tens of millions or more. Media pressure dictates politics and causes drug bans through sensationalistic and unfounded clams. It is time for media with a more realistic message about drugs.
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Ecstasy (MDMA, MDEA, MDA) videos, Toronto Police starts new campaign against party drug scene
Toronto Police starts new campaign against party drug scene
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disturbing salvia freakout video
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The Answer To This Question Is The Most Effective Anti-Drug Message I've Seen
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Law and order videos, BBC Reporter Unknowingly Gets Stoned on Mid-East Police's Drug Burn
BBC Reporter Unknowingly Gets Stoned on Mid-East Police's Drug Burn
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Trauma & Addiction: Crash Course Psychology #31
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Drug Policy Abuse - A teenager's plea about drugs
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Oh, No! Our Grandmas are Smoking Pot--Online For All to See!
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