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Trump Administration vs. the US People's Crusade for Saner Drug-Pricing Set to Begin
President Trump has made it clear that he thinks drug prices are too high and that the pharmaceutical industry, as he put it at a news conference this month, is “getting away with murder.”

He joins a host of lawmakers and others who have excoriated drug makers in recent years for high-priced drugs that are out of the reach of many Americans. On Monday, Sean Spicer, Mr. Trump’s press secretary, reaffirmed that the issue would be a priority.

One of Mr. Trump’s proposals — to force drug makers to bid for the right to sell their products to Medicare beneficiaries... [Read More]
Tuesday, January 24th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Radical Ketamine Therapy Could Treat Alcohol Addiction
Scientists believe that a radical treatment involving the tranquilliser ketamine could help overcome alcohol addiction by “erasing” drink-related memories.

Psychologists based at University College London are testing whether a one-off dose of the drug could help hazardous drinkers who are trying to reduce their ... [Read More]
Tuesday, January 24th | Posted by 5-HT2A | 0 Replies
Nicotine Normalizes Brain Activity Deficits Key to Schizophrenia, Study Finds
A steady stream of nicotine normalizes genetically-induced impairments in brain activity associated with schizophrenia, according to new research involving the University of Colorado Boulder. The finding sheds light on what causes the disease and why those who have it tend to smoke heavily.

Ultimately the authors of the study, released online today in the journal Nature Medicine, envision their work could lead to new non-addictive, nicotine-based treatments for some of the 51 million people worldwide who suffer from the disease.

"Our study provides compelling biological evidence that a specific genetic variant contributes to risk for schizophrenia, defines the mechanism responsible for the effect and validates that... [Read More]
Monday, January 23rd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
US Pot Activist Says Cannabis, Kratom and Ibogaine of Great Value to Detoxing Vets
The founder of High Times, Tom Forcade, had committed suicide and people were trying to bring heroin into the magazine. Then Reagan won the Presidency, and chances of legalizing pot went up in smoke. In December, 1980 a psychedelic... [Read More]
Monday, January 23rd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Massachusetts Ordered to Rethink Thousands of State's Tainted" Drug Cases
More than four years after a Massachusetts lab chemist confessed to manipulating drug test results, the state’s highest court has called on prosecutors to reverse potentially thousands of tainted convictions.

The chemist, Annie Dookhan, may have played a role in more than 20,000 drug cases during her eight and a half years at a state lab, but to date prosecutors have resisted mounting a wholesale revisiting of the convictions that resulted at least in part from Dookhan’s work.

At one point, prosecutors argued that they had no obligation to inform those convicted of their possible innocence. Another prosecutor suggested that many of the defendants might be too poor or busy dealing with more pressing issues, such as mental illness... [Read More]
Monday, January 23rd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
MDMB-CHMICA Cannabinoid Linked to Death of Second Homeless Belfast Citizen
Concerns have been raised about the use of 'legal highs' among homeless people in Belfast as details emerged of a second death linked to a deadly substance designed to mimic the effects of cannabis.

Hostel resident Adrian Thompson, originally from Dundalk, Co Louth, died in Belfast's Castle Place on February 24 2016, weeks before Catherine Kenny was found dead in a doorway a short distance away in Donegall Place. An inquest this month into the death of Ms Kenny, from Downpatrick, heard how the 32-year-old died on April 19 as a result of consuming alcohol and... [Read More]
Monday, January 23rd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Man Calls Police for Help With Stolen Weed Rip-off
CLARKSVILLE, TN- Police say a man went to the police because someone stole his marijuana on Wednesday morning.

Officials in Clarksville say the man called 911 to tell police someone robbed $200 worth of pot from him during a drug deal on Beech Street. The man said the suspect took the ... [Read More]
Monday, January 23rd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Should Doctors Use Words to Treat Pain? The Conversation Placebo
In my daily work as a primary care internist, I see no letup from pain. Every single patient, it seems, has an aching shoulder or a bum knee or a painful back. “Our bodies evolved to live about 40 years,” I always explain, “and then be finished off by a mammoth or a microbe.” Thanks to a century of staggering medical progress, we now live past 80, but evolution hasn’t caught up; the cartilage in our joints still wears down in our 40s, and we are more obese and more sedentary than we used to be, which doesn’t help.

So it’s no surprise that chronic arthritis and back pain are the second and third most common non-acute reasons that people go to the doctor and that pain costs America up to $635 billion annually. The pain remedies developed by the pharmaceutical industry are only modestly effective, and they have ... [Read More]
Monday, January 23rd | Posted by Calliope | 0 Replies
Bronx Man Kidnapped, Strip-Searched, Wrongly Jailed by Cops Over Sports-Soak Drink
The quota and points driven drug bust culture that exists in many police departments around the country has seen its fair share of scandals as of late. But one man was able to cash in on the mistreatment he received at the hands of one hysteria-driven police force.

Bronx native Anthony Small was traveling as a passenger with his two brothers in a car going through Fort Lee, NJ on October 28th, 2013. The trio had just met with VH1 producers who were interested in featuring Small’s line of clothing. Officer... [Read More]
Sunday, January 22nd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
3,000 Pounds of Badly Disguised "Watermelon" Weed Fail to Make Their US Destination
U.S. Customs and Border Protection said agents in Texas intercepted 3,000 pounds of suspected marijuana disguised as watermelons. The agency said its Office of Field Operations at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility searched a shipment of fresh watermelons in a white 1993 Thermo King tractor trailer Jan. 17.

The officers discovered 390 of the supposed watermelons were actually packages of suspected marijuana formed into the shapes of melons and wrapped in green material. The packages contained a total 3,000 pounds of what is believed to be cannabis... [Read More]
Sunday, January 22nd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 4 Replies
Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán, Mexican drug lord, has been extradited to the US
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the cartel kingpin who made two daring escapes from high-security prisons and lived on the run for years, has been extradited to the United States where he faces prosecution on narcotics and other charges.

The Mexican foreign ministry announced the extradition in a short statement on Thursday afternoon, saying Guzmán had exhausted his appeals against his extradition.

The US embassy in Mexico City said late on Thursday that the plane carrying... [Read More]
Sunday, January 22nd | Posted by perro-salchicha614 | 0 Replies
Buddhist Enlightenment Could be the Help Your Addiction is Looking For
If you have the Buddhist gift of living in the here-and-now, share it. It’s your friends’ best, perhaps only, hope.

Before I tell you more about how to cure your friends’ alcoholism, based on my experiences in my local bar in Brooklyn, let me dispatch with the worlds of alcoholism/addiction treatment and alcohol policy. Don’t worry—it won’t take long!

A few decades ago, the world’s most famous alcohol epidemiologist and policy wonk* wrote the following:
“In comparing Scotland and the United States, on the one hand, with
... [Read More]
Saturday, January 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Tripping Balls Through the Trump Inauguration is One Way to Go
For many, the past year has kind of felt like one massive bad trip that culminated in yesterday's inauguration of President Donald Trump. For a 21-year-old named Zachary from Philadelphia, however, the inauguration was actually a trip—because he says he literally dropped acid when he went to it.

His father (who was not on acid and accompanied him) got official tickets to the event from a state rep. "I'm sure he didn't know what we were going to do," Zachary told VICE.

I spoke to him as he was coming down on his car ride home about why he chose to do ... [Read More]
Saturday, January 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 7 Replies
Pricey and Secret DEA Program Paid TSA, Amtrak Employees to "Spy" on Customers
BOSTON - TSA screeners – their mission is to be on the lookout for anything or anyone that could put you in danger. But it seems when some of them are searching through your luggage they may be looking for a way to make money too!

It’s all part of a program run by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Federal documents show over the past several years, the agency handed TSA, airline and Amtrak employees more than $237 million for finding illegal ... [Read More]
Saturday, January 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
US Senator Pushing to Drastically Cut Back on State's Recreational Pot Availability
The right of Massachusetts adults to possess and grow marijuana would be sharply curbed, and the ability of retail shops to begin selling it for recreational use next year would be deeply undercut if legislation filed Friday by a key state senator becomes law.

Senator Jason M. Lewis is proposing bills that would reduce the amount of marijuana people 21 years and older could possess in their home from 10 ounces to 2 ounces, and the number of marijuana plants people could grow from 12 per household to six per household.

The current right of adults to possess and use marijuana wouldn’t be eliminated.

The bills would delay when retail marijuana stores — set to open in July 2018 — could sell popular infused... [Read More]
Saturday, January 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 2 Replies
HBO 'Real Time's Bill Maher Opens 15th Season Calling Trump Voters 'Pillbillies'
Bill Maher kicked off his 15th season on HBO much like he ended the last one: attacking Donald Trump. The last time Maher was on television, Trump had just become president-elect and people were still shocked by the outcome of Election 2016.

Real Time ended with the host and his panel wearing hats that said “we’re still here,” something that was still clear with his return on Friday night. The inauguration was the main topic of discussion and Maher had quite the lineup ready to represent the resistance, inviting both Jane Fonda and Keith Olbermann to stop by.

The real highlight of the show came during... [Read More]
Saturday, January 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Carfentanil-Ladened Heroin Found in Strathcona County, Alberta
Alberta RCMP are warning users of the dangers of street drugs after an investigation in Strathcona County found heroin contaminated with potentially deadly carfentanil.

Heroin seized as part of an ongoing drug investigation beginning in October 2016 was sent to Health Canada where an analysis revealed the heroin samples were actually laced with carfentanil.

Carfentanil is a synthetic... [Read More]
Saturday, January 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 2 Replies
As Promised, Free Weed Hand Outs Highlight Trump Inaugural
Donald Trump’s inauguration harshing your mellow? Two pro-marijuana legalization groups are handing out free joints Friday morning near DuPont Circle, a couple miles north of the National Mall.

Hundreds lined up in the morning drizzle, and lines extended several blocks north of the circle by 8:30 a.m.

Devonte Davis, a rapper from Germantown, Md., who also goes by the name Radio Nyne, said he and a friend had waited more than a hour for the joints, which were handed out by DC Cannabis Coop Club and DCMJ. Marijuana is legal to grow and possess in... [Read More]
Friday, January 20th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Glasgow Rehab to Close After 17 Years of Service to Community
A community rehabilitation centre which has served the people of Easterhouse for 17 years is to shuts its doors permanently this morning following funding cuts. The New Horizon Project is open to individuals aged 16 and over who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction problems. A peaceful protest has been organised outside New Horizons on Penston Road, Queenslie at 11am this morning.

The service, managed by social work services in conjunction with the project’s founders Mothers Against ... [Read More]
Friday, January 20th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
Japan Boasts World’s First ‘Bio-Based’ Hemp Bridge, Designed in the Netherlands
EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS – While plenty of cannabis goes up in smoke in coffee shops around the Netherlands, Dutch researchers have found a new use for it — as an environmentally friendly building material to rival cement or steel.

They have used hemp — a variety of cannabis which has many industrial applications including in textiles and insulation — and flax — the plant that linen is made of — to make an experimental footbridge to test the materials’ load-bearing properties.

“Actually it’s the first ‘bio-based’ bridge in the world, as far as we... [Read More]
Friday, January 20th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies

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