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Why is America Not Doing the Obvious to Reduce its Heroin Epidemic?
Last week, President Barack Obama announced that he will seek just over $1 billion to fight opioid addiction, the majority targeted at expanding treatment. But he didn't take the one step that could immediately reduce the record-high overdose death rate: easing access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with methadone and buprenorphine by reducing onerous regulations.

... [Read More]
Monday, February 08th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Opioid Constipation Super Bowl Ad Draws White House Wrath
WASHINGTON — The White House criticized a pharmaceutical industry ad airing during Sunday's Super Bowl, saying it could help fuel an opioid addiction crisis.

The advertisement was intended to raise awareness of opioid-induced constipation, and was paid for by two drugmakers marketing a drug to treat it. But in the midst of an administration proposal to spend $1 billion more on treatment for prescription drug and ... [Read More]
Monday, February 08th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Kentucky House Considers Raising Flakka Rating From the Current B to an A Class Drug
The Spanish slang word for a beautiful woman is flaca, but the illegal synthetic drug of the same name, spelled flakka, gives users extreme symptoms of paranoia, violent behavior and has been called the zombie drug by ER doctors. Its effects are anything but pretty.

Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins (D-Sandy Hook) testified on a bill Wednesday addressing the $5-hit drug, which has gained popularity from south Florida to rural Kentucky. Over a period of about a year, Lewis County Sheriff Johnny Bivens told the House Judiciary Committee his law enforcement officers had collected five pounds of the synthetic drug in his county. Bivens’ said his office first received an insignificant amount of flakka-related calls, but as time passed his deputies... [Read More]
Monday, February 08th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 4 Replies
Meet the Psychiatrists Marching Psychedelics Back Into Mainstream Medicine
Notoriously illegal and synonymous with hedonism, LSD and ecstasy started life as aids to psychotherapy. Sam Wong meets the band of psychiatrists who are looking to reclaim them for medicine again.

At 6.30am on Thursday 29 October 2009, Friederike Meckel Fischer’s doorbell rang. There were ten policemen outside. They searched the house, put handcuffs on Friederike – a diminutive woman in her 60s – and her husband, and took them to a remand prison. The couple had their photographs and fingerprints taken and were put in separate cells in isolation. After a few hours,... [Read More]
Monday, February 08th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
CDC's Recent Alcohol During Pregnancy Guide Not Sitting Well With US Women
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defended a recommendation that sexually active women refrain from drinking alcohol if they are not using birth control after it spurred a strong backlash, with many women saying they considered the suggestion insulting, severe and impractical.

Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the C.D.C., said in an interview Friday, “We weren’t as clear as we had hoped to be.”

The C.D.C. report released on Tuesday focused on the possibility that children may develop fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, estimating that 3.3 million women between the ages of 15... [Read More]
Monday, February 08th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
How May 11th's E-Cig Regulation Changes Will Affect EU Users
An estimated 2.6 million adults in Great Britain currently use electronic cigarettes. And nearly two out of five users are ex-smokers and three out of five are current smokers. Vaping has become a whole new trend, with vaping cafes and shops springing up across the country, including the Canterbury district and Faversham.

But this year could see changes for everyone who vapes. From May 20, laws will be standardised across the EU making changes to the sizes of the liquid bottles you can buy and restricting how much nicotine they can contain. The changes have been made to the EU's 2001 ... [Read More]
Monday, February 08th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 4 Replies
NYC Marijuana Arrests Plummet
According to data just released by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, New York City marijuana arrests in 2015 dropped to under 17,000 for the first time since 1996. The 16,590 arrests for low-level marijuana possession in 2015 is a 42% decline from the 26,386 in 2014 and a 67% drop from the nearly 51,000 arrests in 2011.

As we all know, the NYPD has been on a marijuana arrest crusade for the last 20 years. Spending billions of dollars and wasting millions of police hours making nearly 700,000 arrests for low-level marijuana possession. What's worse is that the vast majority of those arrested (86 percent) are young black and Latino New Yorkers, despite the fact that they use marijuana at lower rates than their white... [Read More]
Sunday, February 07th | Posted by 5-HT2A | 0 Replies
Australian news on US political response to drug 'crisis'
From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation news website 7/2/16:

The US drug epidemic
The United States is in the grip of a prescription drug and heroin epidemic that has hit the headlines in the race for the White House. In New Hampshire, home of the crucial first-in-the-nation primary, the problem is dire. The number of drug overdoses in the state has doubled since the last presidential election and voters want leaders to act.

By North America correspondent Stephanie March

Two months ago, Casey... [Read More]
Sunday, February 07th | Posted by TFrankle | 0 Replies
In New Hampshire, Serious Opiate Addiction Makes for Politics As Not Per Usual
SALEM, NH — Not a day goes by on the New Hampshire campaign trail without residents grilling the men and women running for president on how they will address the prescription drug and heroin epidemic sweeping both the state and the country.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s Friday night town hall in Salem was no different. From the back of an elementary school cafeteria packed to capacity, Michael DeLeon called out questions to Cruz on whether he would order a federal, mandatory prescription drug monitoring program and if he would consider restricting how much pharmaceutical... [Read More]
Sunday, February 07th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Hemingway's Adventures With Alcohol
While there are many literary giants who drank as well as they wrote, Ernest Hemingway may be the all-time champ. (Sorry Charles Bukowski.)

Papa not only liked a good cocktail (or a few), but also included myriad thirst-inducing passages in his books. Starting with his first real novel, The Sun Also Rises, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary of publication this year, Hemingway’s characters were seldom found without a glass, a bottle, or a wineskin in their hands.

According to legend, he created his own eponymous variation of the classic daiquiri, which still appears on bar menus, and a potent Champagne-and-absinthe concoction called Death in the Afternoon.

His writing seems particularly relevant today... [Read More]
Saturday, February 06th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
Want to Know Exactly Who Owns the 1,200 US Pot Businesses? OK, but It'll Cost You
Colorado’s marijuana business owners — nearly 1,200 of them — control a quickly growing and powerful industry that is approaching $1 billion in annual sales.

Yet basic information about these entrepreneurs is not available to the public without paying hefty fees, in contrast to what is available about owners of other state-licensed businesses.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue will disclose the names of those with ownership interests in more than 2,500 active medical and recreational marijuana licenses issued since 2014.

But the agency will not provide a list that connects owners with their businesses — information it has provided to The Denver Post in the past — or... [Read More]
Saturday, February 06th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 2 Replies
Best Not to Drink an Entire Bottle of Weed Lube...
After suffering chronic yeast infections for years, I thought all-natural THC lubricant would be the answer to my prayers. Instead, it put me in the depths of a hell of my own making.

I got my first yeast infection at age 11, right after my first period. I was in middle school, which made the experience all the more hellish. I remember realizing that I was "becoming a woman"—though I didn't exactly know what that meant—and desperately trying to convince myself that the things happening to my body were good and positive. I took comfort in the fact that soon this would all lead to me having boobs.

My vagina was a bloody, yeasty war zone. To top it all off, I wasn't even old enough to understand what was happening. Though I... [Read More]
Saturday, February 06th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Heroin Epidemic Running its Way Between Sinaloa and New Hampshire
After Joaquin Guzman, "El Chapo," used an elaborate tunnel for his great prison escape last July, the Mexican drug lord portrayed himself to actor Sean Penn as a kind of Robin Hood, producing a vital product in Mexico for distribution to the world.

But the reality, according to Jack Riley, the number two guy at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), is much uglier. Even after the recapture of the billionaire kingpin, Jack blames El Chapo’s Sinaloa cartel for pouring poison into the veins of New Englanders.

“They're selling death and misery in the form of ... [Read More]
Saturday, February 06th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Jury Awards $5.7M to Victim of Failed Drug-Planting Attempt
SANTA ANA, Calif. – An Orange County couple was ordered to pay $5.7 million for planting drugs in the car of a former PTA president in a failed bid to have her arrested.

A jury on Friday made the award to Kelli Peters. The Superior Court panel deliberated less than an hour before finding that Kent Easter of Irvine and his ex-wife, Jill Easter, acted with malice, oppression or fraud, the Orange County Register reported (http://bit.ly/1Rd9pjw ). Kent Easter declared bankruptcy before the civil trial but such protection doesn't extend to the lawsuit damages, said Rob Marcereau, Peters' attorney.

Authorities said the Easters had an ongoing feud with Peters that started with a... [Read More]
Saturday, February 06th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
A Brave New Look at Curing the US Opiate Drug Addiction Crisis
The war on drugs has failed. Slap that assertion into Google and you'll find it in quotes being tossed out by politicians of every stripe, from the highest levels of the Obama administration to the lowest-polling GOP candidate for president.

But if the war has failed, what will peacetime look like?

Dr. Dan Morhaim, who represents part of Baltimore County in the Maryland House of Delegates, wants to start that conversation after decades of treating the fallout from addiction in emergency rooms in Baltimore. On Friday, he'll announce the... [Read More]
Saturday, February 06th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
New Hampshire possibly on verge of banning Kratom
Hey guys,
As someone who takes Kratom to avoid opioid withdrawals and to help with analgesic effects, I like to keep up with the news on it. In New Hampshire, the senate has a bipartisan bill in committee that would effectively ban kratom intake, the sell, manufacture, etc. To me this would be a blowback to addicts who are trying to taper who largely resort to Kratom, but I will leave my opinion out of it.

SB540, introduced by Senator Fuller Clark (D).

The bill would make it a felony punishable to up to 7 years of imprisonment and a fine not to exceed $100,000. You heard right.. It would be a class B Felony.

You can read the proposed bill on the State of New... [Read More]
Saturday, February 06th | Posted by malik | 0 Replies
Brain-Enhancing Stimulants Should Be Legal, Cognitive Scientist Says
One of the hottest topics in the bioethics world involves the use of cognitive enhancers—also known as “smart drugs”, “brain boosters”, and “nootropics”—to achieve elevated mental and physical performance. Some of the most intense enhancers are prescription pharmaceuticals, like Adderall and ... [Read More]
Friday, February 05th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Drinkers, Ex-Drinkers & Party Drinkers Discuss Their Personal Love Affair With Booze
Many of us spend January 1st thinking about alcohol. Often, that's because it's coming out of our noses, thickened by the half-digested pizza we picked up on the way back from our New Year's Eve party. And then comes the rest of the month: What we call "Dry January" and the rigmarole of discussing a colleague's temporary sobriety for an entire 31 days.

This year, the UK government has helped prolong our booze-related thoughts, telling us that we should drink no more than seven pints per week and that we should think about cancer every time we have a glass of... [Read More]
Friday, February 05th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Marijuana Federalist Hold the Lead in the Conservative Side of US Politics
With Rand Paul ending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, the GOP race has lost its strongest supporter of drug policy reform. But the remaining Republican candidates are for the most part not as retrograde in this area as you might expect, especially on the question of how the federal government should respond to state legalization of marijuana.

For years Paul has been saying that drug policy should be devolved to the states as much as possible. In a Daily Show interview last month, the Kentucky senator made explicit one implication of that... [Read More]
Friday, February 05th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 4 Replies
Alternative approaches to pain management, using neurotoxins
Drugs developed from biological toxins are new additions to the therapeutic armamentarium for pain control. One example is purified Botulinum toxin Type A (Botox), which binds to the presynaptic nerve terminal to prevent the release of acetylcholine and thereby prevents neurotransmission. This extremely potent bacterial toxin is currently being used for the treatment of myofascial pain, various spasmodic neuromuscular disorders, and for cosmetic procedures.

Another example is Ziconotide, an N-type calcium channel blocker, which has been approved by the FDA for intrathecal treatment of neuropathic pain through the SynchroMed implantable drug infusion system. This new drug is... [Read More]
Friday, February 05th | Posted by Iknownot | 0 Replies

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