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'Where Are The Women Who Want to Booze And Screw on Camera?'
Fifteen years ago, filmmaker Carol Morley returned to her native Manchester to see if she could dig up her own half-remembered party years. Caught up in the Hacienda's 80s heyday as an acid house clubbing mecca, she worked as a musician, befriended the likes of New Order and the Buzzcocks, went through a heap of lovers, and ingested a lot of booze.

Upon her return, Morley put out ads in local papers to see who had known her and was willing to share their memories of her; the result was a lean documentary feature called The Alcohol Years. In anticipation of an upcoming... [Read More]
Friday, August 28th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
PTSD Vets Seeking Clarity Under the Shifting Sands of the VA's Current MMJ Stance
Dustin Paul spends much of his time skirting the Roseburg city limits.

The 39-year-old Army veteran regularly escapes to either the North Umpqua River or the Rogue River, he said, to avoid triggering the post-traumatic stress disorder he incurred from his time fighting in the Middle East. Paul served in some of the harrying battles in Kuwait, where combat often took place within city limits.

“My fight was in town,” Paul said. “It wasn’t desert warfare — it was all urban, in the city with people driving in cars and being around people. Everything that normal life is, is all my triggers.”

In Douglas County, there are more than 13,000 veterans, and many of them endure the symptoms of PTSD. Paul sought treatment through an array of prescription ... [Read More]
Friday, August 28th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Heart Attack, Stroke Risk Associated With NSAIDS Use Raised by FDA
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strengthened existing warnings on prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Drug Facts labels to indicate that the drugs can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death.

These side effects can occur as early as the first weeks of using an NSAID, and the risk might rise the longer people take NSAIDs.... [Read More]
Friday, August 28th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
The Unseen Face of a Meth User
What does a meth user look like? You’re probably not picturing Courtney — and that’s one reason it’s so important to hear his story:

I met Courtney a few months after continually seeing the same question on Grindr profiles: "Do you PnP?" The phrase was ubiquitous on the geosocial networking app for men who have sex with men. I had no clue what the acronym meant, so I looked it up and found an entire Wikipedia page devoted to Party and Play, defined as a "phenomenon and subculture of recreational drug users who engage in sexual... [Read More]
Friday, August 28th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
'The Arsehole of the World" Is a Dreamy Spanish Eco-Village Where Ex-Pat Hippies Live
"Welcome to the arsehole of the world," says Robert* as we row down the Guadiana River in a little dinghy toward his farm. He's in his late 40s, wearing a faded black wife-beater and dark sunglasses, with graying Elvis sideburns and half a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

I look around and see eucalyptus trees lining the bank of the river, rolling hills surrounding white-wall and orange-roof villages. Portugal on one side, Spain on the other. Blue skies, nearly 100 degrees. It's a pretty nice looking arsehole, really, but it's smack in the middle of nowhere. Just two little villages on either side of the river and a lot of disused land around them.

Robert has had an exciting life so far. He's been through the squat and free party scene in London in the late 1980s, done the rock-n-roll thing with a German punk band, hung with Fela Kuti in the Kalkuta Republic, ran ... [Read More]
Friday, August 28th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Innocent, 62-Year-Old Male Sodomized, Robbed by Brazilian Police During Drug Sting
The drug war has been unmanageable for a long time, not only in the United States. According to El Pais, a 62-year-old working man from D’Ávilla, a municipality that is located outside of Salvador, in the state of Bahia, Brazil was tortured by police officers who accused the man of being a drug trafficker. During the torture session, officers allegedly introduced the end of a broom inside the man’s anus.

According to military police a report produced by the Internal Affairs department of the Bahia State Military Police, the victim was tortured inside his own home. Despite his protests and claims regarding his profession, officers tortured the elderly man for an hour and a half. Police reportedly arrived at his address after allegedly torturing... [Read More]
Friday, August 28th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
Big Cocaine Bust in German Wholesale Market in Essen
Cocaine Discovered in Banana Boxes: Raid in Essen Warehouse

At the Essen Whloesale Market, WDR* reports Police tzo have found have found larger amounts of Cocaine in Banana Boxes.

According to Police The Raid had been begun after employees had given authorities a hint.

*Westdeutscher Rundfunk (German TV and Radio -Station); thursday, 08/27/2015, 14:37

Translation www.drugs-forum.com
by TheBigBadWolf
Thursday, August 27th | Posted by TheBigBadWolf | 0 Replies
Eight of 2016's Presidential Hopefuls Admit to Trying Weed; Six Say They Never Have
The 2016 presidential field could be the most doped-up in history.

The Marijuana Policy Project said Wednesday that eight of the 23 major presidential candidates have either admitted or strongly suggested to having tried marijuana at some point in their lives: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, Sen. Ted Cruz, former New York Gov. George Pataki, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Bernard Sanders and former Sen. Rick Santorum.

Just six have said they never used it at all: former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, businessman Donald Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.
... [Read More]
Thursday, August 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Men Diagnosed With Cannabis Psychosis Four Times as Often as Women
The journey from first using cannabis through to developing mental health problems is very different for men and women. Men outnumber women at every point along the way. Despite these marked gender differences, little attention has been paid to such a basic demographic factor in cannabis psychosis and the underlying reasons for why men fare so poorly.

The first clue might be found in who uses cannabis. The most comprehensive survey of drug use in the UK shows a consistent trend of twice as many men than women reporting that they have used cannabis. But no one really... [Read More]
Thursday, August 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Why A Bag of Heroin Often Costs Less Than a Pack of Cigarettes in U.S.
I'm no expert on the street price of heroin, but after talking to some people who are, I can tell you this: The illegal opiate at the center of the latest drug epidemic is very cheap. A couple of experts compared it to the price of a pack of cigarettes.

As a non-smoker, that sort of amazed me, so I decided to check. In many states, it is indeed true.

Ashley Kennedy, an ... [Read More]
Thursday, August 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 5 Replies
Illinois Governor Vetoes Heroin Bill Over Medicare Treatment Funding
Faced with a public health crisis related to heroin and prescription opioid use, the Illinois state government created a bipartisan Heroin Task Force in a comprehensive effort to address the problem from all angles. The task force created a set of policy recommendations that were embodied in House Bill 1, the Heroin Crisis Act.

The bill passed the House and Senate in May, and was sent to Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) in June, where it sat on his desk until this week. On Monday, Rauner finally acted -- not by signing the bill, but by vetoing critical sections of it that he says the state cannot afford. He has now sent the bill back to the legislature and asked it to remove the offending sections.

But saying,... [Read More]
Thursday, August 27th | Posted by 5-HT2A | 0 Replies
Agora, The Dark Web’s Biggest Drug Market, Is Going Offline
The Dark Web’s biggest marketplace for drugs seems to have learned a lesson from the downfall of the Silk Road: When cracks start to appear in your anonymity’s armor, it’s time to quit while you’re ahead—or, at least, retreat and regroup.

Agora, the reigning marketplace in the Dark Web’s bustling, bitcoin-based narcotics economy, announced Tuesday evening that it will go offline at least temporarily to shore up defenses against potential attacks that it believes might be used to identify the site’s servers and operators. In a message posted both to the market site and to... [Read More]
Thursday, August 27th | Posted by 5-HT2A | 0 Replies
Nevada Sheriff’s Department Promises To Turn ‘Burning Man’ Festival Into Police State
Pershing County, NV — There is a new sheriff in town in the Burning Man jurisdiction, and he promises more arrests than ever at the world-famous music and arts festival next week.

Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen admitted that there would be more nonviolent “crime” at the festival than the police will be able to deal with, but they are determined to write as many tickets and make as many arrests as they possibly can.

“We don’t have the personnel to issue citations to 70,000 naked people on the playa, but we will be upholding the law to the best of our ability,” Allen told the Associated Press.

While the former sheriff Richard Machado was known to be somewhat hands-off during the festival, Allen is committed to cracking down on the peaceful partiers, hiring more officers than ever for the annual event.

In previous years, burners had to be more concerned about Bureau of Land... [Read More]
Thursday, August 27th | Posted by 5-HT2A | 0 Replies
White House Is Pressed to Help Widen Access to Hepatitis C Drugs via Medicaid

WASHINGTON — Federal and state Medicaid officials should widen access to prescription drugs that could cure tens of thousands of people with hepatitis C, including medications that can cost up to $1,000 a pill, health care experts have told the White House.

The experts, from the Public Health Service and President Obama’s Advisory Council on H.I.V./AIDS, said restrictions on the drugs imposed by many states were inconsistent with sound medical practice, as reflected in treatment guidelines issued by health care professionals and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The drugs, including Sovaldi and Harvoni, cost $84,000 for the recommended treatment lasting 12 weeks, or 84 days. States can obtain discounts, but prices still generally exceed $600... [Read More]
Wednesday, August 26th | Posted by RoboCodeine7610 | 0 Replies
NYC to Consider Ban on Synthetic Marijuana Products
New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said Tuesday she planned to introduce legislation to ban the sale of synthetic marijuana, responding to what she said was a crisis on city streets and in homeless shelters.

“This is a concern that’s growing, we’re trying to get a handle on it,” Ms. Mark-Viverito said a news conference near City Hall.

The sale and use of the drug, known as K2, isn’t illegal in New York City. But city officials say they are concerned by a rise in violence and hospital visits linked to the drug.

Under the... [Read More]
Tuesday, August 25th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 3 Replies
In the Ashes of Silk Road, New Online Drug and Weapon Sites Gain a Foothold
Well, the online marketplace for illicit goods' competitors and successors live, anyway. The original Silk Road and its operator were taken down by the United States federal government in an over-the-top campaign that featured stunningly corrupt federal agents.

Beyond its employees' sticky fingers, the federal government almost certainly hacked servers hosted overseas in the course of its efforts and then shrugged its institutional shoulders over the legal status of the tactic. But even as the feds brutally targeted Ross Ulbricht and his underground marketplace, new sites proliferated on the anonymous TOR network to more than replace what the U.S. Government had shut down.

"Far from causing the demise of this novel form of commerce," write Carnegie-Mellon University researchers Nicolas Cristin and Kyle Soska, "the Silk Road take-down spawned an entire, dynamic, online anonymous... [Read More]
Tuesday, August 25th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
$7 Million Marijuana Drug Bust Made in Cambodia
About $7 million worth of marijuana stuffed into coffee bags has been seized by police in Cambodia as the country tries to crackdown on the drug, according to the Associated Press. The 1.5 tons of marijuana confiscated during a series of raids is the largest haul police have made since the crackdown began 15 years ago.

The marijuana was smuggled in from Laos in bags of the popular coffee... [Read More]
Tuesday, August 25th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Making a mistake can be rewarding, study finds
The human brain learns two ways -- either through avoidance learning, which trains the brain to avoid committing a mistake, or through reward-based learning, a reinforcing process that occurs when someone gets the right answer. Scientists have found that making a mistake can feel rewarding, though, if the brain is given the opportunity to learn from its mistakes and assess its options.

Many political leaders, scientists, educators and parents believe that failure is the best teacher.

Scientists have long understood that the brain has two ways of learning. One is avoidance learning, which is a punishing, negative experience that trains the brain to avoid repeating mistakes. The other is reward-based learning, a positive, reinforcing experience in which the brain feels rewarded for reaching the right answer.

A new MRI study by USC and a group of international researchers has found that having the opportunity to learn from failure can turn it into a positive experience -- if the brain has a chance to learn from its mistakes.
... [Read More]
Tuesday, August 25th | Posted by RoboCodeine7610 | 0 Replies
Chemists wage war on designer drugs

Ways in which chemists can help address the growing problem of designer drugs – structurally similar analogues to illegal substances whose regulation is elusive because they involve ever-changing formulas – were the subject of discussion at a session of the 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition last week in Boston, US.

Designer drugs, or New psychoactive substances (NPS), first emerged in the US in 2008. The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) received 324 reports of NPS worldwide between 2009 and 2014, according to its 2015 World ... [Read More]
Tuesday, August 25th | Posted by RoboCodeine7610 | 4 Replies
Marijuana Producers Gobble Up Warehouse Space in Denver Area

Steve Badgley has been hunting for a larger warehouse in the Denver area for more than a year. But his construction-supply business keeps getting squeezed out by a new entrant into the real-estate market: the marijuana industry.

Since voters in Colorado and Washington legalized recreational use of the drug in 2012, growers and distributors have gobbled up most of the available warehouse space in the Denver area, a major logistics hub for companies moving goods between the Midwest and the West Coast.

The marijuana industry is poised to expand quickly. Legal sales in... [Read More]
Tuesday, August 25th | Posted by RoboCodeine7610 | 0 Replies

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