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The Colorful World of Reagents
In composing this article, my hopes are that a better understanding of the reagents (such as Marquis, Mandelin, and Mecke) found in testing kits will encourage their use. Too often drugs can be... [Read More]
Saturday, May 28th | Posted by 5-HT2A | 0 Replies
How the brain makes, and breaks, a habit

Not all habits are bad. Some are even necessary. It's a good thing, for example, that we can find our way home on "autopilot" or wash our hands without having to ponder every step. But inability to switch from acting habitually to acting in a deliberate way can underlie addiction and obsessive compulsive disorders.

Working with a mouse model, an international team of researchers demonstrates what happens in the brain for habits to control behavior.

The study is published in Neuron and was led by Christina Gremel, assistant professor of psychology at the University of California San Diego, who began the work as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institute on ... [Read More]
Saturday, May 28th | Posted by RoboCodeine7610 | 1 Reply
"Mexican Drug Assassins" Probably Bullshit, Arizona Sheriff Advises Holiday Hikers
An Arizona sheriff has issued a dire warning to anyone planning to enjoy the outdoors near the US-Mexico border over Memorial Day weekend: Watch out for "Mexican drug assassins."

Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona has recommended that hikers and campers using back roads and trails be extra cautious and even consider arming themselves to defend against so-called "rip crews" — opportunist gangs that rob drug smugglers — as well as "sicarios," hitmen allegedly sent by Mexican cartels to exact revenge on said gangs. "We are taking this threat seriously," Babeu said in a statement. "I'm telling our citizens that want to enjoy the outdoors to travel armed and not let these drug cartels think they... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 3 Replies
The Facts on US Marijuana Rescheduling and Its Affect on Existing State-Systems
As marijuana rescheduling has gained traction in Congress and DEA has announced it will rule on a rescheduling this summer, a common concern has emerged in the cannabis reform community and among industry actors. It goes something like this: "If marijuana is moved to Schedule II, the Feds will shut down our state's legal system."

The worry is that this administrative change will make marijuana pharmaceuticals legal and thus require all such products to be removed from the market until FDA approval is granted. And of course, clinical ... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Police Raids on Toronto Cannabis Dispensaries Results in Anger From Local Citizens
Canadian marijuana users have decried recent raids on dozens of Toronto shops that sell the drug, calling the operation a waste of police resources. Medical marijuana is legal in Canada, but only licensed providers can sell it to people who have a doctor's approval.

Police raided 43 Toronto shops on Thursday and made 90 arrests.

Raids come just as Prime... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Researcher Busted by German Police for Weed Allegedly Bought on Silk Road--Years Ago
We’ve seen plenty of high profile and often technical busts on dark web sites targeting dealers, users, and administrators. In a recent case, German cops tracked down a marketplace user who placed orders for just a few grams of cannabis at a time, three years ago.

A German user of the original Silk Road and another dark web market was recently fined over €3,000 for ordering cannabis 17 times, according to independent researcher Gwern Branwen. Branwen said in a Reddit post that the buyer... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Phoenix VA Blocks Medical Cannabis Specialist's Lecture on Its Benefits to Veterans
A Phoenix doctor is conducting a study this summer focusing on how marijuana affects veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dr. Sue Sisley wants to give a lecture on her cannabis study to medical staff at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She said the hospital is blocking her from making a presentation, even though her study has been approved by the Food and Drug... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Bye-Bye, Backwards Britain's Legal Highs
After an afternoon nap on Wednesday I was idly having a sip of tea and a smoke and deciding what film to go and see, when my ears pricked up at a brief item on the radio news. The Home Office had introduced something called the Psychoactive Substances Act and announced that a blanket ban on legal highs was to come into effect in England and Wales on the 26th May – the next day!

Home Office minister Karen Bradley said: “This Act will bring to an end the open sale on our high streets of these potentially harmful drugs and deliver new powers for law... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Angus Conservatives Claim Themselves "Instrumental" in Legal High Ban Victory
The efforts of Angus campaigners were “instrumental” in sounding the death knell for so-called legal highs. That’s the view of North East Scotland Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone who paid tribute to the county’s ‘people power.'

A new law yesterday placed a blanket ban on new psychoactive substances (NPS) which have been linked to more than 100 deaths in the UK and a rise in violent assaults in prison. Mr Johnstone said: “I very much welcome this ban, and in doing so, I would like to pay tribute to the tireless campaigning against the sale of these substances by the Angus community. I firmly believe that their efforts, which included working closely with similar groups throughout the UK were instrumental in focussing attention on... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
Half of Men Given Roadside Drug-Test Fail, Warwickshire Police Report
Almost half of the young men drug tested after road accidents in Warwickshire, tested positive for cannabis or cocaine, or both, figures have revealed. Of 43 people tested at road traffic collisions since the beginning of March this year, 16 people failed the test with 12 testing positive for cannabis, four for cocaine and two for both.

Warwickshire County Council's campaign aimed at 18-24... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
Probuphine Implant Could be a Game-Changer in Drug Addiction Treatment
US federal health officials have approved an innovative new option for Americans struggling with addiction to heroin and painkillers: a drug-oozing implant that curbs craving and withdrawal symptoms for six months at a... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
Dr Zee, the godfather of legal highs, creates methspresso machine
From ‘miaow miaow’ to the methspresso machine, Dr Zee has spent years creating new drugs faster than the British government can legislate against. But is he a freedom fighter – or a brainier version of your average dealer?

Dr Zee, the Israeli chemist credited with kicking off the legal highs market in the UK, is showing off his latest invention. Unlike his other discoveries – most notably mephedrone, which caused a media panic in 2009 when tabloids ran scare stories about “miaow miaow” and “... [Read More]
Friday, May 27th | Posted by Calliope | 0 Replies
Citizens 55+ the Largest Growing Group of People Using Cannabis as Medicine
As the U.S. becomes more comfortable with the end of cannabis prohibition, many of the arguments sustaining the drug war will come to be acknowledged as being the ridiculous propaganda that they were. For example, the lie about marijuana being the gateway drug that... [Read More]
Thursday, May 26th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Legal High Merchant Explains How Legal Highs Changed in the 25 Years he Sold Them
From today, legal highs are no longer legal. The Psychoactive Substances Act – a Home Office bill that bans any and all of those vac-packed bags of synthetic drugs with weird names – came into effect at midnight, the incredibly optimistic hope being that banning all of these substances will somehow stop people from doing them. Because prohibition has historically been so successful.

Yesterday, alongside hundreds of online and high street head shops, one of the largest and oldest legal high outfits in the UK, Herbal Highs, shut down for good. Herbal Highs... [Read More]
Thursday, May 26th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Possible Cannabis Ingestion Blamed for "Psychotic Sheep" Rampaging Through Village
SWANSEA, Wales-- Officials from a city in South Wales are warning that a group of sheep could have ingested cannabis causing them to stir up trouble in nearby towns. Swansea County Councillor Ioan Richard feared that sheep in the area could ingest cannabis plants that were dumped from an illegal cannabis factory.

"I dread to think what will happen if they eat what could well be cannabis plants -- we could have an outbreak out of psychotic sheep rampaging through the village," he said.

Richard added that one flock of sheep had already been seen roaming about a Welsh village and intruding on people's homes.

"There is already a flock of sheep roaming the village causing a nuisance," he said.... [Read More]
Wednesday, May 25th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 1 Reply
Colombian Rebels or Drug Traffickers May be Responsible for Three Missing Journalists
Colombia's government has put the head of the army and the head of the national police in charge of the hunt for a missing Spanish correspondent and two local journalists who went missing while covering her disappearance. The air force has also been brought into the search effort.

Salud Hernández-Mora is a well-known journalist in Colombia working for the Spanish paper El Mundo. She was reporting on cocaine trafficking and human rights abuses in the Catatumbo region near the border with Venezuela when she disappeared on Saturday. She had been due to fly back to Bogotá on Sunday evening, where she has been based since 1999. Diego D'Pablos and Carlos Melo were in the same area reporting on her disappearance for the Colombian RCN TV network.... [Read More]
Wednesday, May 25th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Quietly backing down from Psychoactive Substances Act?
An interesting article explaining how a recent change in enforcement plans for the Psychoactive Substances Act may spell its end or at least, its effectiveness. Pictures are in attachment, link is at the bottom.

Something has changed in the way the Home Office wants to enforce the Psychoactive Substances Act. It's a minor change in the small print, but it says a lot about how the government wants to pursue the war on drugs and the way in which civil servants try to maximise the power of the state.

Look very carefully at the ... [Read More]
Wednesday, May 25th | Posted by afriendoftina | 0 Replies
Cocaine Criminal Charges Dropped on Irish Apprentice Winner, Michelle Massey
A former winner of the Irish Apprentice has been left without a conviction after she admitted to being so "out of it" after a night's drinking she could not remember taking cocaine.

Michelle Massey (34) was found with the drug in her pocket when she was searched in a garda station following her arrest after a drunken episode in south Dublin. She was arrested after she became violent in a dispute with a taxi driver.


Fitness fanatic Massey was originally thought to be due to appear before Dun Laoghaire District Court... [Read More]
Tuesday, May 24th | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
NY Police Commissioner Blames Weed for the "Vast Majority" of Today's Drug Violence
NYPD police commissioner William Bratton—whose broken-windows approach to policing culminated in the proud crime-fighting crusade to save New Yorkers from dancing children—has some thoughts on marijuana legalization. They are almost entirely wrong.

Speaking on the John Catsimatidis radio show The Cats Roundtable, Bratton said, according to Newsmax, that “most of the violence we see around drug trafficking involves marijuana, and I have to scratch my... [Read More]
Monday, May 23rd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Columbia University's Oldest 2016 Graduate an Inspiration to Recovering Drug Users
A 67-year-old former drug dealer who overcame his own heroin addiction and two separate stints in prison did something extraordinary last week: He graduated from an Ivy League college.

David Norman, who was released from an upstate New York jail in 2000 after serving more than six years for stabbing a man to death in a street fight, received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Columbia University in New York City on Wednesday. “You know, we have a saying in the street, when people go to jail sometimes,” Norman told WBUR radio. “‘I wasn’t arrested, I... [Read More]
Monday, May 23rd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies

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