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Sheriff: 17 kilograms of opium seized from passenger at O'Hare
Chicago, IL (Daily Herald): A Minnesota woman faces multiple felony charges after a large amount of drugs, including 17 kilograms of opium, was found in her luggage over the weekend at O'Hare International Airport, Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart said Monday.

Khoua Vang, 49, of Walnut Grove, Minnesota, is charged with methamphetamine... [Read More]
Thursday, April 28th | Posted by perro-salchicha614 | 2 Replies
DEA: #1 Pain Pill Dr. in N.Y. is Closed For Business

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - Federal prosecutors say a doctor who runs a large pain management clinic in Williamsville is responsible for helping to fuel the opioid addiction crisis in Western New York.

Dr. Eugene Gosy, 55, of Clarence has been indicted on 114 counts, including charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substance, unlawful distribution of narcotics and health care fraud.

U.S. Attorney William Hochul says Gosy "took advantage of his medical license and the trust placed in him by patients, and created a highly sophisticated criminal... [Read More]
Wednesday, April 27th | Posted by Holey Moley | 7 Replies
The Dose Makes the Poison: What Do We Know About W-18?
What do we know about W-18?

“W18 drug is 10,000 times stronger than morphine: Calgary police warning”

“Police warn against deadly new street drug W-18”

“Alberta health official warns of deadly new street drug”

“W-18, a drug 100 times more potent than fentanyl, is now in B.C.”

“Albertans left in the dark about police seizure of deadly new street drug”

“ER doctors warned about
... [Read More]
Tuesday, April 26th | Posted by stryder09 | 0 Replies
Pike County massacre: Some killers are 'family annihilators,' former FBI agent says


As the investigation into the shooting deaths of eight members of a Pike County, Ohio, family extends into day No. 4, more questions are emerging about the family, who committed these crimes and what’s next for the three young children who were spared in these killings.

The victims — all members of the Rhoden family — were found Friday at four different locations in Pike County, which is about 100 miles east of Cincinnati.

We have multiple reporters in Pike County today, and we will provide updates throughout the day as new information becomes available.

1. What clues at the scenes led investigators to determine these were planned, sophisticated, “execution-style” killings?

The dead included seven adults and one 16-year-old male, most of whom were executed while in bed. All appeared to be shot in the head... [Read More]
Monday, April 25th | Posted by Basoodler | 7 Replies
Press Release: Pro-Drug Policy Reform Police Officer Wins Free Speech Case
Press Release From Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
Press Release: Pro-Drug Policy Reform Police Officer Wins Free Speech Case


Victoria Police Department Ordered to Pay Highest-Ever Award for Injury to Dignity in a Political Belief Case in Canada

Victoria, B.C., Canada... [Read More]
Monday, April 25th | Posted by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition | 1 Reply
Prince's former dealer speaks about star's addiction to fentanyl and hydromorphone
  • Prince's former drug dealer, who asked to be named only as Doctor D, revealed the full extent of the late-star's secret drug addiction

  • Doctor D revealed the singer would spend up to $40,000 a time on six-month supplies of Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches

  • Prince regularly bought drugs from Doctor D between 1984 and 2008

  • The dealer said the
... [Read More]
Sunday, April 24th | Posted by Phenoxide | 8 Replies
What Colorado's Legal Cannabis Legalization Has Enlightened Us About
When the Canadian Parliament considered decriminalizing marijuana possession in 2003, U.S. officials loudly objected . They complained that the proposed reform would betray the anti-drug cause, worried that it would encourage drug tourism and facilitate marijuana smuggling, and threatened to respond with a border crackdown that would impede trade and travel between the two countries.

Canadian legislators got the message. The marijuana bill, which would have made possessing up... [Read More]
Friday, April 22nd | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Corporations Who Paid Big for Clinton Speeches Actively Seek to Sway US Government
WASHINGTON - It's not just Wall Street banks. Most companies and groups that paid Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to speak between 2013 and 2015 have lobbied federal agencies in recent years, and more than one-third are government contractors, an Associated Press review has found. Their interests are sprawling and would follow Clinton to the White House should she win election this fall.

The AP's review of federal records, regulatory filings and correspondence showed that almost all the 82 corporations, trade associations and other groups that paid for or sponsored Clinton's speeches have actively sought to sway the government - lobbying, bidding for contracts, commenting on federal policy and in some cases contacting State Department officials or Clinton herself during her tenure as secretary of state.

Presidents are not generally bound by many of the ethics and... [Read More]
Thursday, April 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Illinois Decriminalizes Marijuana
The Illinois Senate voted on Tuesday to decriminalize the possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana. The proposed bill would replace criminal penalties for possession of 10 grams or less with a fine and a citation.

Over 100 places in Illinois have decriminalized marijuana, which would be extended to the entire state if this bill passes in the House of Representatives. Twenty other states have decriminalized marijuana possession to some extent.

Senate Bill 2228 would change current criminal penalties, including possible jail time, with a citation and fine for possession of up to ten grams of marijuana in Illinois. As long as the sentence is carried out, the civil violation records would eventually be expunged.

... [Read More]
Thursday, April 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
GW Pharmaceuticals's Cannabis-Based Drug Epidiolex Granted Orphan Status
Epidiolex, a cannabis-based drug designed to treat epilepsy made by GW Pharmaceuticals, was granted orphan status by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The designation was given based on the drug’s potential viability in treating a rare genetic disorder called tuberculosis sclerosis complex (TSC), which can induce epilepsy in an estimated 80 to 90 percent of patients diagnosed with it, reported Reuters. An approximate 50,000 people in the U.S. have TSC with nearly 1 million... [Read More]
Thursday, April 21st | Posted by Beenthere2Hippie | 0 Replies
Brain Scans Link Physical Changes To Cognitive Risks of Widely Used Class of Drugs
INDIANAPOLIS -- Older adults might want to avoid a using class of drugs commonly used in over-the-counter products such as nighttime cold medicines due to their links to cognitive impairment, a research team led by scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine has recommended.

Using brain imaging techniques, the researchers found lower metabolism and reduced brain sizes among study participants taking the drugs known to have an anticholinergic effect, meaning they block acetylcholine, a nervous system neurotransmitter.

Previous research found a link between between the anticholinergic drugs and cognitive impairment and increased risk of dementia. The new paper published in the journal JAMA... [Read More]
Thursday, April 21st | Posted by 5-HT2A | 4 Replies
Canadian Engineer Develops Microfluidic Breathalyzer that Detects THC
The smell of your breath is the science behind a new device that will determine if you’re too stoned to be behind the wheel.

UBC Okanagan engineering professor Mina Hoorfar has developed a handheld device, known as a microfluidic breath analyzer that can detect the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in a person’s breath. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in ... [Read More]
Thursday, April 21st | Posted by Calliope | 0 Replies
Canada's Government will Indeed Legalize Cannabis: Announced at UN
Federal legislation to legalize marijuana will be ready in a year, Canada's health minister told the UN at a special session of the General Assembly in New York today.

"We will introduce legislation in spring 2017 that ensures we keep marijuana out of the hands of children and profits out of the hands of criminals," Jane Philpott said in her prepared speech to delegates.

"We will work with law enforcement partners to encourage appropriate and proportionate criminal justice measures. We know it is impossible to arrest our way out of this problem," she said.

Delegates are reviewing the progress and implementation of the UN's 2009 action plan on ... [Read More]
Thursday, April 21st | Posted by Calliope | 1 Reply

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