1 Year clean and free from Buprenorphine/Opiates

By Kickingthedemond88 · Mar 6, 2019 · ·
  1. 1 year ago today, I decided I was sick of my day to day life dependent on having pills. I took my last dose and prepared for a ride through hell. I had read so many horror stories of people trying to quit so I was absolutely scared to death but subutex for 5-6 years and opiates for a few years before that had saturated my body. Something had to give!

    I jumped from an average daily dose of 24-28mg and these horror stories I read were from people jumping off at less than 2mg a day. I was just so fed up, my mind was set and I was finally determined. If you are affraid, dont be! It wasnt fun but I still managed to work everyday through the withdrawal. It was very long, very drawn out, but mild looking back.

    Fast forward to today and I'm a whole new person. Every single thing about me has changed for the better! Getting off the pills was the absolute best thing I could've ever done for myself and it was worth every bit of the struggle I went through to get here.

    If anyone would like to know more, you can message me or click on my profile and read my journal and journal entries which details the last year of my sobriety, starting at day 1.

    God Bless you all and thank you for your support!

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    Free from the soul killing subutex since 3/4/18


  1. Hopeless78
    @Kickingthedemond88 so awesome, congrats on one year! Can’t believe it’s been a year already, crazy. I just finally jumped off a few weeks ago for good myself, over and done with that shit, for good this time.
    Anyway, thanks for the update, glad to hear things are going well :).
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      That is so awesome to hear!! How are you feeling?
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    2. Xatinha
      How long before the anxiety abated? Congratulations!
  2. PastorFuzz
    Best news I heard in quite awhile but it comes as no surprise. It was plain to see you were gonna go the distance. You're still young. You gotta great big awesome life to live. So step into it, dream big, live large! Congratulations, compadre! You deserve everything good that comes your way!
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      Thank you, my friend!
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  3. Hopeless78
    @Kickingthedemond88 the first week was hell, and I jumped off a really small dose too — I don’t think I ever felt so bad in my life, mentally, and I had a major pill addiction. Had a meltdown, and started on some anti anxiety meds as well as anti depressants just for some extra help. I’m starting to feel a bit better, bit by bit. Everything is situational in my case as well, I’ve got a LOT of shit going on in my life atm, but I decided since I’m suffering I might as well jump off now and have start healing my brain, as I plan on moving across the world so that my boyfriend & I can finally be together (you probably know that story already it’s all over DF lol) decided I need to take responsibility for my own actions and do this now, as we already have enough to deal with, he’s been clean for almost over a year off heroin/subs and crack. Just taking it day by day and trying to look forward to the near future as it’s been the toughest 7-12 months of my entire life. Thanks for asking x
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      Hang in there! Things are going to pull through for you girl! Proud of you!
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    2. Hopeless78
      Thank you friend, means a lot — hopefully things are finally on the mend, it’s been a shit 7-8 months, but I’m still here. Proud of you as well, you’re an inspiration to everyone trying to get into recovery from opiates and opioids @Kickingthedemond88
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  4. I_beat_heroin
    Congratulations! I know this is gonna sound weird from a total stranger, but I'm sooo proud of you :)
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      Thank you so much! It's not weird at all. I see your profile name and I too am proud of you!
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  5. PastorFuzz
    It dont sound weird at all, @I_beat_heroin. It's a big part of why we're here at DF. I think so awesome that I care bout you and all the other people in this crazyass tribe I don't even know and who I'll never meet and that these same total strangers feel the same toward me.

    That being said; I gotta say that I'm sooo proud of you both! I wish I hadda fraction of y'all's strength and courage.
  6. I_beat_heroin
    Strength isn't the word I'd use.......more like fear of going back to jail, dying, etc..
  7. PastorFuzz
    Howzitgoin, everybody?
    Howzitgoin @I_beat_heroin !
    Howzitgoin @Kickingthedemond88 !

    You're right. That is a powerful profile name, straight up.

    I_beat_heroin, it don't matter where or how the strength, courage, and resolve, and all the other positive traits that are vital to your recovery originate. The relevance lies in your possession of them, in sufficient abundance to put your name on that very short list of people who were once junkies and lived to tell about it. So, yeah, I'm fuckin proud as hell of both y'all.

    I deal with fear every day I go to work, so I too often derive strength from being scared shitless

    Y'all have a decent day!!
  8. Kickingthedemond88
    Hey, friends! I hope you all are well. I'm still going strong!!
  9. JaneDeux
    Thank you for checking in, glad to hear it!
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