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  1. tonight's sleep was ok.. well the horror nightmares are always there of course. This morning I woke up round 06:30 with a dream that I tryid to piss in a public toilet but i couldn't.. so I draw my foreskin back and some alien shit came out.. and while I looked around every toilet was full with shit.. but moving like brains. brainshit with aliens coming out of my dick. God morning peter.. then the morning routine.. laying depressed with agony from 06:30 to 10:30 when it´s time for my daily dose.. 15minutes after dose I manage to look on Tv. Allways History channel-2. Everything ells depresses me.. cant stand happy people.. only Domesdayshit feels safe to me. Concentrations camps documentaries etc.

    have a nice day people and take care

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    messed up guy.


  1. midihooker
    omg.. today is sport day on TV. My mother loves every sport there is.. thank good for youtube.. hopefully I will find something with a lot of suffering there :D
  2. midihooker
    fukk cant sleep.. took five 10mg diazipene right now hope it works.. did not take any yesterday .. i have tvo/three days cycle rule..but those zopiclone dos nothing for me.. i remeber when i was still able to do brakes from phenibut.. zopiclone and diffrents benzos works really good.. so why not now? maby phenibut works on gaba-A in higher doses also..?
  3. kasper214
    Man i apologize if I'm offf and hope i aint but if your trying to get off the benzos or you have got it so your tolerance is supper high i been there and from my exp after 3 years of not taking a thing i started and it was like my tolerance never left after about a month i was back to where i left off i think in my case it was my body wasn't able to break the pills down if you haven't already chew and let them sit under your toungue taste like shit but it does seem to help now the phenibut supposed to come in powder so maybe that would help and the zopiclone never worked for me....

    what are you trying to do
    Get off benzos?
    let me know, maybe i can share my experiences and trials with you hope this helped and good luck man
    1. midihooker
      no.. I´m trying to get of phenibut.. I´m not taking benzos every day. I have in the past going cold turkey from benzos and it almost killed me.. very close to a heart attack.. 259/162.. I take diazipane no more the five days or so at once.. and the not take the for a couple of days.. the reason they wont work is this phenibut shit I´m trying to quit . read my Journal if you like. Take care dude :) https://drugs-forum.com/journals/phenibuttfuckked.897/
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