35 years of drug taking - Part 12

By supermono · Dec 6, 2014 · ·
  1. Yea it is JD.:) Thanks. I really appreciate your help. I have bad insomnia tonight and its causing me anxiety and I hate it. So I,ll do LUTW now. Its 04.17 here.

    What a fuck up.

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    Hi werecat how are you ?

    I burnt the box of codeine and I wish I hadnt cos i,m in a bad place right now and I want out.

    I can be scroooge lol

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    Good morning everybody hope you are all progressing well ?

    I had the worst or one of the worst nights of my life last night. I will try my hardest to explain properly.

    I have a book that I write in. Like a diary of what I have taken and when. I,ve used this for my Dihydracodeine taper. Its very difficult to read and understand it. I was doing very well until last night when all of a sudden I had bad withdrawl. I couldnt understand it. Nothing would stop me from feeling very poorly. The hot showers, the legs against the wall, nothing would work to ease my pain. I didnt know what to do, but worked out I had to get some codeine inside me from the chemist this morning.

    I made an appointment to see the doc. Before hand
    I went to 2 chemists and bought nurofen plus ibuprofen with 12.8 mg of codeine phosphate and co-codomol 8mg codeine. I took 3 of the first and 2 of the 2nd. I was very scared as I dont know about the paracetamol and the ibuprofen. That means 54.4 mg codeine phos. Got me ?
    I was shaking all over the place but feel fine now.

    I then lied :( to the doc in some ways. Yes my back is bad. But I bigged it up which makes me a liar and I dont like liars. Please forgive me.
    He gave me 56 x 15mg codeine phos and 30 mg Diazepam and some paracetomol. I told him I also had bad shits which is true as I went 3/4 times between 5 and 8 am.

    Now I could be wrong but I can see entries in the diary for valium and have not included this in my taper.
    Why else would this withdrawl kick in ? Some days 30 or 20 or 10 or nil ! I dont know. My freind says diazepam withdrawl kicks in after a few days for him.

    I hope this makes sense. What should I do now. I am stable. I am worried. The anxiety was unbearable.

    I need to find my stable limit and then stay there for a day or 2 and try again. God I hope this makes sense. I have had several heroin/opium/methadone withdrawls in my life time. This felt different.

    Please what do you think ? Its the most scared I have ever been. Thankyou for reading this. Any advice would be greatfully recieved.
    God bless Mono

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    PS. I have never had valium withdrawl before just opiates.


  1. Jungledog

    What you described could be both. I think I would concentrate on getting off the opiates first and then the valium. It's kinda funny. You lied to your doctor about having pain and I tried to convince mine that my pain wasn't that bad!!! Both of us lied. Fuck this shit is complicated. At least we are honest here

    Sorry for your bad night. That is never fun. :(
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