35 years of drug taking - Part 13

By supermono · Dec 7, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi and thanks JD. I just went to the dump with 2 old beds that have been in my van for 2 months. I started to withdraw on the way back so IMO its the valium. I wouldnt feel shite after taking 54 mg codeine at approx 0830 this morning. I hope. I really feel I can tell the difference. I could be wrong but I will see over the next day or so. I will sort this out. I,ve just had a blip and I,m not beating myself up. I made mistakes with log entries. Now they will be timed dated and stamped.

    I have realised I do have a very bad back trying to move 2 old beds up a flight of stairs without much help. I have become so unfit over the last 2 months. I,m just going to stabilise today, get some sleep and take 30mg DHC twice tomorrow and 10 mg valium then reduce if this seems a holding dose. I learnt alot from you. Thanks.
    Just like before I will crack this. I have also gone back to vaping as this was the deal last night I had with myself.
    I gave up the booze, the hashish and now the fags cos they willl kill me before anything else.

    I appreciate your help JD. How are you feeling. I hope your doing well. Stick with it as I know you will.
    Peace Mono

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    Yes JD now I have thought about it you are right. Hopefully no more DHC then but I,ll have to buy valium which isnt a problem.

    Peace Mono

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    Still here, safe and fighting but the last 30 odd hours has been tuff. I will get this but it may take longer than I thought.

    Peace Mono


  1. Jungledog

    Yeah, it seems like the detox will never end when you are suffering through it. I just keep telling myself I had many euphoric hours and now I need to get back to reality. I am feeling surprisingly well today. My doctor gave me this drug called Gralise (it is like super gabapentin) and it seems to be covering up my detox symptoms...that or my body is finally starting to recover. I have had no kratom in almost 24 hours.

    Keep plugging along. It sucks but it does end. Much love to you!
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