35 years of drug taking - Part 16

By supermono · Dec 10, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi werecat, Sorry to hear you are not sleeping well. I know exactly how you feel. Its not very nice is it ? Have you tried different things to help yourself ? I cant offer you much advice apart for downloading or buying the book Yoga for medication. They do have stuff in there thats not hard to do which may aid your sleep. You dont even have to stand up to do these. All can be done sitting upright in a chair. They just get you breathing very slowly vey deeply. This gets more air into the lungs so more oxygen into the blood which helps the nervous system. The yoga is helping me. Maybe you could give it a try. I have been blown away by some of it. 2 days ago I was high from it. And of course legs up the wall which I have now added a hum to. I had a good experience from it yesterday. I felt really calm after doing that one. Hope you sleep better soon.

    I am feeling more positive this morning because I managed to sleep for the longest in several days. My freind came over last night. We havent seen each other for months. He supported me really well as he can indentify with my addiction. YEE haa. I have a support mechanism. Sorry I have 2 support mechanisms as I forgot you guys. He doesnt live far away and I can go and see him for support. I have to go to see someone this morning which I,m hoping will lead to regular free accupunture and possibly some councilling. Fingers crossed.
    I think that codeine is a poor drug to taper on but its all i,ve got and I dont want to introduce new drugs into my system at this stage. The reason being that I should be dosing 3 or 4 times a day and I have only been dosing twice. maybe i can adjust this, not sure at the mo. I,m down to 100 mg of codeine phosphate which is two thirds the strength of dihydracodeine. So I make that the equivalant of 6 and a bit mg methadone. Not far to go now. I convert it to methadone as this helps me as I,ve taperd from methadone before and got down to one mg on it before stopping. This helps me by reducing to nothing. NIL. Thanks for all your support I will post later to let you know how its going. Thanks for all the support and helpful advice. I will smash the fecking old hag ha ha. Love you all. Peace Mono


  1. Jungledog

    You are doing good. Just keep cutting the dose. It will hurt but is what you need to do. Glad the sleep was a little better. :)
  2. Werecat
    Hello Mono, yeah I've tried all sorts. It used to be If I exercised/was physically active it helped. I also seem to sleep well when I have a boyfriend, hmm. :p My sleep problems have been around since I was very young.

    I've tried a little of that yoga already and it was brilliant, legs up the wall is so relaxing. Once I can afford that book on Kindle I'll get it.

    I did end up falling asleep again after writing that post, after a little bit of reading the forum.

    I'm pleased to hear you have some local support. Of course it's great having support here but actually having someone who understands in person is the best support you can get. Have you also thought of joining any (not drug related) interest groups or meditation classes? Though you said you are in the middle of nowhere, could you take your transport? What interests you?

    I hope I can move one day and I have a few clubs/classes in mind.

    *virtual hugs*

    Keep going, you'll get there. Besides I personally believe codeine is a better drug to make the jump from. I didn't used to believe this but after experiencing WDs from Oxycodone, I've changed my mind quite quickly.

    We're here cheering for you!
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