35 years of drug taking - Part 17

By supermono · Dec 10, 2014 · ·
  1. Werecat "What interests me"
    I bought a 1930's derelict bungalow in 2010. I could see the sky through the roof and the mud through the floor. First I put a new roof on the garage to create a workshop and a place to store all the new materials. I used nine 6 yard skips to clear everything out. All the rotten windows, doors everything. I took all the old lathe and plaster ceilings down. I gutted the place working 6 days a week between 10 and 12 hours per day. It took me 3 years to refurbish the bungalow to a high standard. Oak doors, porcelain tiles new kitchen, shower etc. The only thing I saved was the basin as it looked superb. Really big so when you wash your face the water stays in the sink. I got the roofers in to re felt batten and tile it. The chimneys were rerendered and new bricks at the top. I pfitted a new kitchen with oak worktop and fitted a really good induction hobb. (works on magnets, really fast boil and uses little energy...kin ace )
    Basically I had to refurbish every square inch of the property. I make money buying properties, refurbing them and selling them on. Quite stressful at times but I enjoy it. Put a good woodburner in new heating system. The list is endless.
    Motorcycles. I was what we call a "Trackday Addict" here in the Uk. You pay your money and race yor race bike round all day. I had a Ducati 848 last but sold it as I lost interest in it. Theres only so many times you can race a track before it loses its appeal. I been to most race tracks in the Uk. Good fun, good people but very expensive hobby. Lots of adrenalin. I then bought an enduro bike and we headed down to Auvergne in France where we can ride through the forrests and valleys all day. Popping out into little villages for fuel and munchies. The French love us because they believe in "Live and let live". Here in the UK we are fround upon and they are closing all the byways and tracks because we dont have horses or walk down them. They think we are scum. Thats why we go to France. I like to cook. I like seeing my 2 daughters. They are so polite and very funny. I miss them. I like to travel and at last count I have been to 20 different counties encluding India,Sri Lanka, Nepal ,Morocco,Greece,Italy,Holland,France,Greece,USA ( work :) ) and many others.

    Those are my interests. I am thinking of moving to Portugal. Property and the cost of living are very cheap . I would like to live in Andulucia Spain but its too expensive. i want some land and its out of my price range.

    How about you ? What do you like to do ?

    Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. You to JD :). I hope you are feeling Good. I,ve had an excellent day and reduced aswell with little wdrl. Its all in the head. All in the mind. Off to see my mate now.
    Peace Mono


  1. lostlygirl
    Hi Mono,

    Sorry its taken a bit to write, but I have been following your thread. It's been a busy few days for me and I am slowly catching up on all the threads I have missed. I hope to get to them all today :).

    You are sounding well. Your bungalow sounds awesome! I like watching the extreme renovation shows, and I could picture you starting from scratch with a big hole in the roof. I watched a few British shows, but for the life of me I cannot remember their names. They were really good, though. I am in the process of fixing up my house, it takes time but it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

    I understand you just stopped taking the valium? How are you going with that? I was a little confused if you decided to completely stop or if you went back on it and decided to taper?

    How are your other meds coming along? It sounds as if the codeine is really helping. We cannot get over the counter codeine in the US, even though I know you are currently taking prescription strength.

    Well, I don't have any great advice, or anything :), but I wanted to check in and cheer you on and say that you are doing really well!
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