35 years of drug taking - Part 25

By supermono · Dec 18, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks for your support Mel and everybody else. I am so feckin bored. I know its part of the process. I know it takes time. I should know, I,ve been here quite a few times.
    I forced myself to go out yesterday. Not for long. Just a short walk on the beach. A Freezing cold beach at that. I fixed my amplifier though. Now I am really going to piss the neighbours off. They piss me off enough with their feckin dogs barking like they want to kill. I got arrested last year because I threatened my NFH.
    NEIGHBOUR FROM HELL. What a bitch she is. 3 dogs, she does not walk them and they bark feckin loudly. It should be against the law. I,ve tried everything. The RSPCA, the environmental dept, the parish council, the police, her landlord, even my feckin useless MP. A waste of time. I need to not let it affect me but it does. I moved here for peace and quiet and everything was great until my neighbour moved out. Then this bitch moved in. Now the lady on the other side of NFH has sold her house because of NFH. Fekin bad situation. Nobody helped her. I tried but she didnt take my advice even though she came over 4 or 5 times to ask for advise about what to do. I bet the new people knock on my door and ask if I know anything about the dog noise. I,d bet money on it. The whole cycle will continue. Its no wonder I chucked oxy,mst,tramadol,DF118's alcohol and pot down my neck. It makes me anxious. But my anxiety has been good over the last few days. I,m pleased about it. I have accupunture today. Good. Maybe cut, fix and stain a shelf for another amplifier in the kitchen for more very loud music. If I have any energy. I have achieved a small milestone cos I,m 82 hours in without opiates. I was thinking 72 hours being the peek of any wdrls. I dont feel to bad this morning. Just really bored. No spark. No motivation. No energy. It will come.......slowly.


  1. Jungledog

    Sorry about the neighbor. We just had one of those. She married this aggressive, child molester meth crack addict. When high he would get aggressive and punch holes in the walls. I used to listen to screaming, the kids crying, and things breaking. He was sexually abusing her 2 young daughters from another marriage. Cops always there. Child protective services etc. The whole neighborhood just kept calling the police daily. Eventually they got the picture and moved out. This lady was a doctor. It was sad. Felt bad for the kids.

    Anyhow, have you tried a white noise machine? I got one and used it during my neighbor nightmare. It really did reduce the sound.

    Keep moving. Stay busy. It is hard I know. I keep burying myself in work but I just so exhausted. Do not feel like doing anything. Love to you.
  2. Mr Bumble
    Your doing really well dude, the pain in the legs drives me mad but if you can keep moving it seems tohelp and sounds like your keeping as busy as you can.
    Man your NFh sucks, that would defo end me up in jail as I know I'd lose it eventually lol

    I'm a spark/chippy btw. trained as a mechaincal engineer originally,working on lathes and mills but couldnt stand being stuck in the same workshop with the same dick heads making the same parts everyday so quit and retrained as a spark. I'm not a trained chippy but been working with tools since a boy and carpentry comes naturally to me and never had any complaints about my work.

    Think you said you were at 72 hrs, thats great, things will defo ease off soon. The next thing to happen will be your sex drive will go crazy,so buy a big box of man sized tissues haha
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