35 years of drug taking - Part 29

By supermono · Dec 20, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks JD and Lostly,
    I have taken courage to change the things I can. I have been to see her landlord and just got back.he is going to tell her the dogs have to. The only trouble is he told me this before. Still I,m glad I found the courage to go and see him. I hate these xanax. Chilled me but I dont like the way they make me feel. great to hear from you Lostly. i really hope you can manage to taper and get off this shit. I have, so can you. keep going my friend. JD. maybe I wont have too. Maybe the landlord will finally get her to get rid of the dogs. Sorry to hear about the lack of energy. It will come back for you. So today will be another day clean today except the xanax. I do feel that I have taken a mood altering substance and my clean time must start again. Thats just the way I think. I,m eating well, exercising, playing pool, getting out and have found choclate brownie ice cream. Lovely. Take care my friends. We can all do this.
    Love and peace to you all. I think you are all wonderfal


  1. lostlygirl
    I am of the opinion that we shouldn't necessarily have to start clean time from the beginning when we are actively trying to get clean. I believe it psychologically works against us. I think it mentally erases all the good work you have done, and all the days that you have put under your belt.

    For instance, if our goal was to exercise everyday and we missed a day, we wouldn't discount all the other days of exercise. We would just not count the day we did not exercise as part of our tally.

    I would just not count the Xanax day. Just my two cents :). It's a more accurate portrayal of the truth. If you wanted to be technically accurate, tally both the days you were clean, and the ones you feel you used. Example: 18 days clean, 2 days used.

    Great news about the dogs! Did she give you a time frame for when they have to be gone?

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    What do you think is worse, withdrawing from opiates or from benzo's?
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