35 years of drug taking - Part 38

By supermono · Dec 26, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi JD and LG, Thanks for your support ladies :vibes: I did have some champagne yesterday so not clean :s. try telling 8 people you dont drink. I,ve come along way since I joined so even though I havent achieved exactly what I wish for I will kick on again today. I new x mas was going to be difficult and it was. my hands were shaking my back was killing me. I had to leave the table and lie down on the living room floor because of the pain.

    One thing I dont like about DF is the rating system as it creates the "Odd one out" Sounds and feels all so familiar. Either my thread is shit or your advice is. LOL. Maybe its sent to challenge me.

    JD. Amigo, great about the kratom. Don't worry about the wine, i,m not. i,ll just kick on again today. just at M and D's today so I can say "NO". The village is pretty good. There are loads of churches here in all the villages in Suffolk, built by the rich merchants who thought they could buy their way into heaven. Attendance is sparse and the people are mostly very old. One day no one will go. You can come and see the village any time my friend. I bought my mum our holy bible. you know the one JD. Yoga as medicine, she loves it. She has done one yoga class a week for 35 years but doesnt do any at home. Just take your time with the healing. its slow and we addicts want it all now. Well I do.

    LG. The road is quiet I had the window open and its no big deal mate. But I have heard the fekin dog twice at 3.30 am over the last few days. Just a quick 2 second burst but who lets there dog out at that time ? I went to see her landlord. He doesnt remember anything. The conversations we have had. This could be selective hearing. He did apologise but it means nothing until the dog is gone.

    Roast beef today yum. Have a good one everybody. Keep working hard on your sobriety. Love Mono:D


  1. lostlygirl
    Hi Mono,

    I wouldn't worry too much about the rating system. I'm not even sure how it works? I thought your thread was rated...it surprised me that it wasn't. When I realized I hadn't rated it I gave it the rating it deserved, that being excellent, amigo! I think people just forget to rate, more than anything.

    I wasn't sure if my villagey comment came out the right way. I liked, no, loved that your neighbor could chat with you through the window. Modern day suburbs lack a cohesiveness and intimacy that I very much enjoy. My ancestry is all from the Norfolk area(rivals?). That's rather bizarre that your neighbors landlord forgot your conversation about the dogs. I am shaking my head and tutting in singularity to your plight (I was going to say clucking..but I think that has a whole different meaning over there.....!)

    I am glad you made it through Christmas. I wouldn't worry too much about the Champaign because you have come so far in the last few months. Think of everything you have stopped. Many people would've fallen right off of the wagon and you haven't.

    What would you say was more difficult, alcohol or opiates? Better yet, you have tapered off of a lot of stuff in the last 6 mths, which would you say was more difficult (this detox)?

    What do the drugs numb for you?
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