35 years of drug taking - Part 42

By supermono · Jan 1, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi everyone,

    Its likely that I will not post so much now. I,ll be working on my sobriety and trying to get on with my new life.
    Its been quite a journey over the last 6 weeks or so. Its been a journey of a life time.

    I would like to thank the person or people who started the DF community. Thank you. The team that run it now. You do a brilliant job. To anyone who has supported me here on my thread. You know who you are and I will never forget. You will all remain in my heart forever.

    I will drop in and off load if I need to and of course I,ll be reading your threads to see how you are all getting on.

    If anyone reads this and you feel there is no way out of your life of hell. It doesn't matter what you are taking, how much or for how long. You can get well. There is a way out. It takes a great deal of effort and you have to want it more than anything you ever did. I did it. So can you.

    There is still a lot of toxins in my body. I awoke to another soaking wet T shirt this morning. I am one week clean now. It doesn't mean much to me as I have been here many times. Everyday gets better than the last. I sleep a little better, my body doesn't ache so much. I get more energy. My motivation is increasing slowly, very slowly but still far from "A lust for life". I know everything will improve. I bounce well. My back pain does get bad and I can't lift heavy objects. I will have to learn to manage my pain somehow.

    Take care everybody, be strong. Peace and serenity to you all. Happy new year. Mono


  1. Jungledog

    Love you friend and am super proud of you. Thank you for all your kind words and support. Please do post from time to time. I want to hear about your healing life. Wish you the very, very best life has to offer. Love to you and Happy New Year!!!
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