35 years of drug taking - Part 44

By supermono · Jan 4, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi JD,
    Just a quick question please my friend. I did take a few 400mg valerian root capsules. Just one at a time. I don,t really feel they work so I,ve stopped. What is a safe dose for valerian ??

    What is melatonin ? What is a safe dose ?

    I,m not sure I will take them but you never know. As much as I want no drugs they aren't mood altering so I,m ok taking a few if they get me to sleep rather than getting into bed, then out, in out in out bla bla.
    Thanks for your help on this one. Not sure if I can get them OTC here in UK.

    Hope your well my friend.

    Peace Mono

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    Melatonin is not available OTC here but 5-HTP is. I know people who take this after a weekend of MDMA and Coke. Can you give me any advice please JD. Thanks mate. Love you xx


  1. Jungledog

    Valerian is a very safe herb. Usual dose is 2-3gm of dried herb 1 hour before bed. For some it can take a few weeks to build up and work. For me it worked immediately. There have been cases where people took large overdoses up to 20 gm of the stuff with no adverse affects other than an upset stomach. My daughter was struggling to sleep this weekend (she also struggles with anxiety/depression) and I gave her some. She slept very well the first night. You can also drink it as a tea in combination with chamomile and lavender.

    Melatonin is a hormone. It is released by the body in response to a change in light. As the day darkens to night, the body releases this to go to sleep. With the advent of electric lights, computer screens and late night TV, our body's melatonin levels get all fucked up. I take 0.3 mg right before bed. The key is don't turn the lights back on once you take it. Both of these are available OTC and online.

    Clonidine is an alpha blocker. It is not mood altering. It simply soothes the sympathetic nervous system helping one to relax and sleep. I prescribe this drug regularly to my patients. It is quite common for heart patients to have anxiety. I like it because it doesn't change thinking nor is it addictive. It can though for some with high blood pressure cause rebound hypertension (blood pressure goes high if you skip a dose). So I ask patients to monitor their blood pressure twice daily. I would imagine you need a prescription in the UK but it is a mostly harmless drug and as long as you don't have low blood pressure, your doctor would prescribe it for you.
  2. supermono

    Thanks. You say dry herb. I have valerian root in capsules. Is that the same please ?

    Peace mono
  3. ianzombie
    Valerian root come in many forms, mostly it is the plain dry herb ground and put in capsules or an extract in pill form, often with other extracts combined (passion flower, hops etc) If you have the packaging it should tell you which it is.
    Regardless, taking too much will only result in a headache, it is a very safe herb.
  4. Jungledog
    Yes, ground and put in capsules. Sorry to confuse you.
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