35 years of drug taking - Part 47

By supermono · Jan 25, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi everyone, hope your all doing well and enjoying life.

    I am very busy getting on with my life :) Yes, its tuff sometimes but I just try and keep busy with work, food and friends.
    Got my nutribullett now, Thanks JD, great tip. They are excellent. Really impressed.

    My life seems to revolve around planning what I,m going to eat next. LOL. I eat really healthy all the time by not putting anything processed in side me.....apart from the odd bit of chocolate.

    I,m really pleased with the progress I am making with my daughters YEA !!!. 2 hour text conversation with my youngest last weekend and my eldest has started to phone me again . Brings tears to my eyes. I love them dearly. I may even get the chance to teach my eldest how to drive. This is my job and i don't want anyone else doing it. So we are going to buy her a small car which has to be specially adapted because she has dwarfism but we have it all sussed out now. The pedals need to be extended, the seat altered. We have found a couple of companies that can do this for her. Brilliant. She is a fekin super star that girl. I am so super proud of her.

    Just starting to plan the big day in April for my 50th. I think it will be with my closest friends who have been very supportive of me during the last few weeks. They even come round my house now. Love it.

    I just need more work now and then everything will be in place.

    I hope you are all getting to where you want to be in your lives. I know how hard it can be but just keep going.

    Thanks for all your support, its been invaluable.
    May your gods go with you, peace,love and respect to you all. Love you, Mono xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Jungledog
    I was so excited to see your post!! Mono, you were such a huge part of my recovery. It sounds like your lifei is going well and you will have much to celebrate in April. Green smoothies will literally turn your life around and keep to dark chocolate and snack away. It is an excellent antioxidant!

    So happy you have regained contact with your daughters. I am so proud and excited for you! Much-love to you!
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