35 years of drug taking - Part 8

By supermono · Dec 4, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi everyone,
    Hope your all doing well.
    Thanks for your support guys but I still feel shit. I think I said before the older I get the harder they become. My back is killing me today and I did take 30mg DHC. Theres no point in me lying about it to you guys or myself. But that was earlier I mean taking the DHC. I took it at 11.15 am before I had to go out and buy food and book the chiroprator. It didnt do much for me. My back still hurt and I didnt feel it. I feel a bit guilty but I,m not going to beat myself up like in the past. If it were the past I,d of said feck this and I,d be off again. I,d just toss a load more down my neck get high and say feck it.
    But I dont want to do that. I dont want to take it but I feel like my back is going to break. Maybe I overdid it yesterday. Mmmmm not sure.

    OK I need advice me thinks. What shall I do. Throw them away like I did with the subutex and the shit pills or what ?

    I have to go down the social tomorrow morning and talk work lol. Now dont get me wrong. I want to work
    I like work, but not like this. Maybe I should just say look mate I,m a feckin junky now piss off, sorry made me laugh anyway.

    So I,ll leave it at that for now but really what do you think. Do I chuck them out or not ? Maybe I should but I want to see the girls and its 200 mile round trip in the van. I,m really confused maybe its the tonic water as I just read quinine is bad for you.

    Thanks for reading and any advice will be greatly recieved.
    Peace Mono


  1. Werecat

    Don't beat yourself up (but be careful of wanting to take more). You could always try an ibuprofen & icing it or getting an ice rub.

    I'd personally keep some for pain (well, if I learn to control my meds), but if you really feel you can't then throw them away, it's not worth getting back into the habit.

    Also I wouldn't drive with it in your system if I were you anyway.

    (Hope I didn't sound preachy, some people on here might have better advice).
  2. jazzyj9
    Wow that's really awesome! It's very motivating, that someone would quit habits that are so long lived to reconnect with the authentic self, the state of consciousness unhindered by external substances. I am also stopping some "milder" habits. I was in the habit of using kratom an alcohol when ever I was off work and started to feel like I was numbing myself, escaping rather than dealing with my feelings. So I've eliminated the kratom for the past week. I want to be comfortable in my own skin unadulterated.
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