3rd time's the charm - starting a new life without oxycodone - Part 69

By Rosie P · Aug 18, 2014 · ·

    I cannot say how happy I am, and how much I appreciate all the support I was given from perfect strangers here on the forum. You all got me through some tough times and rough patches. I will be forever grateful.

    Looking back at the past year I think of the true feelings I have felt, real sadness and also pure happiness. You forget what that really feels like when you've been dulling your senses for so long.

    In the past year I've started taking good care of myself! I exercise and eat well. I sleep 8-9 hours a night. I'm great at my job and I don't dread being there. I got married; we are talking about having a child within the next year.

    I think the best parts, for me, about being clean are the freedom that comes with not NEEDING a substance to make it through the day, and the pure joy I now get from pretty basic stuff. Last Christmas was the best one I can remember in years. I so thoroughly enjoyed all the little pieces of holiday prep, parties, my family... And I actually feel happy when I do everyday chores like dishes or laundry. This summer I've squeezed so much fun out of the season! I remember why I used to be a beach bum and why I loved the heat of the sun so much.

    After reflecting on my first year after opiates, to anyone wondering if getting clean is worth it I would say this: I never knew before my addiction how much I could love everyday life, and the agony of those early days/weeks is a small price to pay for the way life feels now.

    I am so proud and happy to have reached one year. Thanks again for all you have done for me. You know who you are!


  1. donwhithe

    Congratulations for making it one year.You have done something few have been able to accomplish. I think people like you that continue posting for as long as you did do a great service to the rest of us who are contemplating quitting. Anybody who has quit knows that the most difficult part is dealing with the pos tacute withdrawal (PAWS). I think you said that you used for about three years, but that your daily dosage had gotten up to around 300 mg. There are some knowledgeable people who say that one can roughly expect one month of post acute withdrawal for each year of usage. For me, that means at least six months of PAWS. The fact that you started getting much better after 40 days gives the rest of us hope that the recovery time can be much less than the this general rule that has been tossed around.

    I just wanted to post a message to let you know how much of an inspiration it really is for people like you to continue with their journaling for an extended period of time. Your story will give inspiration to many to make the effort to quit, and I'm quite certain that to at least a few people it will make all the difference between success and failure. Again, congratulations.
  2. goodgirlgoingbad
    Yes, Congrats! I think today is the day for me.. no more oxy after 4 years.. Maybe I should begin a journal.. I don't want my journey to be anymore longer than it already will be.. comparing situations, etc. I realize that everyone's body is different and I'd like to think of myself on the "fighter" side of life..I am used to a battle and its time to put on my "big-girl" panties!
  3. offthewall87
    I'm so happy to see that you are still clean. I stumbled on your journal and it made me remember how hard and then great it was to not need Oxycontin any more after 3 years. Don't pick anything back up like I did. I is not worth the trouble of that temporary high. Congrats and good luck with your sobriety!!
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