1. Wow! 40 days! Sunday makes 6 weeks since I went cold turkey and I honestly cant believe I'm finally free! I'm feeling very very good these last few days. My energy has greatly improved over the last 4 days but it's still got a little ways to go.

    I've been out of town working the past 2 days and last night decided to go out to a sports bar with my coworkers and we had a blast. I felt so good and really enjoyed myself. Life is so much better and more fun when you are drug free!

    As hard as this journey was I still managed to hold my job and as a matter of fact I had a $200 per month raise show up on today's check. God is good!

    Thank you to the few of you out there who kept encouraging me through this process. I feel like I have a bond with you now and your support helped carry me through it.

    Hope you all have a blessed day and keep fighting the good fight, its worth it!

    #happyandclean #freeatlast #kickedthedemon

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    Free from the soul killing subutex since 3/4/18
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  1. torn2bits
    Yeah that's good stuff, 6 weeks was what it took for me, and after that I knew I'd never go back.EVER

    So energy is good, that's great.
    Concider getting a bloodpanel done for hormone imbalance (testosterone) and all vitamin / mineral levels.
    Prolong opiate use EATS these reserves and might increase your energy and sleep.
    Much love Brother ~ToRn
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    1. Kickingthedemond88
      Thank you pal and again... Thank you for everything
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  2. torn2bits
    After my 7 years of pain management.
    D3, magnesium ,iron and I had record low vitamin c.
    There where others, I've forgotten now, either way get those things checked you could feel even better~ToRn
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      I'm definitely going to. Thanks for the advice
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  3. torn2bits
    Oh the other thing is if your testosterone is low you'd get injection testosterone and you'd feel like a new man really quik.
    Opiates play hell on our hormones, and vitamin/mineral reserves.
    I was 6 months after detox thinking ,I'd have to have a prescription aphetamine* because of sluggish feeling and fighting off sleep early in a day .
    So now I take these supliments vitamins and I believe they help me,and would have helped me earlier in recovery.
    Just hoping to move you ahead a few steps,never can hurt anything.
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      Yes I figured it would be low. I'm going to get an apt asap
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  4. Amac10
    At what dose did you stop at and go cold turkey? There are so many conflicting points of view as to whether to do a slow steady taper or do a fast taper and the rimelines for these methods all vary. I only ask because I am currently on 4mg of suboxone daily and am ready to get off this shit for good!
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