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  1. So here I am, day five.

    I feel good, I feel relieved and alive.

    What I don't feel a amazingly is depressed and down.

    I felt like using after work last night. I had a lot of people asking how my son is at work yesterday, I think that may be why along with making nice tips.

    I will carry on. I will keep trying everyday so I can see my son, hopefully soon.

    Just don't use and everything will be alright.

    About Author

    Doesn't matter how you or I got here, we here, now what?

    I'm just a meth head living on the edge, all I need is a push. I've lost myself recently due to my drug addiction so I could go either way.

    As much as I love meth I need to quit for the sake of my sanity and love for my child.
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  1. Entheogenic
    If you ever want someone to talk too, I'll be around...

    May you be well, and stay strong through all tribulations. :)
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  2. googlyboo44
    I envy your dedication, You have the ability to do it! I believe in you!
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  3. LAC
    Awesome, your days are adding up now.
    Before you know it you'll be past a week.
    It's a brilliant that you feel pretty good.
    You seem determined & that's the most important part of staying clean x
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  4. Abbey Lee
    Way to go! Hang in there matey :)

    P.S. “South Africa? I heard the place is fuckin whack!”
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  5. 00StuckInOz00
    Amazing and very inspiring. I want to quit...sometimes. I envy you the strength. Thanks for the post.
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