58 Days Without Booze

By gonzochef · Oct 11, 2017 · ·
  1. Hello all,
    Just a quick update. I haven't done any entries in my journal for quite some time now, but the past couple days have found me in a bit of a writing frenzy. Some free writing has turned into a long memory of days gone by, back when I lived like a troll under a bridge and hadn't ever done heroin before. I don't have time this minute to transcribe it here, but I will by tonight, at least what I have so far. I'm actually one page away from starting into my second notebook! I'm very interested in any constructive criticism or feedback anyone has regarding the writing. If this story, I guess I'll call it, comes to fruition, I might just seek some small publication. It feels very good to be writing again. It has been many years too long, and I recently burned all of my old tweaker journals because they were incoherent rubbish! If you have never burned or otherwise destroyed your art or writing, it is extremely satisfying. Thanks for listening.


  1. LucidDitzy
    Hmm I have so many incoherent tweaker writings too. I never considered the satisfaction of sitting there watching them burn away and become intangible just like the memories they carry. Better outlook for the future for a 23 year old. Thank you for that haha
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