7 days without stimulants 3,4CTMP - Part 7

By bhonkers · Sep 6, 2014 ·
  1. This is a bit late of a reply and to be perfectly honest I don't even recall any of the comedown.

    That is why my process for not drinking alcohol seems much tougher for drugs as I've had 1001 bad hangovers to choose all the nasty stuff which is the worst of the worse I've ever felt in my life to run through for a couple of minutes when I think about having a drink. Then I repeated this a few times until I asked "will I ever drink alcohol ever again?" NO FUCKING WAY was the reply loud in my head

    The key was getting as nasty feelings as possible and holding them for long enough and repeated the number of times required such as I would feel it all and then move one minute forward and feel it all again.

    Man offers beer - bhonkers respectfully declines

    So all that energy may be alluding to my natural sober state that can be like on coke to some but I'm just really enthusiastic about stuff.

    When I got off EPH for 10 weeks I was only sleeping 5 hours a night and full of energy that I often was first in the gym in the morning and I did that by using the very powerful state of determination. I stopped being determined once I knew I was off the drugs and gradually my mind slipped into old habits such as fantasizing about taking drugs which is the same as planning to go to the beach because as we consider the future events we may plan to not enjoy the very boring meeting because that's what we always do.

    How about making different plans?

    With lots of unknowns in some future events we can't plan to do well in something we don't yet know we will do. I see myself on the comedown and that future soon to be me is building a strong determination and one of the ways they are doing it is by asking if they are determined to find enough determination such that when you say you will quit the determination feels like you already have.

    A person with a strong enough determination can overcome mountains of problems and struggles as long as they keep determined then they will stick to the plan.

    I know there will be tough times and struggles no matter how much I believe comedowns are myths although I have found a very nice healing placebo procedure I used my last comedown as I only focus on the words of my ever deepening inside and down all the way to the deepest of deep relaxations with a growing senses of comfort and ease then my body will say otherwise but any counter evidence is ignored and increases my focus on the suggestion. I don't have to test it as that might fail and rather I continue for only a short time to repeat my mantra before I noticeably feel better all of a sudden. I keep doing my suggestions until now if I feel discomfort I can focus on the suggestion of it using every available resource to find the comfort and well being in that area growing and it does grow indeed. After all all pain and pleasure are not essential to outside people and events as a spoken word no matter what it is has no powers to alter your state of consciousness as words are just moving bits of air.

    So why did the word upset the person? Crap question.

    How do we make ourselves feel bad when the word is spoken?

    ..... we make ourselves feel bad....

    We don't know reality directly but only through our senses which the five we have may have infinitely more unique kinds of ways of experiencing the world so what we call reality is actually each persons unique perspective which is infinite in possible ways that there is zero chance that another person has even anything close to what you are experiencing no matter how much the words match. And we don't directly respond to reality but to our maps of reality such as one person may have on their map how frogs make them feel sticky and people do have a lot of crazy shit like that in their heads that they picked up as kids and since it didn't kill them then the brain takes it as real and will repeat it if it's the only choice it has no matter if it causes pain and not pleasure.

    Here are two syntactical ways beliefs are structured:

    X means Y

    X makes Y

    And you can make any shit up you like and when you get really good at placebo power you can take things that have annoyed the life out of you for years and believe something new.

    A neighbours dog was barking earlier and I instantly said "dog barking makes me feel good" and I accessed feeling good each bark and did some imaginary barks to quicken things up and it works like a charm. That old creaking house noise that comes usually late afternoon as things cool and it wasn't until today that I made a new belief about it.

    It's early days and with so much choice even house noise that can only ever make my eternal bliss ever more blissful every time is putting a toe into the lake of god.

    because I take drugs I'm a addict - drug use means addict
    being an addict means I'm out of control
    being bhonkers means I'm far more in control every single moment
    bhonkers in control means he is not an addict
    being an addict means that only a higher power can cure me
    telling bhonkers something can't be done means you are talking to a brick wall

    when I eventually finish my first real book I'm going to explode with ecstasy
    many days of repeated accessing of powerful and pleasurable states of consciousness will make these power states more my natural being
    if you use your conscious mind to solve complex tasks it will exhaust you and get you nowhere fast
    if you use your unconscious mind to solve complex tasks it will do it with ease
    if you use both parts of your mind to solve complex tasks it will only work as well as how strongly you have rapport with yourself
    if you take drugs you will only get stupid if you believe the government
    when a drug enters our system it makes our beings alter in response in the way it does
    when we are in the drug state if the drug is magically removed without your awareness it will make you believe you are still on the drug
    taking many different drugs means we learn many new and very unique states which means we have learned them and no longer require the drug and only a means into the altered state

    I know how to get into acid but it's so freaky I only did it twice.

    I was suggesting I was in the acid state over and over with nothing much happening. Then a very worried a fast talking voice in my head said "WHAT IF I BAD TRIP!!!!" and the fear it filled me with took me right into acid where I felt sensations in my body I'd not felt at any other time than on acid. I jumped out of that state quickly as it was getting freaky fast.

    How can you be on the drug without taking it. Surely that's impossible!!!

    The placebo effect is a miracle of the mind and we've only just opened the first page

    So if it's energy you want then there are lots of drug free ways.

    One is to get some reading material and read it all in a tone so enthusiastic and filled with excitement, joy, fun, laughter, happiness, ecstasy, bliss... if you read it silently it will have a massive effect on your state and the key is getting a really good tonality that feels the best and you can always find better. And if you're mental like me then say it aloud in those magical tones and it will work even quicker.

    Move. The more you move the more energy begins to flow and if you think you are low on energy and that's that then you may like to wonder how you would feel at the thought of carrying a bag of cement 2 miles down the road. If you're sapped of energy then you may feel even worse.

    Now imagine the same weight but a dying child and you have to carry them two miles to the hospital and notice how your energy levels change

    The urgency to save a life has your right brain hemisphere fill you with go go go and you may feel the most energy you've felt in years and it has always been there and always will and you don't have to wait for energy inducing events as you can make them up in your mind. This one induces urgency which can now be a resource for you as you think of a task you've been putting off and with the same urgency to save a life you can feel the same way about getting the task complete.

    I woke up one morning "urgggg... I can't be fucking arsed today... I don't want to get up.. arrrrggg" in a tone so sluggish was bullshitting me into feeling crap. So I took all the words and repeated them with a highly energetic excitement (think Nintendo 64 boy) and maybe after the fifth repeat I was so buzzing I bounced out of bed and now you have that skill aware to you to use if you like feeling really good but keep your orgasmic tonality to yourself and those you are intimate with especially if you have a freaky cum face or do what you like.

    Pick a state such as happiness or joy and repeat the word in the tone that describes the word best and fill up your awareness with being inside your body so as to be fully aware of changes. Observe changes into joy and avoid consciously trying to feel joy. You only have to say the word and believe your body will access the state and the more you do so the more pure the state becomes and that is when you get to double it as many times as you like. Soon you will have instant access to that state by saying the word in the tone or some other chosen anchor.

    When sitting at lights I access happiness as I observe the red stop light. I've done it lots and say shit like traffic jams only ever make me feel even more pleasure than the one before

    bhonkers added 21 Minutes and 0 Seconds later...

    I have been up and down and in and out of control yet even though my own experience shows how these and other techniques do work and it is that famous "the person has to want to change first"

    I didn't manage to find that work I love until now and I'm putting them alongside drugs in my mind. What one do I want. I go with the natural craving which is for eph rather than a very desirable goal.

    I then thought of someone puking as I seen the lumps and heard the argggggggghhhhh and it made me feel a little eww. I noticed where this sick person was in my mind and I put eph in the same place so I felt the same eww for eph. I then thought of a freshly sliced bit of melon and I unconsciously lick my lips. I then put my goal where the melon is and lick my lips at the thought of making it real. I only did it once so going to practice a few times until my brain gets it.


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