8 Days clean

By Nomorepills · Apr 20, 2017 · ·
  1. It's been roller coaster but I'm still clean! I started taking naltraxalone yesterday which would block any opiate even if I tried to take one. Slowly I am feeling better! I have times thruout the day where I get so antsy and anxious but I ride them out because I have too!! I've been sharing with more people about my addiction and I found that to be freeing. People know I took pain meds for "chronic back pain" they didn't know that I was abusing my meds and funny thing is my back doesn't even hurt now that I'm clean!

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    Been addicted to oxycodone for 8 years now and have had enough. I want to take my life back from these pills. Going to Detox April 12th and will fight this horrible addiction with everything I got. I'm almost 36, a mom to 3 kids, a wife, I work full time from home in customer service and have a direct sale business. I'm from the Pacific Northwest. I lost my mom nearly 15 years ago-She died of a heroin overdose, I lost my dad 2 years ago- he died to complications from alcoholism.


  1. JarvyJarvison
    Hey nomorepills!

    I'm on day 8 too. We're kindred spirits. Good for you! Keep up the good work! Peace.
  2. Roxcity05
    Congrats on getting off the meds. 8 days is fantastic. I'm going to be honest that the next 3-6 months won't be easy but each day will get better so stay motivated. I am also taking naltrexone and will be getting the vivitrol shot soon which is the same thing just extended release that last for a month to 6 weeks. You and your kids deserve a sober you. People don't realize how hard addiction is and how much it takes to quit. I wish you the best of luck if you really want it you will do it.
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