A Confession: 2 Yr MXE Therapeutic/Recreational 4 Oz. Bender - Part 3

By hookedonhelping · Dec 18, 2014 · ·
  1. Kitts! Thanks for reading! :) I was just stopping in to update my status here. My pain level went through the roof over the past few days. I saw a neurologist today and she gave me a 5 day pack of prednisone to get me through the Holidays. I took 5 pills today, then I believe I take 4 tomorrow, then 3 the next day, etc. Then next month they will get prior authorization for another injection. That will be my 3rd and last one within a 12 month period. You can not keep taking steroids like that because they limit the good steroids the body creates on its own.

    It really is a shame that Methoxetamine isn't marketed at small doses to control situations like this because I would have killed to have some the past few days. Even at a low therapeutic non psychedelic dose. It really did wonders to keeping me even keeled. It was just those few occasions where I thought I could eyeball a therapeutic dose and took too much that I regret, as at that point the compound becomes dark, and more recreational than therapeutic. Too much MXE can scare the shit out of you, but atlas, it won't kill you which is why it is so damn novel.

    I just want to be my sober self for the holidays while my son is here. I haven't seen him in 4 months and in 2 days I am going to be the happiest guy on the planet for a good two weeks. The prednisone should help with that.

    Will some guy who I don't know return to MXE, idk. It sure has proven to me and hopefully others that no short term effects are damaging to the body, even at the extent that was described above. All in all, it's a great drug, if you just use it responsibly and know what might cause a negative biological reaction with other prescribed or illicit drugs.

    I think the future is bright with this one, but a break is in order when it's time to be a parent, regardless of the pain you are enduring. I was walking through Target today like a 70 years old man with a limp looking for Christmas presents for my son. Pain in my sciatic nerve stabbing every time I put pressure on my left leg. That's no way to live at 36yrs old.

    Oh, and one other thought.. I was strutting through the woods a few days ago and found a plant with nugs larger than golf balls! I can definitely tell this frosty strain of cannabis dulls the pain, but it's certainly not a cure all. Not when you are in this much pain at least, but it does help; without a doubt. I would say if my pain level was a 10, this particular strain knocks it down to a 5-6 which is manageable. Seeing as I had to drive myself to the doctors today and do shopping, I didn't smoke so I was at a full blown 10 when I arrived at the doctors. Feeling a bit better now that I am home in bet smoking on some one hit dankness :)


  1. maltdog
    Hi hoh,

    Good luck with the new direction your taking. I posted my thoughts in the research Chem thread about my sudden choices to end my moderate poly drug use including mxe, benzos and cathinones. (Probably in wrong place to post - hopefully a mod will adjust if necessary.

    Mxe is a wonderful drug, but to your point, that moment when you realize your wasting your life by living out of reality is a defining moment.
    With this insight, do I proceed? If so how or when will I stop?

    Acting when you can is exciting - I'm also not going to regret my decisions prior to use heavily,rather I'll look forward to what's to come, with improved clarity.

    Also, i ve seen many positive posts around this forum from you, please continue to share yourself as you do help others.

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